Returning Home

There is a certainty underneath all the questioning.  There is a truth that rings out no matter how many times it is denied.  There is a beauty that shines true, no matter how much suffering or destruction is laid across it.  There is a heart of the universe that is solid and stays, a core that burns with beingness and connection, a center that holds no matter how fast it spins.

And you can reach this certainty, this truth, this center.  You can find a home here, a way to place yourself within the protecting arms of joyous peace, and then venture from that place into the adventures you choose to have in this lifetime.

And what adventures they can be!  When you know that you can always return home, at any time, in any moment, when you know and feel and experience the ultimate safety of this returning, then you will be better able to allow yourself to roam into the experiences that are there for you, to let go of the illusions of safety that are merely alternative forms of fear, and instead venture forth with a knowing that you can simply call yourself into home at any time.

I would wish this freedom for you.  I would wish for you that you awaken each day in peace, center yourself firmly into the enfolding warmth and security of love, simply by breathing yourself down into the arms of the loving oneness of all being and creation, and then feel the freedom that lies there in the heart, in the center, in the core of creation and connection.  Feel the freedom that knows no doubt, no fear.  Feel the certainly of being, of love, of true essence.  Feel it and let it permeate your consciousness, so that you are saturated in faith, a solid knowing of your own precious place in all that is, a wondrous solidity that lies underneath all of the shadows that play across your life.  Bring yourself into this core each morning without fail.  Know it as home.  Know it as the springboard for your life.  Know it as your center of truth and peace.

Then practice returning here throughout the day.  Develop a little ritual, perhaps touching a precious object or looking at a leaf through the window.  And as you do this, take a deep breath and let the flood of calm enter you and lift you into the connection and oneness.  Feel the love flowing over you and let it wash away the bits of fear and doubt that have begun to cling to you through the day.  Return to that certain knowledge, that centering, over and over, training yourself to find yourself and return home safely at will.

You are welcome here, in this home.  You belong here.  We have packed your bag and wished you well as you went out to grow and learn and have adventures, but you have never left, not really, and the warm embracing love of home is ever here for you, unending, always accessible, like a blazing fire and a hot cup of chocolate as you come in from the storm.


Here is a little prayer for today

I breathe in deeply and feel the connection and love flowing over me, washing away my fear, cleansing me of all doubt.  I feel myself dipping down into the center of the universe, where the swirling patterns of beingness dissolve into connection and oneness, as I know absolutely that I am one with all, endless and loving, embracing and all encompassing, love and peace, centered and true.

I know who I am.  I feel and know my truth.  I am love and peace.  I am power and connection.  I am the heart of being made manifest.  I am.




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Quado (pronounced KWAH - doe, with a soft 'ah') is a spiritual entity who has never chosen to take physical form. Carrie Hart channels almost daily Quado messages giving gentle and loving guidance and encouragement toward your self-transformation.

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