The Hallway, the Keys and the Door

Life goes through its different stages.  And you never know exactly when a new stage will begin.  One day you wake up and the old ways do not feel as comforting and warm as they once did.  Things that you thought you would do for the rest of your life have suddenly lost their luster.

When this happens, allow it to be.  Do not fight against the natural evolution of your life.  Even if you have declared to others that this is the way you are, when the internal call comes to evolve to another stage, allow yourself to drop your old passions and dreams and take up new ones.  It is not inconsistency or lack of commitment.  It is part of a life that is freely evolving, as life should be. 

After all, things are different now. You are different and the world around you has changed as well.  It is perfectly natural that you would want to change how you spend your days.

For each of these periods in your life, there will be a time when you are standing out in the hallway looking at a long row of doors.  Sometimes there is an opening door with bright golden light pouring through and the choice is obvious, to walk up to this door and walk in. 

In other instances, the hallway is dim and shrouded in mist.  You stand there looking at a row of closed doors without knowing which door to open.  When this happens, do two things.  The first is just to relax and know that this is the way life is.  Sometimes you just have to walk out of a room and stand in the hallway for a time.  The other is to pay attention, for people will begin walking down the hallway toward you, handing you keys.

You will find that you read articles that point to a door you have never opened,  and yet you feel drawn toward it.  You will find that you meet people, perhaps a stranger at a party or in the grocery store, who mention something that feels like a key put into your palm.  At first you may gather a variety of keys, but after a time you will notice a pattern, so that it seems that every chance encounter and every article read, every conversation and television show, is like being handed the same key, over and over.

And when this is the case, when a pattern forms and you begin to feel the rightness of this key, then it is up to you to locate the door, put the key in the lock and step in.  When you first open the door, it may seem strange and unfamiliar, or it may feel like coming home.  It does not matter.  The existence of all of these keys, together with a feeling of rightness underneath the fear and discomfort, is reason enough to give this new phase of your life a try, to walk in and get to know new people and new ways of being, to embrace new ways of responding and thinking, to spend enough time here to at least learn the lessons that this room holds.
And then, when the time is right, perhaps in just a month or perhaps many years down the line, you will awaken one day and simply walk out the door, back into the hallway, and stand there in the dim light waiting for someone to walk down the hall and hand you a new key.


Here is a little prayer for today

I am open to change and newness.  I allow myself to evolve and change, connecting with the outside world as it evolves and also taking in the lessons I have learned and allowing them to remake me, from the inside out.

I am open and flexible.  I greet evolution and change with curiosity and joy.  I am comfortable with the flowing nature of life.  I create my own comfort and safety through the love that is within my heart.  I create my own light by glowing out with all that I am.

I am light. I am love.  I am.



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Quado (pronounced KWAH - doe, with a soft 'ah') is a spiritual entity who has never chosen to take physical form. Carrie Hart channels almost daily Quado messages giving gentle and loving guidance and encouragement toward your self-transformation.

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