The Morning Blessing: First To Know

The Earth is going through a unique experiment that has never been attempted in any system of worlds. Never in the whole of creation has a planet evolved at Ascension speed with conscious life upon it. Yet, here we are. Through our Crown Chakras of Enlightenment we volunteered to assist and return all Life here back to Divine Love and Unity. The consequence of such a decision is that we presently have to traverse through some multifaceted energies and cleansing aspects to purge the duality phenomenon and open up to the pulsing fifth dimensional heart waves that are coming in.

A human being is a relatively simple creature as far as the universe is concerned, but the process of stuffing a great big being such as yourself into such a basic collection of organic material that is ascending can feel a bit disconcerting at times. Most everyone I have spoken with over the last ten days has been experiencing some form of physical effect from the latest surge of energy that came in. I have experienced excruciating pain in the brain stem area (occipital region of the skull) for most of the week and upon starting to assimilate the energies I have gone in and out of those darn vertigo spells that let me know I am being dimensionally stretched. Others have taken in the frequencies by appearing to have a 24 or 48 hour bug, or a multitude of other aches and pains. This New Space also has the ability to disturb your sleep, make you feel irritated, frustrated, spacey, introverted, or confused. Whatever it has been for you, the process has been intense, almost to the degree of unmanageability.

We are literally being "gutted" out so that New monumental energy can move in. And it is moving in all the way down to our physical cells! We are cleansing, releasing and aligning at a great depth.Anything you are embodying that holds youto the "old Earth" and old energy of a world soon to end has to go. The physical cues are telling you that you are letting go of the old "you" who suffered, had pain, struggled and was tired. With this removal of our old roles and old identities and realities, we can now fully connect to our Soul Path with much greater awareness.

These latest energies are very Soul Supportive. And as the Soul begins to take residence within your very cells it will become apparent that you no longer have to "work on" anything. The processing, waiting, accepting, understanding and "moving through" will rapidly depart because Soul leads a higher vibrational way of life. This New Soul Directive energy vibrationally matches like with like. Anything in your life that has not felt good, or that has caused any discomfort or feelings of victimization is now supported for healing.

How it will look today is that you will hear yourself saying, "no more," "enough," and "no thank you" to events and circumstances that do not serve you at the spiritual level. All that you have spiritually valued now becomes the Integrity of your embodiment. You will demand and have the Laws of Spiritual Goodness working easily in your daily existence. Wishes and Intents will manifest as if by magic. You will live the Law of Cause and Effect consciously and creatively. You are more of "a higher force" doing the legwork of Divinity in physical form.

We are all weaving more of the Eternal into our purpose and being. I guess that is worth a brain ache for me. What about you all?

Divinity Purging,

Rev. Angela


The designs of the Infinite are magnificently displayed everywhere I look.
There is not a single place I rest my gaze that I do not witness God's
wondrous joy and wisdom unfolding before me. This includes Me ~ for
I know I am a small facet of Divinity's grace residing in a physical vessel.
An emissary of the Beloved opening every day to the All Good that
The Light of transformation is shinning upon my world. All that expresses
Spirit's radiance has been elevated to a new biology of embodiment. The
cleansing and shifting of the "old" is now complete. A new Divine Compliment
has triumphed our realm. I consciously associate all that I am with this new
strong, unyielding foundation of Spirit. I activate this new awesome, curious
energy through intention. I receive its surging power and become the
conductor and catalyst of Its presence firmly established here. Daily I shift
my perceptions to the higher realms of the New World and willingly open
to see New beauty around me. I marvel at how easy it is to know that purposeful
movement of consciousness creates and that I am ascending up the spiral of
awareness that leads to the God Self.
I trust the Divine as it pushes everything into its new and appropriate place.
I live in each moment and I trust. This is an amazing time. Powerful influences
are readying the New world and I am blessed to be here and enjoy the ride.
And so it is.



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Author Information

Rev. Angela Peregoff

Reverend Angela Peregoff  is an ordained minister of Religious Science and is currently the director and program coordinator at The Center for Mindful Studies.  She has been professionally empowering and inspiring others to evolve and create consciously since 1993.  Her mission and purpose is simply to raise people's consciousness so they may experience joyful living at its best.


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