The Week Ahead: Grateful for November Changes

Live for Adventure, Love all who you meet, Laugh as often as you can, seek Harmony in all, proceed with logic, revel in good virtues, perceive with optimism, revere all that is nature, feel all that is spiritual. ~ Rev. Angela  

This week brings a noticeable shift in mood and tone as we step in time to a Sagittarian cosmic beat. The solar entry to the ninth sign of the zodiac (tomorrow) will illuminate your happy-go-lucky, philosophical and mind-expanding aspects as well as keep you buoyant even when setbacks try to quash your enthusiasm. Yes, transformative energy still moves on but there is no cosmic reason why this week would cause you to lose momentum.

As you have been doing your homework (consciously deepening your Soul/Spirit connection) the pitch of your planetary vibration has been busy doubling and tripling, and your light body is truly beginning to spin. Some of you are learning what it means to become "galactic-ized"; a re-orientation to rapid change or movement which causes you to feel as though you are barely moving at all when everything else appears to be transiting and occurring very quickly. In ancient days we could hold this state of consciousness within the safety of a temple or mystery school. Today we walk around exposed to the masses and the world at large without the protection of walls, our mentors, or master teachers. Therefore, it is very important to care for yourself during your personal cycles of invigorating change. If you are feeling out of touch with reality it is one clue that you are serving 5D opportunities presently being made available to Gaia.

Powering up the new multi-faceted You in this next energetic cycle is going to be all about adventure and change, occurring from a place of inner security; stay open to events and don't hesitate to explore all that is presented to you. If you can remain in a free-flowing stance the Universe can introduce multiple elements that will move you to change and insight more easily. Knowing that there is a reason for EVERY circumstance and event that happens to you is essential at this time for your Soul is teaching you on a moment-by-moment basis. Be not deceived - every stream of thought, each emotional side-track, every episode of darkness is orchestrated by the Soul as a teachable event. During the times when life begins to feel overwhelming and fear wants to take over bring your conscious mind back to the truth of your current soul teaching and ask, "What is here for me?" "What am I to learn?" Breakthroughs with physical challenges shift when you go into gratitude and thank the body temple for revealing your unique areas of resistance.

The time is also right for getting past your dualistic nature. What do I mean by that? Well, it is about changing perspective. You can no longer hold on to beliefs and patterns that want to keep you less than our innate spiritual nature. Begin to accept yourself unconditionally and realize that by doing so you will be able to live your life purpose instead of waiting for it to come to you. One of the most powerful things you can do right now is to embrace what appears as mysterious to you. By doing so it will no longer be mysterious, confusing, or bewildering - it will be possibility! Remember, every experience teaches something, and possibility is what this year is all about. Between now and the coming New Year you want to uncover as much as possible about your humanness in order that more of your crystalline spiritual willpower can initiate your 2012 dynamic plans.

In addition, the rest of 2011 is asking you to willingly change your viewpoint about who and what you are. As a universal traveler you must be willing to come in off the street of surface thinking, to a new and unusual place in consciousness. Rather than clinging to what seems "old" and "familiar" now is the time to boldly reach for what truly excites you. You are about to soar to the highest heights, and know this - if you cannot get excited by passion and joy, your reality will be forced to excite you with anxiety and fear. Make no mistake about it - the times they are a'changin! You want to be expanding your consciousness, tapping into healing energies, and experimenting with all new potential that shows up.

To support us in this endeavor we will be given two mini-archetypal force alignments over the next three weeks or so. The first infusion comes in to balance your healthy male/God energy. This is happening now so you may feel more of your empowered, balanced male aspects surfacing. Consequently any unhealthy male pursuits you currently embody will also be highlighted so that you become aware of its presence and heal it. Then during the first couple of weeks in December the energy shifts and the female/Goddess aspects of Self receive support.

Later this week in the United States the holiday of Thanksgiving will be observed. It is traditionally a time when family and friends gather - with the male energies "up" during such a time you may notice that communication and boundary-setting become highlighted themes over the long weekend. The astro-psychic atmosphere is sending everyone into their individual perceived realities and so it is going to take extra communication to make certain that all are on the same page and participating in a similar reality (experience). Be aware that tempers may flair, tongues will wag, and manipulations will waft. Holding to your understanding that unhealthy male energy abounds as well as positive will earn you gold stars and keep you from leaping into territory that does not serve your evolutional purpose.

Be clear, compassionate, and anchored in Spirit and you should be able to avoid falling in any ancestral/DNA/family related black holes. Symptoms of Sacred Masculine energy not being assimilated may include feeling off center, ungrounding more than usual, being frantic to complete a large number of tasks immediately, feeling pulled off-track or noticing that you are in your head more than usual.

For those who might need a cliff note or two here are some attributes of Male energy: operates through the conscious, objective and rational state of mind. It is "what we know" and operates through the left side of the brain. Generates fear. Reflects the ego self, or physical nature. Looks to place blame externally. Is the intellect (as opposed to wisdom). Is personal (versus the impersonal female). Is selective (chooses). Is the effect end of "cause and effect". Is the focused energy that generates and impresses matter.

As you set forth into the week with a positive energetic message about creation you will add the vibration of peace, stability, and harmony to your environment. Be excited! Be amazed! Be comforted in the knowledge that YOU are part of a universal ascension that is returning a self-knowing Spirit (God) to earthly life.

Love and blessings as you continue the journey of rediscovering your healthy sacred male self,

Rev. Angela


Out of emptiness God has made the world, it exists in the heart of 
God alone. From this Great Void, love and joy came to visit the 
incarnate realm as Angela . I am Life recognizing Spirit
getting to know Itself. From the dynamic emptiness out of which all
are born I have come to herald the coming Age of Peace. 
Every moment of my life reflects the Divine Action of God. My heart
beats a radiant, creative, love-filled pulse of Thanksgiving as my life flows
smoothly and effortlessly. My days are outpourings of unconditional Divine
Magnificence expanding upon a blue-green jewel in the Milky Way called
Earth. I Am as God Is and so is every being that comes before me this day.
In that knowledge, my interactions with everyone today are harmonious, 
helping, and honorable. I move in Soul alignment with all that accomplished; 
there is no discord at work, home, school, or play. What a joy to live as the
teaching of Source.
I proclaim these words have a powerful effect on all people and being sanctioned
by the Law they manifest with spontaneity and celebration in this place. I thank
Spirit and the magnitude of Its illumination for the realization of all my desires.
It is all Spirit, in all ways every day. And so it is.



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Rev. Angela Peregoff

Reverend Angela Peregoff  is an ordained minister of Religious Science and is currently the director and program coordinator at The Center for Mindful Studies.  She has been professionally empowering and inspiring others to evolve and create consciously since 1993.  Her mission and purpose is simply to raise people's consciousness so they may experience joyful living at its best.


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