Throw a Party!

There is a house up on a hill.  You can see it shining there, the golden glow from the windows in the evening, the flickering firelight reflected on the walls; you can hear the laughter from people sitting at the bounteous table. 

You may look at it with yearning, thinking that this is what life would be like, if only you had enough, enough love, enough friends, enough time, enough luck, enough money.

And yet, that very same house is deep within your heart, a place of infinite love, unending joy, laughter, warmth and connection, true prosperity and abundance.  In fact, your very yearning is a mere reflection of what is actually there, right now, inside your heart, waiting for you to walk inside.

So ask your heart to relax and breathe, drop its defenses and open wide.  See this wonderful house, with the light glowing within.  Let us enter it now.

Ah, yes, the laughter, hear the laughter. This is the laughter of freedom, the laughter that comes when you quiet the regrets and worries, just let them curl up and go to sleep for a moment, like that cat on the hearth, so that you may move into the moment, this moment, right now.

The dining room is full of people enjoying the banquet of life with you.  Some of these are very special people you already know, people who would gladly draw closer to you if you would but invite them in.  And some are people who would love to meet you, who would be drawn to you, if you would only allow yourself to shine out in your wonder and uniqueness, showing them who you truly are in your deepest heart, so that they might recognize you as a kindred spirit.

And the banquet on the table is amazing.  It is the world of experience and possibility, and it shifts and changes even as you look at it.  In a flash, you can just reach out and grab something, something to savor.  And then another moment comes with more possibilities, more ways to dip deeply into this precious well of life and draw up a bucket, a bucket full of life experiences, each wonderful and exciting, each new and sparkling.

All of this is within your heart, in a home shining with light, built upon a solid foundation of inner peace, with love and joy and warmth all sparkling.

There is no need to yearn.  There is no need to wonder why you do not have this.  You do, right now, right here, deep inside.  It is yours; it is all yours.

Pull back the drapes and let people see the light shining out.  Throw open the windows and let fresh new experiences flow in.  Put on some music and then sing along.  Jump on the table and dance.  Throw open the front door, run out on the front porch and call out so that all the world can hear you:  I love myself and my life.  I love all of you.  Come, come to the party, it's all happening right here!



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Quado (pronounced KWAH - doe, with a soft 'ah') is a spiritual entity who has never chosen to take physical form. Carrie Hart channels almost daily Quado messages giving gentle and loving guidance and encouragement toward your self-transformation.

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