The Week Ahead: Did You Get Your Treat From The Cosmos?

This new millennium requires extending our present limited horizons of mind, heart and imagination, as well as expanding our social and religious boundaries. To live with new horizons means constantly stretching our hopes and hearts as far as possible - and then gradually and progressively taking them even beyond those limits. ~ Edward Hays. 

Rounding the corner on October and heading into November with a renewed sense of who we are and what we are accomplishing during this time puts us into a week where we will be best served by relaxing into the call of our own authenticity as new aspects of the Eternal Greatness that we are lands here and shows itself in tangible outward manifestations. We have entered a time where the Divine is now invited to open us up to greater capacity; to broader vistas of empowerment psychologically, physically, and spiritually. Through the New living field the Soul is now anchoring into Life and transmitting through an upgraded biological template of form. This week can be an extremely powerful portal for claiming, or begin using, your Right Identity.

The cosmos have induced Gaia (earth) with enough Light and magnetic pulses to permanently change her grid system (similar to our auras) and thus her entire climate of consciousness. As part of the Earth kingdom it means that we are being assimilated into a sacred inductance. We are electromagnetic beings that are being overlaid by a larger magnetic field of resonance, thus a transfer of energy is taking place. This exchange of energy is actually a form of communication that is posturing the human kingdom with enlightenment consciousness and Soul sustainability. Without this exchange we are destined to continue having a counterfeit and discordant relationship to all of life.

Being alive with Gaia at this transition time is of your design. You and I wanted to be part of the coalition that would receive, transmit, and transform matter from the old structures of separation and duality into the fluidity of unified Light, into the deepest current of aliveness, and into the joy of creation as the Maker. We are here to bring the Soul back into right relationship with physical form. We are no longer going to carry the burden of having an inappropriate and inaccurate experience to life. We came knowing we would take whatever actions were necessary to move the mind and ego out of their comfortable, though inappropriate positions in our lives.

November is going to be about change. Change not only in the air but as a vibratory dynamic that is permeating your entire experience of existence. For the next week or so I want you to open to the consideration of the energetic undulation that is uplifting our intricate communal web of life. Now is the time to learn how to shift with your planet and solar system. Get excited about harmonizing with the massive network of Light fibers, magnetic pulses, and electric surges that are organizing the theme of "living in balance from the heart". It is time to take our place in the natural, organic Divine ordering of life and awaken with our universe. Begin this week learning how. Send out the intention that you are available to the knowledge that Gaia and the cosmos are sending to us through shifting frequencies. Send out and broadcast the signature of your Higher Self/Soul so that you can reference the world from its Newest stance. Naturally radiate from your truest vibrant Self bringing your gifts and purpose spilling over into your environment to enhance the well-being of all life forms.

Speak to recognizing and letting go of what is hard, so that you can give yourself the inner space and fresh air needed to totally break free of limiting and oppressive molds. Holding back from the new and resisting the crumbling of what is stifling and old will only intensify your pain, emptiness, loneliness and emotional reactivness. Every single experience and circumstance you find yourself in must now stand as a testament to this living field of wholeness. From now on you will be asked to examine your personal responsibility to all that you create and participate in, minus any and all excuses. The Bigger Picture is where you are living and designing from all the time. For fulfillment and completion this time around you must blend the mystical and the mundane, making it look easy while reaping the rewards too.

To maintain an inner harmony and vitality that moves you effortlessly and smoothly through the adaptive transference schedule in some quiet time each day, sit in stillness, connect with your I AM Presence through an open heart and intend, invoke and invite the remembrance of all that you are and all that you committed to before you willingly descended into the finite aspect of God. Delight in the saturation of the Remembrance - let it wash through every cell of your Being. Bend your ear to your heart and follow the Soul's voice as it guides you towards that which is reaching for you. Listen and relax as the whisper affirms that you are God formed and decorated with personality and ego. You are precious beyond mortal understanding, no matter what you have been told or you have told yourself.

Your heart and Soul have known for a long time that you would be shifting chemistry and frequency to bring a new paradigm of Living Light to Earth. As you become masterful with the expansion and anchoring you will begin to live the vibratory interdimensional anomalies that are the coalescence of your new totality. Smile and let them flow in and out of you and honor all that you have become.

You are the elegance of graceful change taking its proper place in the universe!

I'm so glad I hitched a ride on the same planet as you my friends - be well and have fun with the adventure this week,

Rev. Angela


The beauty of Oneness command my attention this morning. The unstoppable
intent of this optimistic and uplifting tone charms me into an awareness centered
on Spirit and how Its expression is disguised in all. I sense the truth that there is
only this one Spirit flowing from one Creator throughout one Universe. If the
world runs on the fuel of self-fulfilling prophecies I charge my day with the
transformative alchemy that I am one with the evolution of creation. I am one
with Life, one with Spirit, adoringly united with a Creator that always receives
me fully and intimately. There has never been a separation between us, ever!
I am the divine bosom of Eternity crafting Its talents in this finite and temporal
place of achievement.

As fear arises throughout my days I turn and face it knowing it is illusion. I
grab it by the jowls and squeeze until I get its full attention, not afraid to look at
it face to face.  I realize that the tough spots are made for me to  b-r-e-a-t-h-e  deeper
and more from my center place, my heart light, a place where fear cannot dwell. Every
vibration of struggle, fear, or  lack within me are gathering from the depths of my
subjectivity and being brought up through the hidden mystery of darkness to be
washed clean by the most beautiful love filled light. My faith is strong so I am able
to let fear pass from me revealing personal satisfaction, happiness, enlightenment,
accomplishment, and goodness. Fear is a timeless teacher that lends itself to a shiny
future. Each time I find fear knocking on my door I use it as the tool of light it was
birthed to be.

Transmuting fear teaches alchemy and I thank Spirit for these insights and constant
Presence in my life. Gratefully I accept the love and support I feel in these words and
know beyond all doubt the Truth they contain. Knowing they are sure to manifest, I
release these words to the creative flow of the one Mind. And so it is. Amen.



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Rev. Angela Peregoff

Reverend Angela Peregoff  is an ordained minister of Religious Science and is currently the director and program coordinator at The Center for Mindful Studies.  She has been professionally empowering and inspiring others to evolve and create consciously since 1993.  Her mission and purpose is simply to raise people's consciousness so they may experience joyful living at its best.


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