The Sacred Chamber of Love

Let us go now to a sacred place, a place deep and quiet.  Go now within the depths of your heart, to that place where peace reigns, where you are completely alone and completely yourself, that place deep and quiet, so quiet that it almost echoes with its own silence.

Go there now and feel the sweet wonder of your heart of love, the place within you where love flows, where there is nothing but love, that chamber of your heart that is untouched by anything other than love, the place that survives no matter what happens, that stays ever within love.  Let us go there now, to this sacred chamber of the heart.

And here, within this space, relax and feel how peaceful and safe it is.  You are held here within your own love, a space that you created for yourself and that is always here.  All it requires is that you take a deep breath, close your eyes, and let silence lead you.

And now, deeply within this space and place of love, become aware that you are not alone at all.  Become aware that this sacred chamber of love is full of spirit.  Yes they are here at all times, these angels, filling your heart with love and light.  They live in this sacred space and glow for you always here, no matter what is happening outside, no matter what your mind is saying, no matter if you are peaceful or troubled.  They are still here, shining for you, and sharing their love with you. 

And now, from this place, expand outward.  Take this quiet place of love, this deep connection with the angels, and expand it outward from this tiny chamber of your heart until it fills your entire heart, your chest, your torso, your entire body and now expands out for several feet around you, so that you are a zone of love, an expanded state of love and grace, glowing for all to see and feel.

Let your own glow of love and connection touch all those whose lives touch yours.  Let your heart of love overflow into everything you say and do.  Let the peace of your wondrous being of love fully enter into your mind, so that you embrace being this person of sweet flowing love, of glowing light, of wonder and beauty.

This is who you are.  And even if you forget it for a time, this presence of your true being is here deep within your heart, in the sacred chamber of love.



missvindigo 4th January 2010 2:37 am

Lovely... :smitten: <3


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