The Morning Blessing: Universal Purity And Grace

The corridors of Self and Soul have now merged. All beings upon this planet Earth can hear their destiny singing its lullaby as it weaves peace, love, harmony and light into their physical existence. Just as Gaia herself is exploding and imploding with New life so are we. . . there will not be one space in this dimension that is not softened and cleared by Universal Purity and Grace. We now come face to face with the reflection of our Soulselves. True embodiment of this self allows each to feel loved beyond what you have previously felt by any external or internal force. This New love rushes in like an imagined chorus of angels uplifting and celebrating you because YOU are the exquisite treasure of Divinity in Form.

Because of this latest celebration many, many, many heart centers will now open completely and flood this Earth domain with the same God celebration. You will no longer care who wronged you, it will not matter how to get clients or build a practice, health challenges are cured by faith, and having to get clear about where you are heading become insignificant because a Great Calm has settled within the core of you AND YOU CAN FEEL IT. This calm is the Presence you have spent a great deal of time and effort looking for. It is your eternal essence and you will know you have connected to it when you are feeling that you are loved, that you are safe, and that you have no need to ever complain, judge, or join in another's drama ever again.

Alone with this Presence in meditation you can experience the Joy fireworks that are occurring. And beyond the fireworks you can sense the connection to All-That-Is. You experience cellularly knowing that you are Absolute Radiance commanding a human existence for exact purposes. You now realize those purposes as the blessings that open one's world to the animation of Divinity. Your Soul goodness is felt congruently in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual fields of your Being. The Grail Point of you as God's grace and abundance is now reaching into places within your awareness that have been dormant since ancient times.

Seek to become a channeling column of this New heart love. Visualize your chakra centers transmuting the debris of past and present perceptions that keep you from moving into a higher and brighter light. Use thought and intention to open portals of transcendence that can quicken your delivery into this stabilized auric field of I AM Presence. Consciously disconnect from all stresses and strains in your daily existence so that your Soul can lovingly balance you within your destiny birthright points. The chaos and dramas are the only illusions left that smokescreen you from the power of the Calmed Presence.

It is time; a heavenly decree was mandated that all shall see and be the reflection of Divinity this lifetime. The path of God Presence Embodiment is here filling all with a childlike wonder that enables us to view the world in marvelous and mystical ways. And when you are ready you will be lifted into a joyous, worry-free, trust-filled zone of inner peace. Then expressing this true nature, you will be able to inspire all those who are curiously drawn to drink from your Cup.

Oh, the secrets of illumination . . . hosanna in the highest!

Rev. Angela


Today, where I stand, I witness the fundamental goodness permeating the universe. 
I open my mind and heart this morning to the One all-wise Intelligence present in all life. I am its spiritual awakening and passage of experience in a harmonized and unified human existence. I live from this inner subliminal reality and allow it to transcribe my physical realities into sacred structure.

In this moment of unrealized, unlimited possibility of potential I claim a new relationship between Spirit and Body. With the power and authority of creation, I feel the will of Spirit now directly controls and determines the movements and law of the body. Filled with Right-Idea and light and action my body operates from the power of spiritual consciousness into a true and fit and perfectly responsive instrument of Spirit. This new relation of the Spirit and the Body is a free acceptance of the whole of its material nature in place of rejection. I lovingly care for this perfect and faultless use of my Divine material.  Just as I have liberated my mind with Truth consciousness, I now spiritualize my personal utilization of Matter. The body consciousness is a patient servant and can be in its large reserve of possibilities a potent instrument of light and action in physical nature. From the higher planes of my own Self-Mastery I gift Spirit  body with health, strength, duration, physical perfection, bodily happiness, freedom from suffering, and ease. I know the body organism to now be a self-acting, self-effectuating center of awareness and knowledge. With ignorance gone this organism is flooded by a supreme Infinite Intelligence which forever meets, assimilates, and harmonizes Itself with all the forces of existence that surround and press upon the body. The body consciousness, being uplifted and purified by the flames of the One true consciousness is ready to dissolve the subconscious limitations and restrictions it has acquired from my personal character and ego. This perfecting new sensation permits the Soul direct, willed, and conscious action through out this body temple.

With this Truth, I am stilled in holy reverence because I know, I know I AM the highest state of  Self-Being for the supreme supra-consciousness of the One omnipresent reality. I have ordered it so as the purity of  Spirit, and so it is. Amen.



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Author Information

Rev. Angela Peregoff

Reverend Angela Peregoff  is an ordained minister of Religious Science and is currently the director and program coordinator at The Center for Mindful Studies.  She has been professionally empowering and inspiring others to evolve and create consciously since 1993.  Her mission and purpose is simply to raise people's consciousness so they may experience joyful living at its best.


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