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My dear friends,

I have had three direct experiences with Jesus. One was at Stonehenge, one was in a dream, and one was a few minutes ago.

At Stonehenge, I was on my knees in the damp grass with my eyes closed receiving my Reiki Master attunement. In my mind’s eye, I saw Jesus in a white and blue robe, weaving among us, blessing each of us with love. When he reached me and touched my shoulder, I felt the most intense flow of love I have ever experienced.

Some months or years afterwards, I had a dream. I was in a small town and everyone was all abuzz, awaiting Jesus. They were looking everywhere for him to no avail. I finally went home to my humble cottage and there he was, sitting and waiting for me. Then he went into a little room next to the kitchen to lie down. He told me he would be there, sleeping, if I needed him. And that was the end of the dream, just a vision of him sleeping on a cot nearby.

Today I was reading a book on Reiki by William Rand, my Reiki master at the Stonehenge attunement. His book suggested calling on an enlightened being for assistance in healing. He gave a list of suggestions and, of course, Jesus was among them. Because of my experience at Stonehenge and my subsequent dream, Jesus seemed an obvious choice for me.

So I put out a prayer for guidance in healing and received an immediate reply, one that I would like to share with you now. The words I received from Jesus follow:

Before you perform a Reiki healing, invoke my presence with these words:“Dear Jesus, I call you to me. May your loving presence surround me. May your healing love flow through me. May all that I am be one with you in love and in peace. Amen.”Say this as a prayer. Then recite the names of the Reiki symbols and perform your healings. And each morning before you meditate, say these words:

“Dear Jesus, my friend and my protector, be with me now and through my day. Let your deep love embrace me, let forgiveness and compassion fill me. Let grace be mine. Amen.”

Then do your mantra meditation. And throughout the day, say a little prayer to call me near: “Dear Jesus, come to me. Amen”

Do this and my presence will grow in your life, hourly, daily. Call me to you, not in desperation, but in love and communion. Just to be connected. Just to be.

I have been sleeping in the room nearby, but am now awakened and ready for active participation in your life.

Welcome. Shalom.

Thank you for sharing this experience with me. I invite you to join me on these next stages of my spiritual adventure. Perhaps you would like to read my new poem “God”.

I am so blessed by your presence and community. Thank you.

Love & peace,




harmonyandlight 27th November 2011 3:07 am

Hi Carrie,

Sounds like you have had some different experiences that seem really positive. I'd love to know where you are at now and how this has changed your Reiki healing practices and perhaps results in the last few years?

Peace and blessings sister

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