You are a Fountain

You are a fountain overflowing. Overflowing with love, with heart. Overflowing with talent. Overflowing with vision. 

You have within you all that is needed, not only to live a life that is fulfilling and joyful, but a life full to overflowing with meaning and purpose, a life that changes life for others, a life so full of bountiful, unending wisdom, love and wonder, that it overflows, reaches out and touches the world. 

See yourself now, this fountain, tapping into the great source of love from deep inside, the unending source of beauty, light and beingness, of presence and wonder. See yourself reaching into this deep and endless well, pulling it up and into yourself so that you are completely full, completely full with a joy that makes you laugh out loud, simply because you are alive. And then, let it overflow, overflow because it is simply too much to contain, this unending flow of joy and love. 

And then, the smile, the laughter and tenderness, the gentle peace, the shining joy, this all overflows and reaches out and out, so that people begin to feel it flowing around their feet, just a few inches of joy. It laps around their toes, then rises up to their ankles, and then this little bit of joy that you have let loose upon the world begins to clear new pathways and people begin to turn their steps toward love and joy, then to splash and play, then to run and dance. And as they dance and the joy fills them, they find their own way to the endless deep well within themselves. They fill completely, fuller and fuller, until they too are overflowing, their laughter ringing out, their dance steps higher and higher in the ever-rising, unending, unbounded waters of joy, laughter and love. 

And it all begins now, right here, with you, as you set aside your worries and fears, your regrets and so-called problems, as you look up into the sky and see and know the vastness of it all, as you then look deep down into the heart of peace that surely lies within you and sense there the unending well of truth, love and peace, and then, as you begin to pull from that well and let it fill you with joy, joy unbounded and unreasoning, joy that relies only upon this inner source, joy that is because it is, as you are because you are. 

This is how it begins, the transformation of the entire world. It begins with you.


patriciapearl 25th June 2008 7:52 am

Thank you, Carry.
This reminded me of this poem that came to me last November:

On Being Well . . . The Well of Being

Oh what an undertaking I have taken
from the unconscious to the awakening.

From being dry . . . from a place of empty,
The Source has been divined.
The hole was drilled, the pump instilled
The tap is open now . . . and it is turned on . . . on completely!

The Creative Waters moving upward freely,
Like a never-ending . . . uplifted . . . explosive flow.

My every thought as prose . . . becomes the rhyme.
My spoken voice is now a song that’s sung.
My ears hear only a Harmonic sound.

The life before that was the climb . . . is now the dance.
The Tango is now a Waltz . . . a Jig!

An insignificant, intermittent stream has now become
Old Faithful.
A natural geyser . . . a geyser of Love.

A Fountain of Love is what I am right now.
Bursting Forth . . . From Love, Of Love, In Love,
Full of Love, Over flowing Love.
I am that, I am . . . All of that and even more.


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