The Week Ahead: First Days of May

No life is so hard that you can't make it easier by the way you take it. ~ Ellen Glasgow

May 2011 arrives with a bundle of energy that may snarl any plans you have for peace, harmony, beauty and elegance as the cosmos will be rolling up its sleeves to feverishly attempt to put into play any initiations you might have missed during April. Consciousness levels are alive, awake and running in high gear so the Light will demand that you take responsibility for, among other things, healing your karmic, ancestral and soul lineage.  For many this task may seem difficult and confusing but you are on old Soul who has a connection to your inner voice and higher Self so you understand the mission during this time.

Those who are confused have perhaps found safety and predictability in the old ways that create levels, hierarchies, and circumstances that can be predictable, even though it is predictability with pain. So now comes a time when the option for pain, as long as it comes from pain and hierarchy, seems less desirable. It's hard to imagine that pain itself is desirable, but it is an aspect of predictability. And in the past, people have sometimes thought of pain as a friend because it was predictable and therefore it can be planned for in some way.

This and more is continuing to fall away. The struggle within an individual to maintain some outer image or persona will slip away as well. In this current year of growth the true personality is emerging and finding support. People you've known for years, some perhaps well and some not-so-well, will be startled and pleasantly surprised to see the real You, and you are going to have fun displaying it! So much hurt has been caused by holding true essence characteristics within while struggling to FIT into circumstances and experiences that were not natural for you.

If you feel unsettled it is most likely residual fallout from our recent recovery cycle (the time since the Spring Equinox) in which we have been dumping the paradigms of fear and struggle. While you can know the process is Divinely working and that you are regaining spiritual aspects that have been dormant for thousands of years it doesn't make the release of past programming any less emotional in our lower chakra centers. Remain patient as you go through these first days of May.

I am not advising ignoring, avoiding or repressing any discomfort you feel. Don't feel you must build huge dams and try to stop anything. Rather try to live on the higher ground of dissolving the resistance to the discomfort. Use your intuition as well as your intellect and instincts to unite conscious presence and 5D neutrality. The key is to not get caught in the psychic net of worries when the Universe throws your plans and goals into a higher lesson of learning. Find the option for growth and let go of any lower-self attachments.

If you feel the Truth of situations are never revealed to you and that you never get cosmic signals then it is time to give up that belief, particularly during May. Your task is to honor yourself and affirm that you no longer have to carry the burden of "not trusting and not knowing" because we are receiving the internal wiring that insures being able to see through illusion. Your only responsibility is to align with an upgraded Soul energy that is now available and to figure out how it is communicating with you.

Consciously exercise "observance" (conscious presence) and be open to how things will turn out (5D neutrality). Let yourself feel the freedom of Truth coming up from within you. When shockwaves or uncertainty appear focus on inner-strength. Don't fight with the negative pursuits. Remember it's not about struggle and strife any longer. We can't do that when it no longer has any relevance. The empowerment now comes when we allow the Grace of Creation to assist us. (Remember Friday's Morning Blessing?)

It would be a good idea this week to take some time perhaps during a nature trek to reflect on the gains and losses, ups and downs, of the last 4+ weeks. Bring some spiritual perspective to those subjects that are not allowing inner peace. Figure out how to best mediate duality? What are the practices that allow you to live from new spiritual ambitions and purposes yet make decisions from a logically reinforced 3D perspective?

Use any restless energy as a constructive force that accomplishes what your heart and soul choose despite the evidence of the illusion of your physical reality. Create and move into new behaviors. As you do so you'll find that there is a decrease in the problematic behaviors you had in the past. A problematic behavior is the inability to change. It is an inability to evolve, or great difficulty doing so. It is usually the places where you feel "stuck". Actions through new behaviors are the path that takes you in new directions for May.

The guides are also offering the suggestion to use rose flower essences to shatter any over-shadowing energetic effects. Specifically they are naming the Perelandra Rose collection. These essences are encoded with a natural connection to Life Force and will promote your resonance to Truth and Highest Good which solidifies your vision to "see through illusion." (Just muscle test each day for which rose essence will you serve your soul.) They will move you to a more powerful level of Self-Realization. A level that will allow you to go the distance in a new ebb and flow of expression.

Connect to your inner knowing as you are moving into May - create gentle days this week and examine any details that spontaneously arise in your material life. While you can certainly acknowledge the complexities of the current phase, the more important matter is for you to realize yourself beyond complexities. In other words, you are much more than what you experience. While anyone can react to complexities (dramas), and many do, it takes a mature spiritual aspirant to know that you can - and will - master this amazing roller coaster ride.

I call the front car!!!

Rev. Angela


The answer to everything is contained within Spirit. This spirit is the
infinite source of all intelligence, all love, all wisdom, all power,
all forgiveness...whatever the need, Spirit is the source. And with that
source, I am intimately at One. I know that whatever my need is,
regardless of how long that need has existed, its answer is within.
Within me, within my consciousness, within the divine spark of Spirit
that I am, is the light of my life and the cause of my very being.

I now declare my readiness to understand, to know, to fully realize that
all Truth is at hand: it is present, within me, here and now. I may be
pointed towards it by overhearing a chance word, reading just the right
passage, or a gentle or sudden sense of understanding. I am ready to open
my heart and my life to this illuminated Presence and accept it totally.

Nothing is ever set in stone; everything is fluid. The past and all of
its old choices do not matter; it is this moment in which I cocreate my
tomorrow. I set about doing it from a clear understanding that the
truth, if not immediately apparent, is there for the accepting. I begin to
see my own life as a fluid work in progress, easily molded to fit my new
expanded alignment. I don't have to remain ignorant or suffer to get it;
I don't have to have "life lessons" happen; I simply wake up and know
the truth that is revealing itself. 

I give my thanks for the immediacy and perfection of the spiritual laws
that work upon belief and feeling with such precision; I give thanks for
the ultimate love of this universe that rushes to fulfill my every need.
I gratefully accept my good and know that it can only prosper all life;
I accept my new consciousness, knowing it only awakens all life, and I
accept that whatever I need, whatever the form, it is to be found in
Spirit. And so it is.



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Rev. Angela Peregoff

Reverend Angela Peregoff  is an ordained minister of Religious Science and is currently the director and program coordinator at The Center for Mindful Studies.  She has been professionally empowering and inspiring others to evolve and create consciously since 1993.  Her mission and purpose is simply to raise people's consciousness so they may experience joyful living at its best.


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