This is Your Time to Bloom

Open, open, little blossom. Spread your petals to the sun of life. Feel the energy running through the vine, all the way down to the roots. Feel the roots as they go deep, deep into the earth, pulling in sustenance.

Open, open little blossom. Feel the warmth of the sun. Feel the blessings that flow all around you. Feel the love that flows like a gentle breeze in the air and like a river underground. All around you flowing and humming, love, gentle and true, love to soothe your sorrows, love to remove your worries, love to heal what has been injured, love to cure what has grown ill, love to open your heart to the great flowing beauty of life.

Feel it and be one with it, the opening, flowing, blossoming life that is yours in this moment. The beingness that asks you to meld with it now. The energy of the shoot of grass as it pushes to the sun. The energy of the sun itself, as it burns and glows in the heavens. The energy of the floating clouds. All of this is you. All of this is one. All of this is.

Open, open, little blossom. This is your time to bloom. This is your time to be. This is the season in which you grow and open. And when this season is over and you drop to the ground, this adventure of a life ended, you will still be in the vine and in the roots. You will still be in the memory of the butterflies and bees that visited you. You will still be here in sprit, as you are now, a part of all that is. And one day, you will form again as a little bud, and it will be time yet again to grow and bloom, to experience this adventure of a life anew.

And each time you do this, each time you appear upon the vine and show yourself to the world, you will be born in ignorance of all the seasons that have come before. But each time, you will glow more vibrantly in your own way, all of the experiences of the seasons before distilled within you, purified and made into a more and more powerful force. And gradually, the world changes, as it is filled with more and more purified beings, their experiences making them stronger and more beautiful, more able to send their perfume out across the world, more able to project an energy of peace and love.

Your primary purpose is to build this energy within you during this time that you have. To build this energy of love and peace, to purify and strengthen your presence, your earth essence, through this experience. And if you do not accomplish all you might wish in the affairs of people during this lifetime, this season of blossoming, if you have simply lifted your energy higher, then you have done much, you have done enough.

For as your energy lifts, as your perfume strengthens, so is the world lifted and strengthened. You may think you do little, but it is no small thing to bloom. It is everything.

For your light is a light for all; your energy is a strengthening for all. Your presence in a lifted state, in an energized state, becomes a part of the energy that flows on the earth, and this energy joins and gathers force; this energy stays on the earth even after you have fallen to the ground, your season complete for the time.

So you have done your work and done it well, simply by lifting your face to the sun, becoming deeply present and one with this moment, and filling it with love and peace. This is a life well spent indeed.



Lee 16th April 2008 12:56 pm

Great energetic message filled with hope and optimism. Thank you. I am sure all who are ready and open to receive will find your delightful message!


Kaye 21st July 2008 12:37 pm

Excellent! Thank you. This is just what I needed today. More and more, I have been drawn to spend time working in the soil and with plants. This rejuvenates me. I love the image of the blossom. :thumbs: :smitten:


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