You Have Yourself

In the end, what you have is yourself, who you are in your core, the truth and integrity that are you.  In the end, this is what you have.

Your success in the outside world can depend so heavily on the opinions and actions of others that you can become confused, believing that you make terrible mistakes, wondering if others like or respect you, wondering what you did wrong, in a state of perpetual worry that you are somehow not enough.  And when this happens and all you feel is some distorted reflection of what you think others want from you, of what you think they expect from you in order for you to succeed, then you can lose your way and become nothing but a bundle of nerves. 

Did I do the right thing?  Did I say the right thing?   Am I dressed correctly?  Did I express myself well?  Do I convey the right image?  If you are trying to make your way in the world, whether it is in front of the camera or behind the scenes, yes, all of this does have an impact on your success with a given group of people.  But in the end, all you have is yourself and who you are and how you shine out with courage and integrity when you need to.

Right now, feel your center.  Find the spark of peace and calm within you, the light that glows in your solar plexus.  If you have been overly concerned with the opinions of others, that spark may seem a bit dim.  If so, open the top of your head to your own soul self and fill yourself again with the glowing golden presence of you, just you and only you, you in your highest form, you in the most complete and whole way that you are, deeply connected to love, deeply filled with peace.  Let that golden energy flow into you, let it clear your mind, heal your heart and then ignite that spark in your center, letting it grow brighter and brighter.

Now feel it.  This is who you are.  This is the essential you, this pool of peace and love, this sure knowing of what is right.  This is you.  This rightness is your rightness and it holds, no matter what.

You know who you are.  You know the talents that you have, even when you have not been able to adequately express them to others.  You know the heart that beats true in your body, the incredible wealth of knowledge and experience you have to share, even if you are not being given an opportunity to show it right now.  You know the deep well of resource that is you, the way you can get things done, the unique and sure way you view things, the well of creativity that is yours to tap into.  You know all this.  Go deeply into the place where you are absolutely certain of this, regardless of what anyone else thinks.  This is who you are.

And now, shine.  Let the glow begin to be brighter and brighter.  Let the feeling of peace deepen until you can feel it as endless.  Endless peace, endless love, endless centering into all that is.

And here, deep inside, where the peace is endless and you feel yourself connected deeply, know yourself.  This is the unchanging you.  This is who you are no matter what happens outside of you.  In the end, this is what you have and who you are. 

This is the ever-refreshing source for truth, for decisions, for actions.  Yes, of course you must be aware of those around you, read them and connect with them, pay attention.  But in the end, this is the place where you must return, over and over, to decide what action you will take.  This is the well of certainty, this is the truth that does not compromise because it is all there is, this is the choice that moves through the fire and out the other side, where seeming risk is no risk at all, because the truth stands always.

This is not a state of euphoria.  This is a state of calm.  This is not a seeking for approval, but a certain knowing of what is right, for you, for this moment, right now.  And in the end, this is all there is.


Here is a little prayer for today

I center myself deeply within, opening to the bright glow of my higher self and refilling myself from that eternal source, building my pool of peace and certainty, getting my strength and my courage from the shining light that I am.

I am this courage and this truth.  I am this peace and this endless flowing love.  I am the absolute knowing of myself and the shining light that never dies.  I am.




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Quado (pronounced KWAH - doe, with a soft 'ah') is a spiritual entity who has never chosen to take physical form. Carrie Hart channels almost daily Quado messages giving gentle and loving guidance and encouragement toward your self-transformation.

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