The Morning Blessing: Ernest Holmes Speaks

We are intelligent beings living in an intelligent universe that responds to our mental states, and insofar as we learn to control those mental states, we shall automatically control our environment. This is what is meant by the practical application of the principles of Science of Mind to the problems of everyday living. This is what is meant by demonstration.

Naturally our first thought is that we would like to demonstrate health of body, peace of mind, prosperity in our affairs, to neutralize a circumstance which is unhappy, or to attract to ourselves some good which we have not been enjoying. Such a desire is natural and in every way normal, and the possibility of such demonstration already exists within the mind of every living soul. Every one of us has within ourselves the power to consciously cooperate with the spiritual side of our existence in such a way that it will create for us a new body and a new environment and a greater happiness. But the greatest good which this philosophy of life brings to us is a sense of certainty, a sense of the reality of our own soul, of the continuity of our own individualized being, and the relationship of this self to the great Whole.

We can be certain that there is an Intelligence in the Universe to which we may come, which will inspire and guide us, a love which overshadows. God is real to the one who believes in the supreme Spirit, real to the soul which senses its unity with the Whole. Every day and every hour we are meeting the eternal realities of life, and in such degree as we cooperate with these eternal realities in love, peace, wisdom, and joy, believing and receiving, we are automatically blessed.

It is not by a terrific mental struggle or soul-strain that we arrive at this goal, but through a quiet expectation, a joyful anticipation, the calm recognition that Love, the Living Spirit Almighty, is all the peace, power, and good there is.

Rev. Angela


The majestic sphere of Creation is celebrated in the intimacy of Oneness.
To recognize that each and every part and particle is representative of the
whole is to stand in the light of universal wisdom. To know, that even
genetically, I am the essence of All That Is opens me to the Divinity of
God's cause. I am the element of ordained God thought enveloped as
human nature.

I use universal law of cause and effect to reveal the Spirit of this Living Source
within. I know each moment of awareness I gain uplifts the populace of earth
so I remain steadfast as I bring the essence, the nuance, the oxygen of God into
my body, into all details, circumstances, agendas, happenings, and enfoldments
of this earthly domain. I live the Truth of my authenticity Now! There is nothing
to gain, no more to seek on this soul path. I simply release "forgetting" that I am
God. I commit to consciously being the spiritual ideals I hold so dearly. To begin
each day in a  place of peace, to see the labyrinth of Self-Soul, and of heart as clear
to walk through. This peaceful frequency ripples out to everyone in my soul
family, in my soul group, and to all those that are effected by the dynamics of my

I will do everything in my heart to bring forth this God agenda for the highest
global soul patterns to live in their light vibrations. I am sooo thankful to be God's
humanity, and to live it boldly and beautifully. I am the seed source within the
heart of man. And so it is.



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Author Information

Rev. Angela Peregoff

Reverend Angela Peregoff  is an ordained minister of Religious Science and is currently the director and program coordinator at The Center for Mindful Studies.  She has been professionally empowering and inspiring others to evolve and create consciously since 1993.  Her mission and purpose is simply to raise people's consciousness so they may experience joyful living at its best.


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