The Week Ahead: April's Notes

As you sit to read this I am headed to Florida to attend the funeral of one of my favorite people on the planet - Miss Nell. Her transition, while expected, still had this out-of-towner rushing to make travel arrangements and getting the office covered for the days I'll be away. The Monday read I had drafted is still that, a rough compilation of psychic feelings and visions. In the sake of time, instead of editing it I am choosing to share with you some my outlined notes from the April Energy Read. This way you won't miss a week of finding out what's going on and you'll get a quick overview of the highlights for the month ahead.

A couple of points I want to make is that the guides really, really stressed the point about "integrity" being the Master Key for the month. Integrity is the one attribute you can be absolutely certain will be the balancer within the current friction of the collective. Remaining in spiritual integrity is your practice for the entire month.

The second thing to mention is the energy alignment meditation the guides gave for this month. I have been doing it daily and the results have been amazing. I have received exponential abundance on all levels - body, mind and Spirit! The body is accepting more of its Soul frequency. The mind has become more calm and assured because it is trusting (Soul). The Spirit is joyful because the meditation has literally let in a seventy-times-bigger version of Self than I had before I began using the exercise. I have also been gifted unexpected prosperity. I can't say enough about working with the meditation. Oh yeah, it is one of those pieces that we can use forever - as many times a day as we like.

I'm not saying, "Get it now, it will change your life!" What I am suggesting is that you go within and see if you get the intuitive hit that it would be of benefit for you.

Now on with those notes for April.

Send prayers my way as I celebrate the life of my friend during this time of transition,

Rev. Angela


Survey of the March:

- Fire and air to inspire us to embrace ourselves, our truth and our unique-ness (3rd chakra sparkle).
- We were dealing with crisis and revolution in the collective as well as in our own living rooms because we were claiming and owning forward progress - in an evolutionary sense.
- The earthquake and tsunami in Japan was evidence of Gaia and Pi's processing. For her earthquakes are a release system and pattern of growth. When Earth quakes her structural levels get readjusted. Large waves in the seas and oceans, including huge tsunamis, are resonant of a transfer of energy between the levels. There is a communication between different energy frequencies, and the waves serve as a sort of echo of these transfers. The energy has to be relocated and distributed for her evolutional development. In this instance ... blah, blah, blah ... give explanation.
- If you remember last month I told you that aspects of her Lightbody were activated because of the consciousness shift in Egypt. Well? 

 How this month will be different:

-  3rd and 5th chakra refinements. Fear in 3rd = lack of power. Fear in 5th = like a cork in a bottle, you cannot receive life or give to life.
-  1-8th,  turquoise Water 3 9-22nd, reddish-brown Earth 3 23-30th  blue Air.

o     Balance Earth with Water and Air.  Earth when positive brings stability and security. Earth when out of balance brings frustration and stuck-ness.

o     Too little Earth element makes us feel ungrounded. We feel unstable and are afraid. We can feel insecure in our actions.  Physically it demonstrates as incorrect internal rhythms and broken communication between systems and organs. Allergic reactions, digestive imbalances, hormone imbalances, osteoporosis and other bone issues, neural problems, and infections. To bring more Earth into your field - you want to ground into the planet through your root chakra. You can also play in dirt or collect rocks and place them in your living space.

o     Too much Earth element has us feeling "planted" - no movement. We can feel too fixed, too rigid and rock like (stubborn). You get caught in the seen 3D world and cannot catch a vision of subtle fields of existence. This is when the lower structural levels get overcharged, sucking the life out of the fluid feeling levels. People tend to get trapped in their own limitations and rigidity. There is difficulty with new ideas, considering them either unnecessary ('this is the way it has always been done - for generations') or even dangerous. People will tend to get very literal and not be open to different interpretations of reality. Anything new feels like death to them. When something does change, even if it changes for the better, they grieve for the lost "lost paradise" even if it wasn't paradise at all. Physically it demonstrates as extra body weight, slow digestion and distribution of nutrients, clogged blood vessels, back problems, and heart problems. To disperse some of the Earth element you want to bring more Air and Water elements into your field. Air diffuses the solidity of Earth, while Water nourishes the stagnant feelings.

-  The freedom and uniqueness (3rd chakra sparkle) that were opened in March ignited an ever-quickening phase of revolution, revelation and expansion.
-  Here's the model the Soul uses for change: Questions#Answers#Actions#Lifestyle Changes. You should now be at the actions stage of this model. This is requiring all of us to actively work with "fear". Why? Because fear eats passion. It distorts reality and sucks the life force out of our systems. It undermines our aliveness and disassembles our daring to be whole. Use fear as your teacher to show you where you are constricting energy against the flow of Life.

o    Fear of individualization - root chakra and originates from the pain of being in form.

o    Fear of not-enoughness of the Self - second chakra and originates from the pain of abandonment.

o    Fear of the loss of Self, of death of Self, of being controlled/used - third and fifth chakras and originates from the pain of judgment/victimhood/separation from the Source.

o    Fear of trusting - fourth and sixth chakras and originates from the pain of betrayal.

o    Fear of imperfection - the crown and vertical flow and originates from the pain of reality of imperfection.

 What we get?

- New male/female harmony.
- Liberation from external stories. You now demand fairness and justice. Fear of authority is no longer a paradigm you live under.
- Personal initiations. This requires brave actions, coupled with informed karmic awareness which brings higher wisdom and an elevated sense of freedom.
- This week we are receiving a deep (Pi) magnetic charge to our sense of stability, grounding and security. This is the beginning stages of opening us to FULL internal access.

o    It is a "cultivation" that you can work with and develop all month. The charge brings into your awareness the peace that is needed while living the multidimensional realities of simultaneous (spherical) time. Lots of forward, radical movement from the cosmos, which is probably why Gaia will be amplifying the Earth element. Let her mentor you. You are going to need to hold on. The pace is going to move along at such a clip that before the month is over you'll feel like an "electric" wizard (if you remain in balance).

o    You are going to want to turn your attention to refining and reinforcing your personal ambitions during the month. Pick at least one something to work with over the next few weeks.

o    Because the freedom energy of last month is getting grounded it will be a good month to expand yourself and create new potential.o    And remember those feelings of frustration and getting stuck may be present. Stay out of any conflicts that are going on around you - especially the ones you really don't care about. 

Self -truth. That means you have to figure out how to function the authentic Self in a dysfunctional world. Find the "true you" inside all the stuff that's going on. This is part of that action step I spoke about earlier.

o    Mastering and utilizing "Self Life Awareness" is the balance point that helps you move forward amidst chaos. This is knowing that tomorrow is created by the totality of you today! Potential and Identity are highlighted in our consciousness. This is the recipe of Uniqueness.

o    You are on a path to awaken dormant potential. Potential from wholeness. That means everything you participate in has to feed ALL of you. Master switch for April = Integrity (which is inherent honesty). You are cultivating a greater sense of freedom and autonomy. You can no longer gain power from anything that is tainted (without integrity).

o    Center in your heart with each intention - this act will keep you in harmony within the rapidly changing field of reality. By the end of the month you will have grounded: Awakening. Truth. Freedom. 

How we calibrate and integrate.

 - Focus on Sapphire Water. It will help to bring safety and a softening of defenses into your field. Truth is only scary to the ego; it is a relief to the more evolved parts of your psyche that wants to wake up.
- Wear blue. Tie a blue ribbon around your wrist to remind you that you are safe as you nurture your new growth. Stones to use: blue diamond or blue Sodalite.
 - Engage in any physical activity that gets you breathing "prana" rather than air. Bliss yoga classes, Tai Chi, Chi Qigong, gym workouts, running. And if you need to balance the "change" energies the guides suggest golf, fishing, croquet, a game of horse shoes (red Wing Park), Frisbee golf, 
- Lightbody exercises.
- Realize your Self-truth and communicate it! This will create bonds of coherency between your earth self and the Soul which equals a very strong energy field.
- Live in Truth. Confess to yourself this month of at least four areas in your life where you feel that you are not in truth. Use forgiveness and hold the intention to do better.
- Explore new ways of being in the world. What else brings do you like? The idea is to deepen pleasure and unconditional love throughout your multidimensional field.
- Reminder! Freedom's partner is grief.
- Fear, insecurity, and being "not enough" are working overtime this month.
- Focus on what's in front of you each day (day by day) and put your whole God Self into it; the you that is whole, perfect, and complete in every way.



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