The Week Ahead: Light Body Overtime

Belief systems are those inventions that you create to explain what you do not understand. Truths are unchanging. Reality is a truth, but your viewing of reality is a belief system. ~ Elias.

This is a week of golden opportunity mixing with sharp challenges. Adventure and change are the theme so be ready to experiment with flow and to depend on your instinctual spiritual Self as a guide when things don't feel quite right. As the cosmos stir and dance wildly over our heads conjuring prominent energy patterns of a higher psychic atmosphere we will need to find the balance point within that anchors the security to face any adventure or challenge. It's a good week to understand that as we transition further in our own Ascent of Realization we are not above being impatient, dismissive, short-tempered, frustrated and even stressed with those on our path that are modeling the old habitual ego-based conventional realm.

As we are pushed by a new euphoric boost of evolutionary consciousness - physically, mentally, emotionally - we will naturally be shocked, surprised, and agitated by the circumstances and relationships that still operate separate of their spiritual frequency. Because you have grown past the old paradigm approaches to living and are now moving forward quicker, faster, harder than ever before you may not have the tolerance for anything that is vibrating at a lower rate of awakening. Believe it or not, you are just being normal given our present position in the Bigger Cosmic Picture. Just persevere and do the best that you can each day - keep busy and accomplish the tasks before you even when Life throws out a curve ball.

A lot is happening through the invisible fields of existence which interplay with our personal bio-energetic instruments. As the Cosmic Convergence (October 28th) approaches we are readying ourselves to be in sync with the Whole of Creation as it takes a deep breath and breathes Itself into the next evolutionary stage of galactic and genetic advancement. It's time and Gaia, along with Pi (the next planetary host) will be moving UP the spiral to embody her fifth dimensional expression ... and so will those of us that are in alignment with her. As a Light Body you are turning on the DNA particles that are ready to translate the Unity/Christ Consciousness into Life. This activation plus the Soul transgressing deeper into the body has been creating quite intense physical symptoms. Remember for thousands of years you (as a spiritual being) have been "short" of the body. This next birthing of your Core Star Essence requires a different physical resonance in human form.

It is this rate of transmutation that is quickening your allegiance to your original Soul agenda. Before you incarnated you knew there would be "painstaking" consequences if you chose to be part of the Ascension program for planet Earth. If you find yourself unable to get through your days without relative ease then sharpen your five senses with the hidden truth behind and beneath the fiery triggers that are interrupting your flow. You may still be holding on to victim consciousness, intuitively hoping to heal it. Remember that shifting into an entire new way of being requires tenacity and an ability to continually hold the vision of the larger picture. Those on the leading edge are reaching for the falseness behind everything, including our own human-formed identity in order to reveal the individualized Divine Self hidden underneath.

The golden opportunities come when the outer world shoves us into the internal spaces of peace and solace. Having to retreat from the fear-based actions and agendas of others can connect us to the benevolent spirit of truth that resides within our hearts. If we are able to trust our own Inner Truth Center and communicate with it on a daily basis then we will develop a solid relationship with the new waves of feminine oracle energies that are now powerfully integrating into our realm. Using these newest forms of intelligence allow us to hone the skill of using intuitively guided reason. Inner inquiry is the stabilizer and life-enhancement tool that gives you the key to your individual progress.

The old masculine way of seeking answers from books, teachers, and DVDs (external experts) or pushing to make things happen has been released and now we are able to align with a vast new intense power that is all encompassing, receptive and simply draws to it whatever is needed. Rather than figuring out how to manipulate external forces and relationships we can now vibrate and empower "the end result" from our innermost selves. By attuning to the harmony energies of our own thoughts and hearts while inviting the wisdom of the feminine, receptive, vulnerable, psychic, intuitive energies in to support us in expansion we achieve never-before-seen results!

Accepting that we are now strengthened differently causes the rhythm of this new involution to spin faster and to open us to the spiritual abundance and inheritance that is ours. Using our atrophied talents in these incredible higher realms of reality we can merge with the clarity of our Soul expression be it verbal, written, or some form of creative art. Leaping ahead in vibration and evolutionary status always causes the master energies of inspiration and revelation to inform us about our lives so listen carefully.

And dare I remind us of the Angel tip that states: when one is consciously being responsible and intending towards new lands of consciousness, the force of awakening guarantees that its polar opposite will always be present. For instance if you are deepening your threshold of "acceptance," then you will also be in the presence of "judgment" or "resistance", or whatever the opposite might be. Don't forget and think you are sabotaging your journey and efforts. The higher you vibrate and the more Light you embody, the more intense the darkness appears. Knowing it will pass and that it is simply a part of your evolutionary process can soften things a bit.

By the end of the month you will have successfully navigated, each of us in our own small way, the challenges that ask you to reach out for more of your Internal potential. This new order of things brings your perspective to new levels of awareness and the possibility of better conditions for all, based on an understanding of the value "allowing" instead of trying to make things happen. The insight of simply being in the moment and trusting. The revelation that it is okay to let go in order to build all you desire/want.

So no emails and notes about stress and tension, self-doubt or depression striking along the shores of our psyches this week, ok? The energetic process that you are in has been perfectly designed to continually unfold wonderful states of heaven on earth. If daily pressures start to overwhelm remember to stand in the warm light of your own heart and then deliberately cultivate an upbeat demeanor! I promise it will deliver a renewed vigor,

Lovin these bold ventures of Spirit,

Rev. Angela


Kinship with the Divine is felt as I dissolve into a place of unity that contains
all the remnants of life. In this contemplative place of heart I touch the eternal
memory that there is only One Life. Here there is a primal affection for the
complete nature of God. With certainty of absolute union I baptize my
entire being in this well of origin welcoming the tenderness of Spirit's beauty.

In the sublime space where God and I are one, I ground and allow the sacred
divine signature of my soul to bathe in the silence of God. The ease with which
this is accomplished proves Spirit is ever near, and that the courtesy of the
universe is at my disposal. I no longer remain trapped in the mental frames of
self-reduction, or self-denunciation. Instead, I desire to celebrate the joy of
being the heir to the elegance and nobility of Spirit! A new being-ness is afoot,
and I live as a demonstration of what is coming. I am a Bright, Expansive Light
of radiance. My telepathic abilities amaze those around me. My embodiment of
cosmic law, universal principles, and multidimensional sensory perception merely
become the touch, flow, and force of a new me. I live being the New extraordinary
adventure of Divinity ripening into human genius. A New tactility of God that
fulfills the master plan of ascension and ultimate union. That state of elemental
Presence that is being reawakened and renewed in this interim world.

Dwelling in the tabernacle of the God's heart I celebrate being a greater force of
transfiguration during these times. How grateful I am to be the refinement of
Spirit's language of expression. Sending these words into the beautiful danger
of the Law wherein they manifest, I let it be done. And so it is.



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Rev. Angela Peregoff

Reverend Angela Peregoff  is an ordained minister of Religious Science and is currently the director and program coordinator at The Center for Mindful Studies.  She has been professionally empowering and inspiring others to evolve and create consciously since 1993.  Her mission and purpose is simply to raise people's consciousness so they may experience joyful living at its best.


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