The Morning Blessing: Now is The Perfect Time To Take The Next Step

As everything in the physical and nonphysical worlds continues into the Aquarian age a new "norm" is going to be felt by all. Many individuals are already experiencing the New waves of magnetic particles that have blanketed the earth. The first few weeks of the first month of the New Year had many of us experiencing strange physical effects. Dizziness, illusions with the vision, spacey-ness, no patience, or even irritation were felt as we were pushed into the full presence of these new energetic waves. These uncharacteristic behaviors and sensations are now subsiding as we enter into the "integration" stage of our newest development. For the next several weeks (until Valentine's Day) we all will be upgrading and installing these latest switch-over frequencies into our own personal energy systems. And while that sounds great, it may mean that some will need extra sleep, or that some get an unquenchable desire to participate in physical activities or an extra workout, others may feel blissed out all the time. Whatever speaks to you that allows this new programming to kick in -- go with it.

At this particular phase of integration it is important to take this new substance (energy) and direct it into form at the physical cellular level. I am suggesting that all of us use intention to bring what has settled in the etheric into our biological circuitry. This time the Ascension is going to be about claiming our atoms and taking the form with us so each of us has got to become the Alchemist and remember how to perform this process. And the best way to begin remembering is to start with intention and thought. Today's blessing is just one example of how this can be accomplished. There are unlimited ways to turn thoughts into form -- affirmative prayer is just one way. Start using what works best for you, and start today with the latest and greatest upgrades available to us.

If Microsoft sends you an email informing you that the latest updates are available to download into your computer, I bet you take the time to upgrade. And why wouldn't you, it makes your system more efficient, stable, and strong. The same is true for your cellular system. Cells can be "taught" and encouraged to come on-line with new energy or vibrant health any time we desire. The cellular landscape of the human species is capable of diagnosing its own impaired conditions and then restructuring itself to compensate for the inadequacies. If you want to experience the next edition of the human gene pool NOW then start asking the body to allow, accept, and integrate the Radiant frequencies that have enveloped our environment.
Remember to keep pace each day with a peaceful heart and no distress should befall you,

Rev. Angela


Vibrations of healing can be felt throughout the earth as the One Life fills to overflowing with
love. Living in Divine Union with this Source, I too become a holy vessel embodying the
newest clarion vibrations skipping throughout time. I open my cellular receptors to the Christ
DNA and allow this circuitry to announce all the glory of the sacred Self.

The Eternal integrity of who I am has come to an intersection of time, space and light; a place
that opens the doorways within the cellular structure to live all the layers of wholeness,
harmony, and intelligence. I find that I am purified and cleansed as the new bio-luminary
photon particles baptize the physical into a higher light that now exists on Earth. These cells
emit frequencies that seismically move out from the heart to invoke forward movement of
mankind into the place of undivided freedom. New ground and new understandings are sensed
and felt on a cellular basis. The activation of the physical material is the equation of
Completion. It completes the tapestry of final Union.

I joyfully succumb to this emancipation and proclamation of Oneness. Supported in a physical
temple that realizes its own greatness brings a quickening and an alignment that escorts total
peace and love for all Life on this planet. This I feel. And so it is.



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Rev. Angela Peregoff

Reverend Angela Peregoff  is an ordained minister of Religious Science and is currently the director and program coordinator at The Center for Mindful Studies.  She has been professionally empowering and inspiring others to evolve and create consciously since 1993.  Her mission and purpose is simply to raise people's consciousness so they may experience joyful living at its best.


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