You are Deeply Loved

It is not necessary to know all the answers. It is not even necessary to know all the questions you might ask.  All that is required is that you know that you are not alone, that you are surrounded by the hosts of heaven, by angels and spirits, by love unbounded, by caring and attention.  Know that you are deeply loved.

Go ahead, walk your life.  Walk it as a man or woman walks, solid and centered, true to his or her own truth.  Walk it making choices and decisions, being as brave as you can be, opening doors and saying yes, trying new things, being open to the newness that flows uninvited from the world.  Hold your head high and do your very best to shine out unafraid as you travel the path that is laid out in front of you.

And as you walk, be certain of this one thing:  you are surrounded by love, by help and guidance.  At any moment, you can take a deep breath and ask:  What shall I do now?  How shall I handle this situation?  How shall I face what I fear is behind that door?

And in that moment, an answer will come.  Not an explanation, not a way to set your mind at ease with formulas and processes, not a map for all the steps to take.  But an answer, an answer that says:  Right now, in this moment, do this.  And that is answer enough.

For in this moment, things are as they are.  It does not matter what happened to make them as they are.  Right now, things are as they are.  This is not a statement of despair or resignation.  This is a statement of truth, of wisdom.  Things are as they are. 

And the blessing is that there is always a response to things as they are, even if that response is to sit quietly and wait for the sun to rise another day, for the earth to take another turn, for the moon to pull the tides toward a strong and brilliant new day.

Have faith in yourself and in the help that is there for you.  Trust that in its great mystery, the universe knows all and that this keep knowledge, that contains all that is and is likely to be, is conveyed to you when you ask your simple question.

All the wisdom in the world is contained in a single drop of water as it falls from the heavens.  Hold out your hand and catch it.  Watch it spread and fill your palm, then your heart, then your life.  Gaze into the deep waters of grace and know that the answer is there.

And what is that answer?  You are loved, you are deeply loved.


spring 29th September 2009 3:57 pm

You are a darling! Thank you for that message - it is so loving and I think we all need a little loving at the moment. How brave we all are, especially when we think we're not. Much love and gratitude to you for lifting my heart, as all your posts do. Blessings on you my sister, such love you bestow.x

angelk 29th September 2009 4:58 pm

Thank you for clarifying what I was thinking today. I love the Universe in action, especially when I am centered enough to notice. What a loving gift.


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