Step into the Coming Year

The beginning of a new year is an important time for cleansing and purification, for letting the past go and moving into the moment which is unfolding right now before you.  This has been a difficult year for many, and so it is particularly important that you drop the residue of fear that may be clinging to you and fill any emptiness you feel with pure love and light. 

Right now, stand in a circle which is the old year that is passing.  Stand within 2009 and feel it, experience it, let it be what it was.  It had its joys and wonders, its love and light.  It also had its challenges and you may have felt fear as you faced them.  Let the fear fall from you now, like a blanket you allow to fall from your shoulders and let drop to the floor.

See the year that has passed without the fear.  See it in its beauty.  See how you were so brave, how you pulled in your courage, breathing it in deeply, to face the challenges that this year brought before you. Remember again the days of beauty, when you stepped outside on dew-kissed grass, felt the sun on your shoulders and a gentle breeze on your face, gazed at a spreading tree and listened to the song of a bird greeting the day.  Remember the tender moments when you were with those you cherish, how you laughed and cried.  Remember the powerful moments when you were touched by spirit in a deep and moving way.  Pull these precious times around you and recreate the year in this new light.  Experience it again, right now.

Relive the days that passed without fear or regret, without blame, but with total love, joy and acceptance, feeling again the beauty that is life. Allow the tears to fall; allow your heart to open and melt as you realize how deep and important life is.  Let the passing of things that were take on the poignant color of love, for it is the loss that so often reminds us of the love that was so deeply there.  Remember the love, the great gift of that love.

This year that is passing held so many moments when you felt life coursing through your veins and remembered the glory and beauty of what it is to be alive, to be pulsating with life, to be embracing life and love with every precious breath that flows through you.

Remember this.  Remember each such moment, for each moment is unique and never occurs again in just the same way.

And for those things that did not work out as you hoped and planned, let the regret drop to your feet as well, like a tattered old coat you no longer need.  There may come a time when you understand this year in a new light, when you see how some things fit into a larger pattern.  There may come a time when you look back with a new wisdom you have gained and see all that you learned by having the experiences of this year, ways in which you grew, ways in which you reached into your heart of courage and showed life just what you are made of.

This was a year of deeply human experience, in which you truly felt,in a very physical and tangible way, just what it is to be human, to live, to breathe, to walk the road of life and experience it fully.  And now, as you prepare to step into a new year, keep that tangible touch with your humanness, but fill it deeply and fully with spirit.

Right now, see a ball of golden light above your head and know it as your soul self, you in pure spirit form.  Know this light, feel it as you, as you invite it now to fill your body completely.  Let it flow into every crevice of your body, filling you with wonder and beauty, filling you with light, filling you with a deep love of life.

And now, completely filled with spirit, your spirit, open up the crown of your head and the soles of your feet and allow God’s love to flow right through you.  Know yourself as this. Know yourself as a part of the One, the All, the great love that is the true being that you are.  Know yourself in your connection with the fount of power, the source and ground state of all being.  Know yourself in your forms:  as this physical body that had a beginning and will have an end; as the eternal soul that you are that will never end; and also as God, as wonder and beauty and truth, shining forth in infinite love and light, the great connection, the oneness, the perfection of creation that you truly are, one with all, unending, truth and light and love.

And now, in this full understanding, know why you are here.  Feel how your spirit wanted this experience.  Feel how this precious body of yours has created a vehicle for your soul to have this experience, this life.  Know yourself as this, an extension of the pure spirit that you are.  Know this lifetime as one of the precious experiences your soul has chosen to have.  For you are this physical being, but you are also this soul and this oneness.  You are all of this, at one and the same time. 

Let the love and light that is your true self fill you so completely that you are shining out like a beacon upon life, lighting up not only yourself, but the world around you, lighting the universe with your wonder, your glow, your being, your godliness.

Feel the love.  Open your heart wide and allow yourself to experience love, truly, openly.  Allow it to flow in and be a part of who you are.  Wonder and glory, all love, only love.  For this is who you are:  love and light and wonder.

And now, see before you a circle that is the coming year.  See yourself within it.  You are glowing with love and light, joy and beauty, with all that you are.  See how you glow.  See how you shine.  See how you sparkle with glory.

And now, step in and feel yourself as you truly are and as you will be in the unfolding of your soul’s expression in this life.

In this coming year, you will know that your soul has chosen this lifetime for you.   You will live it as a pure loving spirit who has chosen this form to walk the earth and have this experience, this life.  You will face the challenges of this life with true soul knowledge, breathing in joy and courage as you live your soul’s dream, step by loving step.

There is nothing to fear, for you are more than just this body.  There is nothing to fear, for you are surrounded by love and guidance at all times  All you need to do is to ask: 

  • What shall I do now, right now?
  • What shall I do now to be the fullest possible expression of the love that I am?
  • What shall I do now, in this moment, right here, right now, to best express the love and light that I am?
  • What shall I do now to fulfill the promise of this gift, this precious gift that is my life here on earth, this brief moment to shine out in wonder and beauty, lighting the world and showing all that I am?

Ask this every step along the way.  Reach up into light and love.  Open your heart to the experience of life.  Breathe in deeply and feel the river of love flowing through your heart.  And then take a deep breath, ask for guidance and bravely step out, full of love and courage, knowing that everything is exactly as it should be in this moment, right here, right now.

Feel it now and say it aloud.  I am light.  I am love.  I am spirit expressed.  I am.



misafir 28th December 2009 10:40 am

Intensely soft, densely (full of) light.
Do channelings also undergo a change while the year-time change from 2009 to 2010 ?


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