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Energy fluxes are times of tension for the physical body. They push the physical body to greater limits while stretching the spiritual body to awaken. The etheric body (first level of the energy field) has no issues with these changes and thus feels no stress or discomfort in any way. It is the physical body that has the job of handling the extremes so that the spiritual body can continue to expand its awakening.

Part of the physical incarnation process is the delicate interface between spirit and form and how best to handle the stresses of higher energy variations. If you compound this with a career, family and relationship issues as well, the poor physical body is truly in major pain. The physical body needs lots of care and concern for its well being so that we can continue to grow and expand on the spiritual plane.

There is only so much that the physical form can endure without compromising its immune system. The vast spiritual growth that is needed was never designed to blend with added stress factors such as job, family, relationship or financial worries. These areas have been created by the human kingdom, thinking it is only human and not part of the Greater Whole.

It goes back to the ego trying to "hot wire", if you will, the belief that you are only this physical form, not some wonderful spark of Divinity having a human experience.

With awareness we are able to discern what has been ego created and what is inbound spiritual wisdom coming in for our growth.

The higher energies are what we have been waiting for. They are the mile markers that tell us it is time once again to take another step up on the ladder of evolution.

Our Higher Essence is fast tracking, if you will, with each wave of higher energy that enters the Earth plane. This Higher Self planned some very challenging life lessons and experiences so that we could grow and evolve at a much faster pace.

Be gentle with your body, you stood in line waiting with body description and script in hand to take your turn at incarnation within this Earth play. These are your sacred moments of physical experience and lessons to help your spiritual Higher Self grow with love and compassion here. Nothing that happens really ever occurs without your permission on some level or higher plane of existence.

Sooth the body, allow it to be relaxed and in joy. Be in gratitude for this beautiful body -- you selected it down to the very tiniest particle. Bathe it in Light and fill it with Love, show it respect and compassion. Celebrate your opportunity to experience physical form!

Even those that selected disabilities or other such physical maladies chose them as learning experiences and higher lessons. Celebrate and embrace what ever way you decided to create. You are here because you requested it to be so.

Honor the "I AM" and greet it in the mirror each day when you awaken. Tell the "I AM" that you love it unconditionally. Embrace the body and thank it for its service each morning and evening. Thank it for its continued support; surround it with love through out the day. Bless it at night as you fall asleep and thank the Creator for this opportunity to be on planet Earth during these most dramatic of times.

As you travel or make your way to work each day allow yourself to be a beacon of Love and share it with everyone on the road or by way. See yourself as a Light house with your light continually circling out into humanity and bathing it with Love as you make your way down the road.

Part of your journey is to transmit out Love to all that you meet. You are the "receiver" of incoming Love energy and you are the "transmitter" of our going Love energy.

You are the Transcendence of cosmic wisdom so you might as well figure out how to enjoy it.

Rev. Angela


I am naturally healthy. I know it and accept it. The kingdom of health,
vitality and energy is within me. Everything I AM and everything I do is
an expression of complete and perfect health. The Universe surrounds me
with balance, order, and harmony. The song of the spheres releases its
celestial melody into my Soul. I love the Great Law of unity and the principles
by which It expresses my life. I see wholeness everywhere in Nature. I express
and experience health in myself and in my world.

My Soul drinks deeply from the great well-springs of Spirit. I am nourished and
refreshed as I assimilate the elixirs of Life which flow from the benevolence of
the One Source. I am spiritually attuned and energetically healthy. I think logically
and clearly. My thoughts are my use of the Infinite Intelligence. My ideas come
directly from the One Mind. Reason and logic lead me into the wisdom and
understanding which insure healthy-mindedness. I think constructively at all times
as Love fills my heart. Faith strengthens me and Peace envelopes me. Confidence
steadies me. Joy bubbles forth from me. Enthusiasm expresses my outlook. I am
forgiving, kind, and compassionate. Considerate of others, I endeavor to be
mature in all feelings and responses. My prevailing emotional attitudes are cheerful
and balanced.

As Perfection living humbly I give thanks. How blessed I am to reflect the organic
harmony of an evolving Soul. Physically pure and energetically strong I give these
words to the Law of Creation knowing spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional
integration is now unified with the currents of the One Life. I am healthy and
vital now and forever. And so it is.



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Rev. Angela Peregoff

Reverend Angela Peregoff  is an ordained minister of Religious Science and is currently the director and program coordinator at The Center for Mindful Studies.  She has been professionally empowering and inspiring others to evolve and create consciously since 1993.  Her mission and purpose is simply to raise people's consciousness so they may experience joyful living at its best.


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