The Week Ahead: 2011 Rolling In

What is important in life is life, and not the result of life. ~ Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

If you have felt that you are in a waiting mode, disconnected or removed from life, or that you have had a setback, you can take a relaxing breath because with the activation of the New Moon partial solar eclipse last week the earth's energies got a boost and some forward movement and 2011 is now beginning to roll. It's subtle but if you get quiet and tune in to be sure you'll sense a rolling action. If you can't connect to it just imagine the ocean as it starts to stir and roll with the energy of an approaching storm. Not that we are in for rough waters - yet, but it is a good analogy for where some of us are headed.

This is the stirring of the new harmonizing maverick tone that will be dismantling rigidity, control mechanisms, fear, greed, ego-based manipulations and separatism on a global level. Humanity and Earth are ascending in a process that is leading to a more enlightened existence. This newest over-lighting attunement of cosmic order will initiate the consciousness we need to be asleep no more. It's not just the world financial system, now knee-deep in crisis. It's virtually every sector of the old paradigm society that was raised in patriarchal dominance. All of these worn-out structures will be undergoing radical reshaping over the coming years.

In your personal reality it will support the creative thinking and action outside the box that is necessary for the Soul to easily traverse its earthly journey. How ready do you feel for the big changes about to occur? Can you keep up your enthusiasm for positive change as you envision what's ahead? Do you feel prepared to take on the challenges that are sure to come? Are you willing to go deeper into yourself to access the more stable sense of empowerment you will need to navigate the unpaved road ahead? Will you be able to step back from the world's fear-based messages often enough to stay centered?

To be enmeshed in such a gigantic shifting process can take its toll. You will feel impacted on a number of levels. The obvious includes your outer conditions - your home, work, finances, relationships, health, etc. Other key elements involved are your emotional and energetic stability. These will determine the meaning you place on current events. During this year if you are ignorant to your right to use the Law of Cause and Effect, and are unaware of how it operates in your life, the year will become like a punishing tyrant.

Such a blind perception will create misery in your life if you try to reason "mentally" what has gone wrong. Things are just not going to be working for you in the same way, especially if you are really attached to the 3D structures that are falling. Each day you can turn on CNN and witness the mass human scale of cause and effect at the global level. This is so we can see what has not been working and make the changes necessary to shift the paradigm, shift the old beliefs. All are being challenged to hear the higher calling, in a sense hear Spirit's message that we must refine our daily lives so that we assist change for the greater good of the collective body of humanity.

The year 2011 is the gateway for correction. It is the start of several years of reconfiguration. Ultimately humanity is standing at an opportunity to experience realization and revelation through the extreme events of the "cause and effect" that we are witnessing. This is a moment of decision. We can choose to be illumined in heavenly light and be the revealer of truth or descend into the obsessions of the loss of personal control and destruction. We are standing on the threshold an entirely new reality and you will be best served if you remember your supreme role here. That means letting go of all fear-based human conditioning that tells you some outside force has influence over you.

It's that human conditioning that tells you that you are flawed, need fixing, need to be told what to do, and are simply lacking in what it takes to succeed this lifetime. Today is the day to remember that you are a Divine Lightworker and an integral part of the shift that is happening. The key changes come about because of the upgrades in consciousness in individuals such as you. As you integrate the Light codes and wisdom frequencies and then interact with others and society, there is a domino effect.

Beneath all the layers of your human form you are the pinnacle of Spiritual integrity and if you can remember that even when witnessing the extreme cycles within the landscape of global events over the coming months then you'll bring healing and rehabilitation to all humankind. Last year we anchored the foundation of a new golden era on this planet. This was the first solid reconnection with "the soul" for each individual on our planet since the days of Lumeria and Atlantis. It seemed that almost weekly we were receiving energy in the form of Light codes that had been dormant for ten to fifteen thousand years. Fifteen thousand years! How many times do you think you incarnated during that time?

No wonder we are ready for a galactic-vation! Aren't we the most pure level of cosmic crystal consciousness, unity and christ consciousness? Of course we are - and that is why we are the current vehicles of transformation and are being given lots of energetic responsibility at this time. We are the lucky ones that get to have the physical bodies to transmit and breathe the Living Field (source energy) from our higher heart centers out into the world of form.

And speaking of bodies and physical form there are consequences to endure at our most dense energetic level as activation after activation continue. The body is now the "official" portal of God Consciousness, not the mind. Specifically within the body it is the heart that is the new interdimensional gateway. Our physical bodies have undergone tremendous levels of density dropping and detoxification in every shape and form imaginable in order to handle the frequencies that will carry us into the anointed timelines of true Sonship. I think there are enough of us out there dealing with "ascension symptoms" that we could give NBC's "The Biggest Loser" a whole new slant. What do you think? Should we audition? A show themed around a vehicle utilized and purposed to bring the unification of Christ Expressions - ha ha, that would be great!

As we switch over from carbon-based engineering to silicone many have been taken down with headaches - especially in the brain stem area and the very top of the skull. Intense itching and jolting is also occurring as the electrical system blinks on and off while attempting to change out operating systems. Information travels on light frequencies and electrical currents; the energies at work lately have been lighting up your neurons like a fireworks show. You may feel charged up with energy one week and blown out like an overloaded circuit the next. Numbness occurs if the muscular system experiences glitches with the reorganization. Get in the habit of allocating a few minutes every day for little breathing naps; when you breathe deeply and relax, you re-oxygenate and recharge the muscular system.

To navigate your days with optimal health and personal well-being, it is essential that you take much better care of your body. You must be grounded and stable, clear and fully present physically to completely anchor the new "settings". The skeletal system is the body's support structure and the spine functions as an antenna, receiving information from the cosmos and energetic world around you. Having an excellent rapport with your body will be crucial for understanding and dealing with the massive changes humanity has set into motion.

On the road to transformation, your best investment is your physical body. I know many are operating within conservative budgets right now so I want to campaign for some pampering on behalf of your biological field of intelligence which is working overtime right now. Chiropractic adjustments, Rolfing sessions, massage and deep tissue work can be quite beneficial for strengthening your cellular and skeletal components, balancing your emotions and stabilizing your electro-magnetic energy field especially during the first few weeks of change over. Be more mindful of your posture and how you use your body. Develop the habit of communicating with your body - slow down and express gratitude, breathe deeply to recharge your body - and your investment will yield great rewards.

So you have a couple of weeks to reflect and contemplate who you will resolve to be in 2011. If the clarity has not been there, it will be now. Remember energies are beginning to roll however; clarity now comes from your internal intuitive channels and not from the newspaper or your neighbor. If you need answers make the space and time to receive them because at the end of this month the rolling stops and forward movement begins in earnest for 2011.

This is the moment in Earth history when the speed of change is swift, unexpected and unprecedented. Where the celebrity is the dawning of a new revolution in consciousness -- oh yeah!

Rev. Angela


In this contemporary world of conceptual identities  I move into the consciousness
of seeing the sameness of Being in every human and not the role they play from
day to day.  Divested of the roles we are robed in allows the authentic Presence
of the One Life to come forward. The light of the Eternal then shines brightly and
who we are is not as important as what we are. . . Spirit taking form. Spirit, whole,
complete and perfect in every moment. This is the God truth as me and as you and
as all we see, feel, and know.
My life is constantly evolving and unfolding in new ways bringing me to a greater
realization of what I am now -- not my thoughts, not my feelings but the inner
aliveness and well-being that orchestrates such expressions through the body.
At this moment I can feel the Presence of  Its inner space and know the limitless
potential of Its expression as It pours deeper into my form. I rise and am triumphant
over any challenge, never miss an opportunity, accept and give thanks for financial
abundance, move to the rhythm of vitality and health, and surrender into the magnificence
of Divine peace. I honor these responsibilities and carry them out with love. Modeling
universal competence in all situations, incidents, and occurrences in my life I easily move
from one to the next understanding and trusting that I am always contributing to the
larger wholeness I am immersed in.
I now release my word with great thanksgiving, knowing each thought goes its way
into a reality via an Intelligence that is simultaneously coordinating trillions of
different functions of such extraordinary complexity that I can only understand a
tiny fraction of It. I know every desire is complete and looking for me now, even as
I say, and so it is. Amen.



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Rev. Angela Peregoff

Reverend Angela Peregoff  is an ordained minister of Religious Science and is currently the director and program coordinator at The Center for Mindful Studies.  She has been professionally empowering and inspiring others to evolve and create consciously since 1993.  Her mission and purpose is simply to raise people's consciousness so they may experience joyful living at its best.


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