What Now?

The best way to discover the answer is to ask the right question.  And the question to ask is not “Why?”  The question to ask is not “When?”  The question to ask is not “What Next?”  The question to ask, and the only question to ask, is “What Now?”

For within the question “What Now” is contained all the rest.  At the highest and widest, you are connected to all that is.  You know the past that contains the "Why," but you know it as a deep feeling and understanding.  To try to give words to this deep understanding is to bring in your analytical mind, and this mind loves creating puzzles and problems equally as much as it loves solving them.  So when you ask "Why," you will be presented with excuses and rationalizations that your active mind has made up as well as more and more problems and puzzles to solve.  “Why did I do that?” is so much less useful than, "What shall I do now?"

But yet, the answers are all there, in your deep spiritual connection.  This deep knowledge of the past as well as the motivations that will drive the future are clearly accessible to you only when you ask “What Now?”  For this is the one question that confounds the mind that lives only in the past and in a future derived only from past knowledge, not a future driven off what is happening right at this moment and the overall trends and currents that are flowing across the world even as you read these words.

People who can truly envision the future, who can tap into things in time to catch the flower when it is still in the bud, do so by connecting deeply with this moment, the place where the future is formed.  In this moment, the vine is sending out shoots that will become the blooming flowers of tomorrow.  But just as the flowers that bloomed yesterday will soon drop from the vine, it is all changing, it is all evolving, and if you will but allow yourself, by setting aside fear and doubt and delving deeply into the connection that is yours to own, you will be able to sense those shoots and take advantage of the world that is about to blossom.

Do not waste your time picking up the blossoms that have already fallen.  Do not waste your time and energy in shedding tears over the natural and easy evolution that is life, with its endings and beginnings and its glorious middle.

All of the answers are there, but they are all answered by the one question:  “What Now?”  For when you get the right answer to this question, it contains the future, for the correct answer to "What Now?" is what will position you to both enjoy this moment and to put yourself in place for the next most interesting and exciting thing that is to happen in your life.

Life is change and evolution.  Do not strive to make it otherwise.  A life well-lived is full of changes, twists and turns, times when you suddenly know you are to discard the past, move out of that old dream and allow a new one to form.  Hanging on to your old dreams is as harmful as hanging on to your old triumphs and disappointments.  Everything needs renewal.  Everything naturally evolves toward renewal.  Just as the spring drives the grass toward the sun, so does your life drive you toward new discoveries, new rays of being, new life forms taking shape in this moment and blossoming into tomorrows.

And so, let us ask, "What Now?"  Go deeply into your quiet center and breathe until you enter the pool of peace you know as your own truth.  Then lift yourself up to the top of your head and open up the portals for your higher self to fill you completely.  Join these together, your internal peace and your higher truth, letting it all flow and glow in golden delight.  Then ask, "What Now?"  The answer will be short, for now is just this few seconds, and you must be full of faith that what is right for now contains potential for the future as well, for your higher self knows all, is connected to all, can feel it all in its great flow.

So write these few words down, this direction for today.  Then ask again tomorrow and write that down as well.  Watch as the patterns form.  Follow the guidance you are given and see how wonderful things begin to flow more easily.  Quiet your mind that wants to make a problem it can solve.  Quiet your mind that wants to frame everything in terms of a known past and the direction seemingly set by your society.  Society is fickle; you need to be solid and steadfast in your truth, not blown by the winds of fashion and circumstance. 

Center yourself deeply and then ask the right question.  Then all you have to do is follow the directions you are given.  Nothing could be simpler.


Here is a little prayer for today

I feel my truth inside, like a deep pool of peace unending.  I open myself to the golden flood of knowledge, faith and love that I know as my higher self.  I open myself to this deeper and wider knowledge of all that is in my world, right now, as well as the higher intentions of my soul. 

It is all one within me.  All truth, all knowledge, all love.  All that is.

I am truth.  I am power unending.  I am love and peace.  I am.




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Quado (pronounced KWAH - doe, with a soft 'ah') is a spiritual entity who has never chosen to take physical form. Carrie Hart channels almost daily Quado messages giving gentle and loving guidance and encouragement toward your self-transformation.

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