The Week Ahead: Challenging Alignments are Tweak-able

I am that supreme and fiery force that sends forth all the sparks of life ... I shine in the water, I burn in the sun and the moon and the stars. Mine is the mysterious force of the invisible wind ... I am life. ~ Hildegard of Binge, De Operatione Dei

As one is drawn into the Heart of matter and existence this week the feeling should be one of an upward zone of contentment and forward progress. The spiritual currents of late that have awakened a cellular vibration and knowledge are settling down. The divine portion of the body that has absorbed unrestricted amounts of Light now begins to channel an ebb and flow of light particles inside its blueprint of human design. This means that you and I get to slow down and breathe without everything falling apart. Changes have taken place and we are afforded quiet time as the new biological arrangement and alignment continues to incorporate and further develop. Take advantage of the week by enjoying something that really fills your soul with pleasure.

In my corner of the world the golden hues of summer are just beginning to give way to the rich, ripe reds, vibrant yellows and burnished browns of autumn. Each day is a magnificent tapestry of creation that I can't wait to play in so as my physical assimilates trillions of portions of Light this week in order that I may reflect the new Beauty in form I will spoil myself with walks and afternoons spent outside watching nature announce the time of harvest. I hope each of you will also find something that gathers you into joy and comfort and peace this week as well. Finding at-one-ment experiences that soothe your Being will also do much to advance the transference and transformation of Spirit at Its new level of expression within the dense patterns of cellular material.

Many will find they have a lot of energy, drive and desire as they come through the latest cosmic tune-up so it is also a perfect time to direct that power into constructive avenues. Summons that potent willpower and deft mental attitude that only knows to create what you envision and you could find yourself sitting on top of the world. Opportunities and doorways are continually expanding in alignment with personal evolution. Everything that you seek is waiting to come forward through you; every thought and attitude is a portal of manifestation. Be in accordance to every dream you keep tucked away. Look at your day. Look at your thoughts. Look at your actions and then visualize the end results. As you house and host the vision of what you want accomplished say "thank you" knowing that the auric energy field of manifestation is bowing to the master's clarity and capabilities.

Much of Life is now moving with magic, mystery, passion and pleasure as we evolve the resolution of our physical form. The current frequency transference can wreak havoc causing neurological super-sensitivity, emotional/spiritual disconnection, and rigid dogmatic mentality. However, I am advised it will be the general masses that will incur most of the challenges. The intensity of frequency required for cellular transmutation of our physical being is harder on a non-hydrated, poorly nourished body and mind. Have compassion for those in your domain that must now willingly change or suffer the consequences. Most people are not aware of what is energetically happening on the planet and what the task at hand for an evolving body (ascending consciousness) actually is.

For you, the conscious one - be present to new possibilities and change because from this point forward you walk fully into an updated truth pouring onto the planet. The energies around and within Gaia are facilitating the opportunity to live in a cooperative manner with all life. Energy is soaring forth from the Heart of the Cosmos and unleashing light, power, wisdom and truth of faith as a new way of being. If you are not feeling it, take retreat or solitude from the pulsating influences of people that are still running from the actualizing higher patterns of joining together in Unification. Every person is now able to see, feel, know, and experience fully what it means to be a Spiritual Being having a human incarnation. They only have to let it be! 

Those portal jumpers in sync with September's prime energies will have the vision and transformation necessary to flow smoothly and comfortably through the second half of the month. Fear is no longer an option. Let go of that human made energy and replace it with the knowledge that Absolute Truth and Perfection are spiraling continuously upon the Inner Sanctuary of Self. There is no outside information or external source that you should allow to direct you "here or there" any longer, there is no one to blame for your troubles or your successes. Choose in your heart what is aligned and true for you while the Universe is removing anything in your path that prevents you from going internal to connect to your own God Source information.

This time calls for new measures, are you willing to work for the grandest "expression of humanness" that you can conceive?

Rev. Angela


I am at home in the universe. I feel the beat of it, live in the pulse of it.
I am made of the Essence of all of it. I live the Life of it. I am the teaching
of Its immanence, the contemporary classic of Its thinking. I delight in the
beauty and joy of it. 

As an unimagined proportion of God's phenomenon it is time to tie up the loose
ends and cut away the frills of being stationary and inept in my humanness. New
light comes forth emanating and radiating an immortality that is the unveiling to my
vision of that larger, fuller life, of which my mortal days are but a fragmentary part.
This energy comes and escorts me into the harmonizing of my spirit with the Infinite;
to whisk me away from all that I have know to be limitations. I accept here and now
that there is nothing that is fractured or broken or less-than within my existence. I am
an ambassador of Creation here at this time to grasp completion and see in totality!
The allness of a universal Light that comes forth as the new human perspective.

Filled with the Eternal inheritance of God I thank Spirit for flowing through me gently
and easily leaving behind the Light of truth in my heart. I happily accept my unique
role in the wholeness, completeness, oneness of  Life right now. I send these words
past mortal lapses and unbeliefs into a field of Creative Principle that binds them back
to their divine origin within the vision of Him who has made us as Himself. And so it
is. Amen.


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Rev. Angela Peregoff

Reverend Angela Peregoff  is an ordained minister of Religious Science and is currently the director and program coordinator at The Center for Mindful Studies.  She has been professionally empowering and inspiring others to evolve and create consciously since 1993.  Her mission and purpose is simply to raise people's consciousness so they may experience joyful living at its best.

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