The Morning Blessing: A Week of Thanksgiving

If the only prayer you say in your entire life is "Thank you," that will suffice.  ~ Meister Eckhart

As we move into a week of Thanksgiving let us remember that without our conscious connection with God, we are an empty shell of nothingness, trying to get fulfillment from outside effects. This typically leaves us trying to get more and more "things" to fill that void of "nothingness," forgetting that the feeling of happiness that the new things give is what we truly were in quest of, not the things themselves.  

Each morning during my mediation time, I allow the uninhibited energy of Pure Spirit to move into the depths of my Being until I become the full realization of my own Inner Presence. When I met that each day it is like a smiling face dwelling deep within my heart, saying, "Rest in Me," and at this point, I know all is well. For this I am grateful this week.

Then as I move out and into the world, I look about and get a conscious connection with everything I see. I know that all the beauty of Life is one with me, one with God, unfolding and evolving as this magnificent universe at the level of my consciousness. With every breath I take, I know that it is the breath of God breathing life into me, uplifting my soul in the essence of love. This love of God shines in all that I see, all that I do, all that I am and all whom I meet on this journey of life. For this, I am grateful this week.

For the pain and mistakes that I experience as reminders that my soul once again is crying to be aligned with my human sense of personality, I am grateful this week.

For all of the above and the revelation of the truth of my Being, which is God's Presence in me as unconditional love, I say "Thank you."

Rev. Angela


This day offers me the chance to see everything from its beginning
point; to see those sparks of  life that came into existence eons ago.
All coming from the wiser eyes of the One source. All stored within
the heart Spirit. If I but use this day to full advantage then I will
trust, believe, and surrender to my own Soul. That part of the Eternal
Self that has greater knowledge me.

This week comes the gathering of Thanksgiving; more gently now,
more softly I allow love to comfortably flow from my life to color
all that I live. I find space in these days to reconnect with Spirit.
I breathe in the conscious affirmation of Power that lies beyond all
illusion and live a life of power, a life of peace, a life that makes this
a better planet, a life that helps others to live in a peaceful world.
My existence is calm and expressed with divinity, giving those in
my circle the lifeblood of our One Presence. This week I touch
hands with friends and family and notice that the core of thanksgiving
lives not in thoughts, nor in deeds. It lives inside the heart.

In this season of autumn light, I embrace everything in life as the
infinite, outpouring of God's love. I am soooooo thankful to have
grown in wisdom and freedom this season.  I have complete, inner,
total peace this day. And so it is.




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Rev. Angela Peregoff

Reverend Angela Peregoff  is an ordained minister of Religious Science and is currently the director and program coordinator at The Center for Mindful Studies.  She has been professionally empowering and inspiring others to evolve and create consciously since 1993.  Her mission and purpose is simply to raise people's consciousness so they may experience joyful living at its best.


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