Your Strong, Tender Heart

How tenderly you hold your heart, the innocence and love within, all gently wrapped in tissue paper and tied with a blue ribbon.  How cold the world can seem when you go out into it, as you try to protect your heart against the winds and the storms.  And how tempting it is to steel your heart against them, to try to strengthen your heart by making it colder and harder.   Sometimes it feels that you must do this to ease the ache for warmth and sharing, for tenderness spoken and gentleness returned.

But the heart does not grow strong through hardening, and brittleness does not serve.  The heart grows strong through openness and flowing, through warmth and caring, even if that caring is given only by you to yourself.  The heart is a resilient muscle that will heal itself if only it is allowed to have love flow through it.  It does not heal through protection and stagnation, but by opening wide to the flow of human communication and connection.

Open wide, little heart.  Trust this truth, that by reaching out in oneness and love, you will grow stronger.  Trust this truth that love must flow and that this flow begins by giving, over and over, by opening your heart and allowing yourself to love and then to love more and then even more.  Remember always that loving someone is a great gift to yourself, not only to them.  And that even love not openly expressed, when allowed to flow, can heal.

And remember, too, to make sure that one of the recipients of all of your love is you.  For when you love yourself deeply, truly and warmly, when you speak kindly to yourself and lavish yourself with praise, when you gently nurture every gift that is yours and accept yourself lovingly just as you are, then you have it all.  You are the giver and the receiver.  You are the open flowing heart. 

And within this flow, you and your tender heart will grow stronger and stronger with each passing moment.  And someday, you will allow yourself to shine out with all that you are and your heart will smile and gladly accept the love that flows from others in return.


Kirin 17th November 2009 4:15 am

Dear Carrie and Quado.

How True, Beautiful and very accurately timed!
Exactly what was on my mind just now.......
Not being able to share the True contents of my heart (noone in my direct surroundings that is on this path), I decided I am My best friend....
Do receive very much Love, but not from people. They do not understand where I am coming from. Hardly ever get a reaction; other than superficial.
I am often told to be patient, so I suppose it will change in the near future...
For now, your message is very comforting. Feels like a warm hug.....

With Love from Holland, Kirin

Ria 17th November 2009 4:35 am

Dear Kirin....I am resonating with does feel very much like you say, and yes, I guess we do need even more patience and trust that we will reunite with our true soul families soon. So I am sending you a great big warm hug as well! Love Ria xxx

Kirin 17th November 2009 4:54 am

Dear dear Ria.

Isn't it strange how a heartfelt hug can get you beyond words....
I felt your energy and it gave me goosebumps all over!
You made my day! It is very nice to be on the receiving end for a change.....

Big hug back, and maybe we will meet some day!

Love Kirin XX

Anantha 17th November 2009 12:27 pm

Ria 17th November 2009 2:30 pm

Dear Kirin, I'm so pleased you received my heartfelt hug today, and thank you for your lovely response. It's good to relate with someone who feels a bit alone with it all. And maybe we will indeed meet one day....perhaps we will all be reconnected sooner than we think! Much love, Ria xxx

missvindigo 3rd January 2010 1:47 am

This message was very comforting and definitely has some very good energy!:)


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