The Morning Blessing: Things As "Good" and "Evil"

Let go of thinking of things as "good" and "evil". If
you believe that any of the things that aren't up to you
are either of these imposters, you'll probably undoubtedly
blame and even despise others when you don't get what you want.

From now on be aware of your tendency to judge people.
Do you think your brother is inferior to you because he
does not make as much money as you? Do you say your
neighbor is a bad person because they drink?

Unless you can get inside another person's mind and really
see from their perspective, you cannot know their intentions.
You'll lose your ability to appreciate others if you let your
judgments get in the way.



Today I am a center in the Infinite Mind and Love of  God.
As the day begins to form I take a few moments and become
conscious of the Inner Space that arises and emerges into the
Self that lives this day. With awareness I touch the power that
flows through me into the world. This is Who I am at the deepest
level, and all human lives are no different.
As I deepen my spiritual practice I bring the true perspective and balance
of judgment into my daily life. For until I can walk a thousand steps in
my brothers shoes I cannot begin to ponder the intentions of his heart.
Instead of imprisoning others with the limitations of my own thinking, 
I emphasize connectedness. I move past making myself right and others
wrong; soar beyond generating a consciousness of condemnation and
truly learn to be as that Divine Being residing in the heart of all. The time
has come to break the bondage of judgment and false impressions. I am
a free soul, a free spirit, and because this is so I can see every man as a
free agent of Spirit living their own Divine Truth.  My word goes deep into
my subconscious mind where it becomes the Truth of my being.
I accept and am grateful for these words; I write them with a heartfelt sense
of gratitude and humility. I know they are acting in my life now, as I hear
them echoing in my mind. As I open my heart, mind, and spirit to this moment
of conciliation I know my internal purpose brings forth new possibilities.
And so it is. 



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Author Information

Rev. Angela Peregoff

Reverend Angela Peregoff  is an ordained minister of Religious Science and is currently the director and program coordinator at The Center for Mindful Studies.  She has been professionally empowering and inspiring others to evolve and create consciously since 1993.  Her mission and purpose is simply to raise people's consciousness so they may experience joyful living at its best.


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