The Week Ahead: Getting To The Root

We are not here just to survive and live long - we are here to live and know Life in its multi-dimensions, to know Life in its richness, in all its variety. And when a soul lives multi-dimensionally, explores all possibilities available, never shrinks back from a challenge, goes, rushes to it, welcomes it, rises to the occasion then life becomes a flame - life blooms. ~ Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh

Don't despair if life appears to be rather wacky, crazy, and bizarre as we spiral into the transfiguring energetic templates of October. We are about to enter a time/space of adventure filled to the brim with new possibilities, new connections, and new ways of being as Self-sufficient and Powerful. The month of October is filled with potent positive vibrations. We have not been anchored with the intensity of this much personal-power potentiality for nearly a year. This is your month to go for the gold and start those new endeavors that have been swirling in your mind and heart.

Until the 15th there will be lots of support from the elemental nature of Universality. Fire, Air, Water and Earth are aligning in more of an encompassing manner to stabilize your Inner Core Self as it expresses into the world at large. Any desire to develop new skills for creative streams of income; cravings to be more spiritually disciplined or wishes for codes to pop that will unleash aspects that are individually unique to you could happen this month.

It is during this cosmic infusion and organization that will your inner core and biology will be rearranging and transforming itself. The soul self is taking you through the steps of your daily existence now and you had better get accustomed to consciously committing to the different paths, different directions, different levels of sameness, and different views it has to offer. It will be offering the pieces and parts of your wholeness that are full circuitry of your Divine nature.

The gentlest way for you to gain optimal benefit from Gaia's October process is to sit in a space of sacredness with the vibrational frequencies of love and forgiveness for a short time each morning or evening. Sit quietly in meditation with the intention of knowing unconditional love, compassion and forgiveness. Focus on the energetic region of your heart chakra. If you are practiced and quiet enough, you will notice each attribute as it appears to identify itself and merge with you. Remember frequencies communicating themselves come as sensations of feeling or as imagery. They come in response to your intentions, your willingness to receive, and the sacredness through which you honor the process.

Gaia is transitioning into higher aspects of wholeness. This is part of the marvel that we are labeling as 10-10-10. She is taking the opportunities that come with passing through some non-physical dimensions. The portal will open her (and you if you desire) to greater cosmic awareness of Self. This awareness is going to induce another layer of active multi-dimensionality and authority. Generosity, abundance and manifestation of Self-love, Self-respect, Self-regard and Self-sufficiency are the universal gifting. Morph with her by intending each day to be your own spiritual authority and claim your right to have your unique opinions, positions, and expressions. Isn't it time to improve the quality of your earthly human incarnation?

I know some will be a bit unsteady as Gaia spins with a brighter magnificence and spiritual congruency. The guides offer you balance with a reminder to use your root chakra. Open and sink into the planet for choices that led into greater expansion. Imagine a healthy bulb of energy that is vibrantly alive and exchanging energy with Gaia. Feel your wholeness and intend that you are closing off the lower dimensions that no longer serve. Anything that is not in allegiance to the call of duty to the Soul is now dissolving and disappearing from your reality. In its place the fields and attitudes of compassion, unconditional love and joy will anchor.

As the month progresses and as your ability to see things from the grander vistas of Spirit continually pushes you back into correct alignment with the Inner Core of self you will undoubtedly be put off with those wanting to hang out with the ornery vibes associated with inauthenticity, falsehood, control or suppression. It may be supportive to remember that our newest paradigm of body-mind-spirit coordination is still shattering the old ego structures within the human kingdom. Be compassionate, be removed from the experience - and remember that the separation and lost-ness inherently felt during this process is not fun and many times just downright painful.

As we reach the second half of the month you may not clearly be able to connect to what is exchanging at a conscious mental level, although you will feel the direct impact to your Being at the deeper energetic levels. However, the immensity of what is currently happening is emotionally apparent to us, and we can feel that we are standing at the cusp of something so vast we cannot even comprehend the scope of what it is.

All of our frameworks, structures, organizations, rules and limitations are dissolving and a higher co-creation of new more flexible, fluid, and expansive structures, frameworks, organizations, and ways of doing things that are self regulating and self responsible so that the highest good for all prevails are manifesting.  All that has kept us separate - in dualistic mindset - is healing and divine radiation sparks are flying up in every direction. This adds to our sense of energetic choppiness (muti-dimensionality) and feeling like we are here and not here simultaneously.

Physically there could be a lot of pressure in the backs of the chakras.Use the love and forgiveness meditation to heal and strengthen this component. The back side of the chakras relates to the unconscious self - it is often where we store our unconscious truths. This side is ruled by the limitlessness of alternative realities and regulates our extended realities. Energy traveling through the back of the chakras contains information about our past lives; imprints from past or alternative decisions, needs, and life experiences. This is where we communicate with spiritual/cross-dimensional beings and energies. As we become multi-dimensional we will heal through the back of chakras by allowing the intangible world to change reality for us.

Rushes of energy in the legs and lower body may also take place as the higher dimensional frequencies travel down your system settling into the 1st chakra and then into the planet. Pay attention - signals that this chakra is overflowing with excessive energy include becoming egotistic, domineering, greedy, or sexually charged. If any of these become an issue then schedule some conscious time to ground, ground, and ground! As I've already mentioned it is very important to focus on being grounded and in your body this month. For those needing a suggestion - each evening before you go to bed visualize a vibrant red cord between your physical and energetic bodies to help you find the higher options for any physical, mental and emotional initiations you may encounter. The practice of grounded-ness will serve to activate many dormant spiritual skills within, including expanded psychic insight and telekinetic powers. It's also important to use your time wisely and attempt to be creative whenever you can. The animal totem for the root chakra transfiguration is the prosperity frog and your mantra is "I am the manifestation of a soul's dreams and desires; a brilliant flame, anchored in the light of Christ Consciousness!"

The balance of authentic power and Self-sufficiency brings self-mastery, unlimited physical energy and a sense of being fully alive. Remember you are taking the human biology and spirit to the level it was ordained to be. Try not to identify with the pain of its transformation, instead stay awake and present through the alchemy. Understanding it as a necessary component of change makes it much easier.

It is similar to undergoing the dark night of the soul in that staying as an observer and awake to its potentials reconfigures the pain that has been held. When you identify with the pain or indulge in its emotional depths, it will amplify the vibration considerably. We were born and genetically bred into a system, a structure that promotes "anti-life" force. That is now resurrecting to be a sustaining "eternal life" force. As conscious souls we are being given the tools to get through the transition as gently as possible. Stay clear and use them, now, in order to survive and stay integrated.

From now until the end of the year there will be a quickening forward movement into uncharted areas of ourselves. As we have died to the old order, we have gone through a completion of lifestyle. A small group of earthlings (you included) are beginning to settle in new territories - and while it has been somewhat stressful - it feels good, right and in alignment. This hybrid tribe moving forward can feel the difference of the energetic flow as it is effortlessly opening doors that reveal the clarity we have been asking for on our journey and path.

Celebrate October in all its rocking and rollin' for it brings in the newer ways of living that will feel much more supportive. You are in Divine alignment while skyrocketing through despairing chaos so stay flexible, adaptable and neutral as much as possible. The drama, mire and melancholy of the collective are just the cries of forgetfulness. The truth is that something amazing is happening. Eternal Spirit, the Infinite Giver, the One Presence, Divine Consciousness, the Beloved I AM  . . . is swooping in and stepping out into a world that would be unimaginably incomplete without IT. 

Keep breathing and stay in your root, taking one small step at a time,

Rev. Angela


There is one Mind, One Intelligence that effortlessly creates all there is
out of Itself.  As one unique precious aspect of the God I Am taking form
I sense a great pulsation of celebration as all consciousness begins to
recognize what is occurring within the whole. Waves of joy and delight wash
upon humanity as they awaken to the great truth that they are indeed Divine.
Many, many souls are living this new Self-pronouncement of Truth causing
the emergence of a right and perfect God-Life to be fulfilled in this place.
I know the only true thing I will take with me when I leave this planet is the
spiritual soul growth I have accomplished during this life. Because of this
I remain on purpose with the Intelligence of the Universe. I accept the
responsibility of creating a soul-valued, spirit-aware life by means of the
eternal and immutable laws that produce the physical setting of all I believe.
I use the life affirming art of intention to bring me the juiciness of living in
harmony and at peace with all that I create, build, and materialize. I am blessed
by perfect health, unlimited wealth, all encompassing love, and achieved
successes. The power of God's next Great Work awaits within. I am honored
to be Its guardian and apprentice.
Knowing we only have to ask and it shall be given -- I rejoice. I let this
revelation point the way to wholeness in every area of my living and I give
thanks that the Universe is a divine essence filled with the purity of Truth
making my word so. So it is done, and so it is. Amen.



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Rev. Angela Peregoff

Reverend Angela Peregoff  is an ordained minister of Religious Science and is currently the director and program coordinator at The Center for Mindful Studies.  She has been professionally empowering and inspiring others to evolve and create consciously since 1993.  Her mission and purpose is simply to raise people's consciousness so they may experience joyful living at its best.


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