The Week Ahead: Ascender Beauty Blossoming

"Remember the simple things you already know. All beings are energy with equal power to choose their reality." ~ mentored to Angela in a dream this week.

In this reality and at this particular time all Earth entities are choosing between remaining in the energetic system of gravity and density, or moving up inside the house of Light on Earth. All of us have been in the midst of transformative changes and many have awakened to reclaim and reunite with the wholeness of the Divine Self. After functioning for eons on decreased resources from our Higher Selves we are finally getting down to brass tacks and regaining direct connection with Truth, Light, and Living Peace. Now is the best time to be enjoying the adventure of our earthly existence since the last few months have been energetically hyper. A nobility of Soul and Spirit has sprung froth and is once again overlighting human consciousness.

With this picture in mind and heart remember that real-time awareness is all that is required to acclimate and function efficiently within the swiftly changing world/reality. Settle back and allow your mind, body, and spirit to journey through all the disguises and roles you have accepted in the past; into all the experiences, whether painful, joyful or enlightening that have brought you to this "now" spot where everything is wildly shifting. To the territory where intuitive notions and ingenious ideas have you living a multi-dimensional reality. To the realm of consciousness where the pace is so accelerated that the elimination of density creates a sacred space of clarity, acceptance, and love. And in this contemplation know that the Universe has forever flowed euphoric wilderness trails of comfort and guidance in your direction refusing to let anyone or anything prevent you from being here in this spectacular "now".

We all know the path to Perfection requires discipline and focus. As of now those diligently keeping up with spiritual evolution are no longer affected by earthly events. This gives them the freedom to create from joy, acquire prosperity, command light-to-light relationships, and drop all sense of self-limiting concepts and energy patterns. As individuals reflect more and more of the Soul they lift out of the limiting myths and stories of the old paradigm. There is great opportunity now to be the embodiment the ancient memories of Wholeness.

As a group of souls who wanted to be upon Gaia at this exact time we agreed to provide physical vessels through which cosmic frequencies could be transmitted, transmuted, and anchored in the planetary grids during this time of accelerated change. Just by being here we are fulfilling a soul agreement to anchor Light codes of ascension on our planet. We are naturally designed to radiate the vibrational patterns of Higher Evolution so there is nothing to get we must simply turn on the awareness of that cosmic lineage to feel the benevolence of where we are.

No matter what comes into your week know that all Universal Laws are following their detailed instructions. Be mindful that a spiritual embodiment requires attention to your State of Being. Spirit is not a drive through encounter where you order your dinner full of animal products and caloric fats, with little or no nutrition. It is not a convenient store where you go and pick up a magazine for the latest set of spiritual self-help tips and leave it at that. You can't point-and-click your way out of suffering and blockages. Spiritual embodiment is a commitment and full time employment. Offer yourself the best in quality of time, materials, and personal dedication when you step up to the service doors of the heavenly realm and ask for Remembrance.

It takes strength and courage to blow your own "old" mind set out and into the vision of center point balance. But once you discover the benefits of such acts of purification you will always choose to intuit the Presence of your own Soul attempting to explain itself through such measures. You will soar blissfully as an individuation of Source Light while most still linger scratching their heads avoiding the exploration of something unless it is easy, makes sense, or suits their needs.

Enjoy your spiritual practices, in times of great change they are quite a blessing,

Rev. Angela 


I center myself in a moment of Presentness. A moment of hushed, cosmic reverberance where I meet universal spiritual truth. The truth that there is only One conveying power aware of its unbound infinity and universality even in the finiteness of expression. From the silence within comes a realization that I, too, am a process of Its self-revelation making visible the inherent truth of its powers of existence according to the harmonic law natural to all manifestation of the Infinite. This now moment allows me to know I am the very nature of an essential and universal good manifesting itself.

So today I call forth this nature; this self-effectuating consciousness that is the purity of infinite diversity. I open wider and allow the light of eternal self-existence to pour Itself into all of my activities ~ making and keeping all things pure. There will be no ignorance leading to wrong will, not the falsehood of separation contrary to the all good of Oneness. In soul, mind, life, and body I am a consciousness of harmony, self-knowledge, and self-mastery incorporating an identity of persona.

I have particularized myself as a composition of life that is potent, strong, and beautifully recognized as a child of God. Today, I live not as a personality expressive of a larger secret being, but greater, as the inner conscious Existence self-revealed!

May it happen that this inner largeness overflows into the surface formation of my structural limits always and forever. My heart leaps with anticipation as my Power of Being moves forward into another day sharing this multiplicity of goodness with all I meet. And so it is. Amen.


k 16th April 2012 10:54 am

Messages about having to believe and becoming aware of how the dream world connects to the physical world. Mind blowing for sure. My logical brain resists, only by grace and surrender, will this barrier be broken.

Delanderius 18th April 2012 1:48 am

Here may be the key: Sacred Dream Reality.

The trick is to find something with the Dream Reality with which you kind of merge with the Creative Consciousness of Existence and find that which for you is Sacred, and incorporates both the Dream and Reality aspects, to make a unified whole: Sacred Dream Reality.

That sense of the Sacred, I'm quite sure, is what emanates from you to fill the spaces between the Dream and the Reality, so that it becomes the informing principle of your own experience of being.

Dogs ain't a bad start, imho. ;)

here's a question for you: Did Man create Dog? or did Dog create Man?


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Reverend Angela Peregoff  is an ordained minister of Religious Science and is currently the director and program coordinator at The Center for Mindful Studies.  She has been professionally empowering and inspiring others to evolve and create consciously since 1993.  Her mission and purpose is simply to raise people's consciousness so they may experience joyful living at its best.


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