The Morning Blessing: Something To Seriously Consider...

It's not what you do in life that counts, it's how you do

The predominant thought or the mental attitude is the magnet, and the law is that like attracts like, consequently, the mental attitude will invariably attract such conditions as correspond to its nature. ~ Charles Hoanel

Thoughts are magnetic, and thoughts have frequency. As you think, those thoughts are sent out into the Universe, and they magnetically attract all like things that are on the same frequency. Everything sent out returns to the source. And that source is You!

Think of it this way: we understand that a television station's transmission tower broadcasts via a frequency, which is a transformed into pictures on your television. Most of us don't really understand how it works, but we know that each channel has a frequency, and when we tune into that frequency we see the pictures on our television. We choose the frequency by selecting the channel, and we then receive the pictures broadcast on that channel. If we want to see different pictures on our television, we change the channel and tune into a new frequency.

You are a human transmission tower, and you are more powerful than any television tower created on earth. You are the most powerful transmission tower in the Universe. Your transmission creates your life and it creates the world. The frequency you transmit reaches beyond cities, beyond countries, beyond the world. It reverberates throughout the entire Universe. And you are transmitting that frequency with your thoughts!

The pictures you receive from the transmission of your thoughts are not on a television screen in your living room, they are the pictures of your life! Your thoughts create the frequency, they attract like things on that frequency, and then they are broadcast back to you as your life pictures. If you want to change anything in your life, change the channel and change the frequency by changing your thoughts.

Rev. Angela


There is One power in the Universe. It is Infinite, All-knowing, and All-powerful.
It created me, guides me and lives as me. We are one, and all is well in my life.

This is the day the Law is making, and I rejoice in it. This day is created especially for me, and
it unfolds in accordance with my own thoughts and beliefs. I alone am responsible for the
conditions in my life, and I accept the responsibility with pleasure. I know my life is only
complicated when I let it be complicated and only difficult when I make it difficult. I now
release any thoughts of worry, struggle or doubt and replace them with thoughts of peace and
satisfaction. I move forward with grace and ease, knowing I am always guided to my highest
good. I fill each moment with thoughts of pleasure and success, which are immediately
reflected in my life.

I gratefully accept this life I am creating, and I live each day in joy and harmony. My word is
now accomplished in Infinite Mind, so I simply release it to the Law and let it be so. And so it is.




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Rev. Angela Peregoff

Reverend Angela Peregoff  is an ordained minister of Religious Science and is currently the director and program coordinator at The Center for Mindful Studies.  She has been professionally empowering and inspiring others to evolve and create consciously since 1993.  Her mission and purpose is simply to raise people's consciousness so they may experience joyful living at its best.


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