The Time for Isolation is Past

The truth does not honor your desire for lack of change.  That is honored by fear, not truth.  The truth, the rightness within you that urges you to step out into the unknown, requires much courage and much faith.

If you follow the opportunities that are beckoning to you now, you will be required to ask for assistance, for advice, for introductions, for financial and emotional support.  You will be required to pick up the phone and talk to strangers, to walk into rooms full of people you do not know.  All of this requires courage.  And all of this is what your truth leads you to.

The time for isolation is past.  The time to stand together and create new ways of being and responding is here.  And these new times require that you stand with others, that you listen to each other, that you support each other, that you join hands and step out into the unknown.

And this, of course, requires faith.  You will need faith in your own truth, in the inner voice that urges you to walk into uncharted territory.  And then you will need courage to do what you are urged to do.

And so, do not complain about the state of the economy or what you believe are closing doors.  The opposite is true.  The doors and windows are blowing open all around you.  You have never lived in such a state of open opportunity.  But these are not the old opportunities and you do not meet them in the old ways.

Instead, when you walk through the new doors that are opening, you will find yourself standing out in the middle of an open field of possibility, your eyes blinking from the dazzling light.  And gradually, as your eyes adjust, you will see others standing in the field with you, also blinking in the light.  And then, you will gradually make your way to each other, reach out your hands and join your energies together, sharing your dreams and your talents, the wonder and glory that you are.  And gradually, a new dream will form, a new pool of talent will emerge and you will begin to see what can be formed of the raw stuff of possibility.

You are the creator and this is your world, your canvas, your clay.  Reach up into the air and grab the atoms and begin to shape them, begin to shape the matter into new forms.

Have courage.  Have faith. Do not ask why and do not ask to see the future.  Ask only for a deep clarity in this moment.  Then do as your heart bids.

Be brave, dear heart, be brave and clear.  The world is yours to form.


Brad 13th January 2009 8:25 am

I believe this with all my heart and this has been my main life lesson to receive and accept love as easily as I give it. Much love and light to all including me!

k 13th January 2009 9:25 am

The only true love comes from God, very few people are capable of even the unconditional love of a dog. I perfer my time with my animals and nature with the internet, work and visits to the meditaion center to be my main sources of contact with the rest of the world. It is not fear, it is having learned that many people drain me and I just chose not to subject myself to that pain. Solitude just seems to be best for me and I will have to finds ways to serve my puropse in this isolation.

k 13th January 2009 1:59 pm

I think I might be close to understanding. I have tryed to be a transmitter, a channel for God's love, and avoid absorbing the negative energy from other people, but in the process of working through some negative energy these past few days I am gaining insight. I sent it to God and asked Him for help and it came, the pain went away. I think maybe I should understand that I am also to serve as a reciever and not try to avoid the negative energy so much. Absorb the energy, send it to God and have it come back to me as pure love to shine out into the world. Maybe if I am successful in doing this, I will not value my solitude so much.

lesha 13th January 2009 5:06 pm

Dear K
I read your comments with a knowingness of your feelings as I too feel this way at times. I am in a physical location myself for the past year and it too has been so draining of my energy. However,I learned that it was not just about the people here but I was here to hold the energy for this place in 08, a so it is called red state that voted blue. I have not met a person of higher vibrational energy in my year here so sometimes I got so lonely just to talk to someone, or more about just having a conversation with someone whose lower energy did not drain me. I would find myself talking to ones and when I got back inside it was like I had been hit by a power surge, so I had to learn to back up and just wish Love and Light to people and leave it at that. I have begun to feel that my time is up here in this place and it is time to move on, as they must now do for themselves and I go on to meet my Soul family who are in the Higher Vibrations. Have you thought that maybe you are/were energy holder there?
My email is -let's talk! 15th January 2009 4:10 am

Feelings of loneliness and isolation are part of ascension path. They are felt very intensely
prior to major vibrational shift, could be you are emerging angelic humans. So, go with what your heart wants to do for now, because when yoir new "family and friends of Light" appear in your life, your heart will recognize them and you will want to share time with them. Your heart always knows what to do and when to do it. Love and Joy~ Ann

michael mayer 17th January 2009 12:32 pm

ultimately, since we Are of Oneness, it's about the, in the Wholeness-One, all must individually come to their truth in their own way...and yet, Truth is equally for be quiet and still and then move about creatively in motion...Be the oak that is strong and the willow that is flexible...the rock and the running stream...the grain of sand and the open sky...


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