The Forest Intertwined

You are like a quiet grove of trees, each part of you a distinct tree, yet all trees interconnected and intertwined at the root. Some parts of you are strong and sturdy, able to handle whatever comes your way. Some are little saplings that need to be protected. And you also have many, many seeds, seeds that come off of the experiences you have already had, like pinecones falling to the forest ground, containing the many things you may yet be and do, all there as possibilities, waiting for their moment in the sun.

As one part of your grove completes its cycle of growth, another begins; little seeds quicken and saplings stretch up and out, ready for fuller expression. And so you live, vibrant and changing, every day a new experience in a changing world. The seasons come and go, and every storm and every sunny day is experienced differently, because you are different, in your ever-changing drama of life.

And as you enter more deeply into your own center of peace, you grow increasingly aware that your roots are intertwined with the other groves nearby. And the deeper you go, the stronger is that flow that underlies and connects all being, until finally time, space and separation all melt away into interconnectivity, a oneness of being, as all of the parts that are you and all of the parts that are other are blended in the vastness of one consciousness, one reaching toward spirit, one being that breathes and beats together, one root system that feeds all.

This forest of interconnectedness stretches out forever. And each tree that is you, and each that is other, is one with all within each moment, each breathing deeply and saying: I am. I am this. I am all of this.

And the heart of the universe beats: I am, I am, I am. And this is all, and this is one, and this is the eternal, ever-changing, ever-present oneness of being that is you.


missvindigo 4th January 2010 2:34 am

I always love the visuals and the metaphors that you give. It's quite lovely.

Thanks for sharing,
Luiza :smitten:


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