The Week Ahead: Filling the Void

When a beginner knows what he needs, he proves more intelligent than an absent-minded sage. ~ Lao Tzu

These are no ordinary times. We continue to hurdle through this evolving Universe of ours leaping into new (Earth) consciousness even when faced with complex and challenging changes. We are actively addressing creating new ways to live as we continue to detach from former limitations. Day by day the stark contrast between emerging truths and perceived reality becomes clearer as a restoration of Wholeness takes place in our domain. Reliance upon strong codes of ethics, accountability and stewardship toward community are replacing our fascination with saviors, dependency and quick fixes.

One of your waiting Valentines from the cosmos arrives later this week (2/11). It is a shot of energy that supports letting go of your limiting arguments that restrict positive change while simultaneously strengthening you're commitment to implement necessary change. Remember 2011 is about "Belonging to the Self" so you will be given cosmic energetic support to do just that. You are ready to recover the higher codes of intelligence that are landing in your crown chakra, ready to follow the inflow of communication between cosmic understanding and your human mind.

Starting with the recent Chinese New Year (Feb. 3rd) your newest Divine Feminine components will begin to spin and bring activity into your system through the crown chakra. This means you can get ready for supra-frequency oscillations in and around the head area. Headaches, spaciness, sleepiness, or its counterpart - sleeplessness, flashes of psychic insight, and perhaps the most exciting of all (ha ha) volleying between emotional ups and downs. If you experience attitudinal ups and downs it may help you understand that the ups and downs are simply a consequence of the magnetic Dark Void frequencies attempting to settle further down into the other chakras and meeting resistance, or karmic wounding. While that knowledge doesn't fix the synergistic integration it does let you know there is a cosmic reason for the chaos. Don't believe me? Look at the bigger global picture of what is taking place in Egypt. They have been feeling the same influences.

The reason for the physical symptoms associated with sleep and headaches is the recalibration needed to accomplish this shift into a new gravity orientation. It has also created a temporary slow-down effect. Higher consciousness is slower. It vibrates faster but moves slower. Lower consciousness vibrates more slowly and seems to move very quickly through time and space. So right now we have this tension between the old slow vibrating reality wanting something to happen now, and the new higher vibrating stellar, solar, and cosmic reality that is asking us to become accustomed to the Big Shift that we are experiencing.

After the integration you will begin to think and perceive at a different frequency. You will start to live at a different frequency. Slower and more peaceful and with less drama but more depth and intimacy and fun and love and abundance. You will anchor into the multi-dimensional experience of Being here on planet earth, clothed in the Lightbody and radiating this through into the physical realms. You will begin to fully align our mental/emotional body with the spiritual I AM presence until your physical being is a pure extension of our Soul.       

Since you will have the benefit of some newly activated circuitry you'll find there will be golden opportunities for forward progress and change if you will quiet your mind to pray and/or meditate this month. The harmonic tones of the Soul and its magnetic codes of ancient wisdom are in the initial phase of coming into your chakra system. Now is a good time to seek answers from your Higher Guidance I AM self and receive those flashes of psychic insight I just mentioned. Be proactive and get to the business of writing down that which has been puzzling, confusing and unrevealed. Take your ponderings into the sacred space of prayer and meditation so that they can be clearly received by the "you" that knows all. 

For as you reach out to Divine Source it opens a portal of healing that becomes the entry point for the Soul's platform of behavior and action here. When you seek inner guidance on what needs to leave and what needs to grow it is also important to put forth the effort to attract the answers that will bring you the feelings, the thoughts, the urges that are the communication between your mind/body and your Soul. How to do that? Use the law of attraction. By putting into thought a definitive question or need and holding it there while you are quiet. Your need is attraction. Your question is attraction. Your request for assistance is attraction. Then - be quiet and listen, feel, accept the knowing that comes. And finally, lead in the direction of your knowing!

For those souls living on the leading edge - that would be you and me - it is getting almost impossible to find guidance from external sources. Collectively we are regaining the kind of consciousness we embodied in Lemuria and Mu. During those time periods on earth humans lived in an awakened state of consciousness. We understood how to be unique and the same while immersed in a human incarnation. So really there is nothing new to learn, you just have to remember what you innately already know.

The way we are doing ascension differently this time (as I understand it) is by evolving to the point where our physical bodies can carry the light of Oneness as a planetary consciousness.Yes, in Lemuria and Mu we lived at higher states of consciousness and harmony with Gaia (the earth), but we were not a planetary consciousness of unity and we weren't holding consciousness in matter - bodies. This time around we are evolving our precious lights of Divine Consciousness to ascend matter and embrace the planet as One as we pass into the ascension gateway of 2012. These components are what make this ascension mission so important - we have never done it this way before! That is also why from now until 2012 we will gain the wisdom of the Templars, Druids, Olmecs, Indigenous Shaman, Mayans, Hopi, Essenes, Egyptian, Atlantean Enochians, Thothians, Mu, Angels, etc. All ancient knowledge is being recovered in order to ensure success.

We are all destined to be drawn into mystic awareness. Many of us already are, driven by our inner desire for Universal Truth and the perfection of First Cause. We want, really want the energy of "home", of well-being and harmony here. So we are currently involved in a great recovery project and I am going to suggest that the best way you can lift Gaia into a new healing sphere is to sit in a quiet place and surrender yourself to the Divine Light. A master of Light knows that in the silence of their heart they will hear the truest voice that will guide them to the highest path. They trust that every need will be met and every desire will manifest into material form to support their life on Earth.

We are intrinsically designed to thrive on planet earth and to experience joy through fun, ease, and creativity. It means you must trust your desires and choices as they lead you forward, knowing that there are no "right" or "wrong" choices, only possibilities that lead to new choices and new experiences of Light. Please take this week to reflect and meditate so that the spark from your Soul can expand and be HERE in ways that it hasn't had the chance to be for thousands and thousands and thousands of years.

Allow yourself to be surprised and enchanted by the gifts of Self this week and feel gratitude for all that flows through you in new ways,

Rev. Angela


There is a partnership that goes out and expands all that is universally present. It began with
the original seeding upon great first golden notes from the hemisphere of creation and
continues now orchestrating a vivid new embodiment of  life on Earth. It's perfection is
dispersed into every wave and molecule of  form. Its sense of Divinity settles in the vessel of
my own being and prepares for a return of  Paradise. Thus this Spark learns about itself and
the New invited energy inside creation happening now.

Being totally immersed in foundationing of order, light, love, truth and union in human
consciousness I walk this day in grace. It is my intention to bring forth these creative and
causative effects in the world. To experience them, to share them, to support them, to
invigorate them, to incorporate them, to anchor through them, to honor them, and to deepen
their capacity in this place of earth. I recognize the upheaval and change in the world as
necessary for the collective evolution. I don't have to worry about how it looks! I claim my
personal power and soul expression during this time of transition; it  has served others so
beautifully and perfectly in times past and there is nothing It cannot accomplish. I bless my life
and world. I hold steadfastly to the awareness that this is an amazing opportunity in our lives to
integrate the consciousness of life with creation in the experience of our own hearts so that we
begin to feel it beating at One with everything. I am filled with joy knowing that right now our
life is intentioned in that mode of operation because we have come to embody that realization
in ourselves, in the earth, in the context of all time, and in the experience of all beings,
simultaneously. And  that's not only a gift, it's a revelation!

Yes, I am filled with the power of Life and Its essential wisdom and I am grateful. I accept
standing on the brink of a New reality and evolving in an accelerated manner. I accept that it is
all happening in a consolidating way and brings countless blessings. I dare to align with
the coming together of ages. Thank you Creative Power for your presence in my consciousness
and your inspiration in my life. As I have spoken so it is in life. Amen.



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Rev. Angela Peregoff

Reverend Angela Peregoff  is an ordained minister of Religious Science and is currently the director and program coordinator at The Center for Mindful Studies.  She has been professionally empowering and inspiring others to evolve and create consciously since 1993.  Her mission and purpose is simply to raise people's consciousness so they may experience joyful living at its best.


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