The Week Ahead: Holding Invisible Focus

"Because your world is going through changes, you all need to view things differently. You can t keep doing things the same way and expect that it will continue to work for you. Each of you are realizing that things are not working as you expect them to. So, go to the unexpected. Open up your perceptions to something new." - from a conversation with a neighbor's cat.

I know many of you have been feeling the onslaught of cosmic mischief-making over the last 21 days. The power to heal in a harmonious fashion all your Soul wounds may have been a bit overwhelming recently but relief is on the way. Beginning Wednesday we receive elemental planetary medicine that will allow us the vision to Trust that all change from this transformational year is happening for our benefit.

The sacred patterns or wheels of light that we observe as orbits of planets and stars have been coming rapidly and closer together - and so are our waves of being, as we grow closer to our essential selves. As the frequencies emanating from our galactic center ebb and flow through our planetary home it has ushered in energy that is illuminating a darkened world. Hopefully the conscious souls who read my column on a regular basis have remained aware and considerate of the ramped up energetic charge that has been building. Since July 20th it has been a no-nonsense time period in which you cannot afford to avoid, evade, or ignore anything that you are not pleased with in your life.

Remember the theme of 2012 is "Responsibility to Self" and this entire cycle is about developing more, further, higher, deeper and anchoring spiritual maturity and mastery on terra firma. The twisting and turning evolutionary road you are traveling down is complex in its simplicity. However, when it comes to anchoring the Soul/Spiritual Self there is an awful lot of conditioning to work through. Trekking across the greater depths of an earth incarnation when the ground is quaking beneath your feet and the walls and mirrors of your belief systems tumble, shatter and remake themselves before your eyes can make you ponder, "Now why did I want to journey here?"

Once you get past being labeled selfish by those not inside your shifting, you find that there is a way through so you keep going. Which brings us to the present moment! You have been turning once again to discover the universality within. Sometimes it leaves you wishing you could stop the journey, but it is a road you are destined to walk. It is a road every human eventually walks because in truth we are Spiritual knowledge and wisdom that is trying to import itself into physical consciousness.

With new energies now in place, a lot has been dislodged and relocated to a new residency. Remember, this is the last year to "unmake" you. Much pushing then is occurring. This can cause feelings of hyperventilation, squeezing, headaches, and an overall feeling of stress or lost-ness. With so much going on within and without, you can easily become overloaded. Rest is vitally important now, as well as saying "no" to much and being willing to stay simple. It's very common to have these feelings and symptoms during or right after a substantial shift of the energies. You receive an internal shake-up, are catapulted to a new level of vibration, and the outside reality no longer fits you.

The increasing awareness this week is on holding the creative tension between what you don't like with what you desire. My guides recently gave an energetic exercise which I posted to Face Book - I hope those who are tuned in there got it and have been using it since it is fairly easy. The premise is to travel back into childhood play in order to define yourself with the energies and opportunities that enable you to attract your desires using your imagination. Since the time-space matrix is dismantling we are becoming able to be in all times and all places of our choosing simultaneously. Imagination is the key that will unlock this new ability and asset.

When you were a child and life wasn't to your liking where did you go? Most likely you headed right for "let's pretend". You could escape into an adventurous role that entertained you carrying you into the feeling place that was better than your waking reality. Another childhood feat that we can use to our advantage this week is when as a child anything was possible. If you wanted a fort - it was done in a day! If you wanted a new room, you didn't spend time pondering floor plans and colors. Once you got mom's approval (which I'm certain you always got) you jumped in there and rearranged your room! When the creative inspiration hit us brought on by our inner Soul spark, apathy or boredom - we acted! And these same attributes from childhood are what will grant you the waking dream of your own devising.

We are constantly creating, even in our sleep, and our thoughts and motivations have substance. This week tap into childlike passion, creativity, and generosity to heal whatever special delivery cosmic karma is coming your way. Use this time of illumination to cultivate the dreams you have kept on hold so far this year. Create your own bedtime story when falling asleep, and with a little imagination and the magic of the Leo new moon, you might realize that you are actually alchemizing your very existence.

We are infinitely creative beings here to evoke the remembrance of desires we have kept deeply hidden in our hearts. The demands for truth and justice from your Soul are shifting the balance of your life big time. The great and powerful cosmic destroyer is here. Give it what is no longer serving you. Stretch yourself as much as possible in all areas of your life because this is a grand opportunity.

Be patient as things dismantle around you and then reformulate, and PRETEND WHEN IT GETS TO BE TOO MUCH!

Rev. Angela


There is one Mind, One Intelligence that effortlessly creates all there is out of Itself. As one unique precious aspect of the God I Am taking form I sense a great pulsation of celebration as all consciousness begins to recognize what is occurring within the whole. Waves of joy and delight wash upon humanity as they awaken to the great truth that they are indeed Divine. Many, many souls are living this new Self-pronouncement of Truth causing the emergence of a right and perfect God-Life to be fulfilled in this place.

I know the only true thing I will take with me when I leave this planet is the spiritual soul growth I have accomplished during this life. Because of this I remain on purpose with the Intelligence of the Universe. I accept the responsibility of creating a soul-valued, spirit-aware life by means of the eternal and immutable laws that produce the physical setting of all I believe. I use the life affirming art of intention to bring me the juiciness of living in harmony and at peace with all that I create, build, and materialize. I am blessed by perfect health, unlimited wealth, all encompassing love, and achieved successes. The power of God's next Greta Work awaits within. I am honored to be Its guardian and apprentice.

Knowing we only have to ask and it shall be given -- I rejoice. I let this revelation point the way to wholeness in every area of my living and I give thanks that the Universe is a divine essence filled with the purity of Truth making my word so. So it is done, and so it is. Amen.


zorro 13th August 2012 7:26 am

Soul Wounds?

Let's get out our Soul Wands.

DNA will act at call, I Wand.
(dnaW I llac ta tca lliw AND) (backward)

Who will ascend with "ramped up energetic charge that has been building..."?

He/She who D A N C E S with the flow.

A S C E N D = D A N C ES

grammanet 13th August 2012 8:28 am


Love & Light, Sanetha :)

COBALT 13th August 2012 11:37 am

In sync, and all I did was blink! :smitten:


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