Your Hands

See your hand.  See how it stretches out to another in greeting and friendship, a symbol of openness, integrity and welcome.  See how it seals a pledge, a promise of truth and loyalty.  See how it soothes in comfort, compassion and love.  See how it excites passion.  See how it heals with its touch.

See hands of different colors, different sizes, different ages.  See them all reaching across and clasping each other in peace and love.  See them dance and speak.  See hands held between lovers as they walk or stretched across the table in deep conversation.

See hands drawing beauty, painting colors.  See hands forming the clay and freeing the statue within the marble.  See hands writing words of deep wisdom, joy and peace.  See the hand that writes a love letter and wipes away a tear.  See the aging hand writing a will.  See the hand of power signing an alliance.

See the hand as it presents a rose to another.  See the hands that hold the newborn infant, its own hands like little flowers of promise.  See calloused hands with nail and hammer, building a home.

Today, celebrate your hands.  Feel the energy of your body moving into your hands.  Feel how your heart, with all of its love, can flow into your hands.  Feel how your true integrity flows there easily.

Today, see your own hands for the wonders that they are, whether they are young and fresh as springtime or covered with the marks of wisdom and experience.  See them for the wonders that they are and take this pledge:  that your hands shall be filled with love and healing, truth and loyalty, and that you shall use them to build a world of peace and beauty.

Let your deep truth resonate within you, shining out more brightly than any other light, and then let this light fill your hands, so that the actions you perform, the pledges you make, the love you express, the art you create, shall all flow directly from your heart and soul, into your hands and out into the world.


Karen Barker 17th February 2009 9:49 am

How wonderful this message is: for universal knowledge is simple. Working as a therapist for over 18 years it is lovely to have something in writing to pass on to clients and those that need some direction that is gentle and loving. In sharing, I asked in meditation that the man who would choose to grace my lifetime be acknowledged by kissing my hands. Two years ago a friend, did just that and we have been partners ever since. :angel:



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