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One the road to revolution, this spring shines brilliant with spiritual energy. This can be a time of tremendous opportunity for humankind to gain new vitality by recognizing the presence of spirit as a dynamic for in the body. ~  The Pleiadians through Barbara Marciniak.

There is good news to report after a few weeks of tumultuous happenings. In various ways and through many subtle layers of our existence a potent alignment has been helping you and I to gain an upper hand in respecting and loving all aspects of Self. The most recent universal doors to open brought a greater understanding to our psyche about deep-seated subconscious motives that keep us limited us in this area. Yes, the March boost that brought about a progression of change was embraced by many down to the physical, cellular point of transcendence - the body. See the evolution of human consciousness has to include the cleansing and clearing of our biological intelligence.  

You must realize that in order to move through this "live" version of Ascension, the journey of all time, each and every participant has to be affected at some point with the cleansing action of recalibration, adjustment, and refinement as our Spirit Signatures design us into a working element that feels and knows its own True Power. When we lived in the ashrams, temples, and monasteries we could meditate our way into a higher calling; pushing sacred transduction to its edge with hardly any physical repercussions. However, this time around most of those same souls are the current aficionados of a nine-to-five life so overriding, or going around, the physical and lower three chakras entails an ascension violation with dire consequences.

For those who are not clear about the maximizing impulses of March let me recap. As you know the evolution of a planet has a major influence on the cellular memory and cosmic memories of its inhabitants. Cosmic memories are stored in the DNA and are related to the Soul's previous experiences in the galaxy with planets, star systems, black holes, etc. Your cosmic memory is part of what enables you to be here presently and to assist Gaia as she re-creates. Because of your participation when other planets and systems went through the same rebirthing process that earth is going through you are able to contribute to her overall well-being and success with this endeavor.

Your cellular memory is a vehicle for the embodiment of the Soul's intelligence. The specific purpose has to do with your evolution as an individual component of God consciousness. And believe it or not we store lots of information and complex energetic instructions within the language of our physical building blocks - the cells. Cellular memory transcends lifetimes and what we bring into this lifetime is often based on what happened in previous incarnations. We bring in both pluses and minuses. Often times our current talents and treasures are accessed through cellular memory and brought forward into this lifetime. So are our fears and reoccurring challenges. 

What we have been doing lately is tied to enhancing, activating, realizing, and stabilizing the vibration of empowered Love inside each cell of our biology. In order to do that we may have had to step out of the safety of our individual realities and create a new territory of self-love by any number of means. Reflect on the month, have you had to stick up for yourself in relation to someone close to you? Have you have to re-create boundaries? How about deciding to put your life needs first? Perhaps you have enforced new disciplines that are on your best behalf? If so, it is all due to a deeper, empowered Love vibration expanding more profoundly into our existence.

As energies shift, there are certain requirements for those who choose to flow with the higher vibrations. The requirements are of Universal Law and cannot be denied. All desiring to utilize the Masterworks of the latest phases had to move in harmony with the necessities of our Perfection. We chose to respond with an evolutionary point that corresponded with the desire of Source as well as our Soul essences in order that Consciousness became a different quality.

There were many, many things being accomplished on individual and collective consciousness levels over the last several weeks. Yet I believe the most re-defining value has been with our third and fourth chakra systems in the body. Anyone having an issue that relates to "the gut" was working with a theme of allowing the body to  b-r-o-a-d-e-n  and work with more capacity the subconscious karma associated with compassion and uniqueness. Third chakra is personal identity and on a physical level is associated with the stomach, abdomen, upper GI tract, liver, gallbladder, pancreas, kidneys, spleen and adrenal glands. The fourth chakra, or heart center, is linked to the heart, lungs, blood vessels, shoulders, ribs, chest, diaphragm, and upper esophagus.   

What this means is that you and I decided to open completely to the cosmic pulses and we were bombarded with particles and waves of Light from the Higher Realms that integrated directly into the physical. The out-play of taking on such vibrations resulted in various sorts of physical maladies. The truth of the interconnection is not that you "just had a flare up;" more appropriate that in a tangible and exact way you were improving the quality of energy the body could hold. The sick/painful/upset phase of the experience was the most efficient process for the vessel to rid itself of the debris that the Light had neutralized. And for most of us these areas of the body were the optimal avenue for cellular detoxification.  

Some might think this a bit bizarre but if you were taken down, you're lucky! You will now be able to avoid falling into some of the snares and traps of karmic limitation at the physical level. Each representation of our field has its own Intelligence and this includes the physical. Our body (the BA of the MER-KA-BA) is constantly broadcasting information to us, I know most of you understand this concept, but grasping the idea that this component also has a subconscious that can access your eternality backwards and forwards through all time might stretch it for you.

But think about it, your biological computer is more sophisticated than any manufactured technology because it is directly influenced by the symphonic complexity of your emotional responses to life. It is dutifully loyal in giving you feedback on the effects of your thoughts and feelings not just in this lifetime, but in every lifetime. Expands your perception of cellular memory doesn't it? Each time you were separated from the pure environment of Love/Light it registered as a memory in the body. You may not be consciously aware of such memories but they are there and the supportive alchemy of March has gifted us with a greater awareness around deep seated separation beliefs that are held within the consciousness of the cells. Separation from the Light and from Love.

Meanwhile don't get discouraged if you've been healthy all this time, I'm certain you will have your health challenges when it's exactly right for your body. The theme I have been discussing crescendoed over the last three weeks creating a majority of vibration for the collective. The opportunity for divine right timing will be different for many but I assure you all will move in tandem with the higher vibrational energies when you are absolutely ready. Addressing subconscious beliefs anywhere in our Being means rebuilding and reconstruction is going to take place, just trust that your Higher Self will place you in the arena of healing when it is exactly right for you.

Celebrate the subatomic renovation that is occurring. It's getting us ready to be the harmonic balls of holiness that April promises. And drink lots of water, water, water! As each phase moves through us, the vibration and the themes build upon each other. We are clearing the Soul's earth vehicle of accumulated junk energy so that the body can run newfound energy and freedoms with stupendous momentum. Don't be surprised to come out the other side of this Attained Shift feeling jazzed up, pumped and ready to lead your material world from clear, fortified foundational protocols that take you to new places of experience.

Love feeling a soul-filled biology once again,

Rev. Angela


* today's prayer composed by Ernest Holmes.

There is One Life, that Life is God, that Life is perfect, that Life is my life now.
My body is a manifestation of the living Spirit. It is created and sustained by the
One Presence and One Power. That Power is flowing in and through me now,
animating every organ, every action, and every function of my physical being.
There is perfect circulation, perfect assimilation, and perfect elimination. There
is no congestion, no confusion, and no inaction. I am One with the infinite rhythm
of  Life which flows through me in love, in harmony, and in peace. There is no
fear, no doubt, and no uncertainty in my mind. I am letting that Life which is perfect
flow through me. It is my life now. There is One Life, that Life is God, that Life is
perfect, that Life is my life now.



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Rev. Angela Peregoff

Reverend Angela Peregoff  is an ordained minister of Religious Science and is currently the director and program coordinator at The Center for Mindful Studies.  She has been professionally empowering and inspiring others to evolve and create consciously since 1993.  Her mission and purpose is simply to raise people's consciousness so they may experience joyful living at its best.


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