The Week Ahead: Lower Self Ascending

Observe constantly that all things take place by change, and accustom thyself to consider that the nature of the Universe loves nothing so much as to change the things which are, and to make new things like them. ~ Marcus Aurelius.

The lion-like firepower of August softens somewhat as we enter the "Full Moon" (last Saturday) week. If you are intuitive enough, you may pick up on the bit of universal ease that flows in as the days progress. I gave you my monthly overview at the beginning of month and it was apparent that all Souls continue to live with the powerful energies of change and transformation from the three eclipses that recently transpired. These changes are a result of the effects of the Soul delving deeper into form.

The tumultuous assignment of awakening to your inherent "wholeness" while becoming aware of your Soul's unique preciousness and individuality are no longer a flaky universal whim. As the year prepares to swing into the last quarter the cosmos will be ratcheting up the Light quotient within the grids of our beloved Gaia (the being known to many as planet earth). Fortunately, or unfortunately, that leaves you as the recipient of various psychic jolts and electrifying shocks while the universe is in its eccentric mode with humanity. Not to worry. After all, you're the soul that jumped up and down with wild excitement when told that you would be here to anchor Harmony, Unity, and Oneness bringing in a new era of Unconditional Love, Joy, and Peace. And luckily you knew that I would be here also to offer explanations and assistance. So we're good all the way around, right?

There are presently many changes that are taking place within your energy field and within your physical body. July graced us with the opportunity to expand our cosmic awareness and anchor more power via a Soul presence in form. By the New Moon on July 15th most of us had pulled more soul essence into our bodies. The intense effect of this for the month of August means that we are transmitting and radiating more Spirit into the lower chakras and denser energy centers of our being.

Take a look at your challenges of late, are they related to a first, second, or third chakra function? If you research it you may discover that your current physical, emotional, mental or spiritual process is indeed a signal that your Divine Self is making room for the stronger tones of Spirit to take up full-time residence in these energy centers.

To counter balance any shake-ups or brouhahas this deepening is causing there is a natural bridging taking place between the second and fourth chakras - the sacrum and the heart. This new rewiring in your energetic system is the stabilizing force while you are being taken through the emotional field of the lower three chakra centers. This has meant that you have had to deal with "lower self" issues so don't be discouraged. Your assignment is to bring consciousness with a capital "C" into these areas that have been conscious barren. Remember though that the Divine is meticulous and so the entire process of deep clearing and purging is being supported by the wisdom and maturity of that 2nd and 4th charka bridge. Healing your latest pursuits with vitality, creativity, unconditional love and compassion.

Things happening in the body might be intense dreams, intense surges of energy from the waist down - especially in the legs, insomnia and exhaustion, loneliness or alone-ness, and feelings of futility. As the energy balances and is integrated it makes way for the higher spectrum feelings of joy and peace on a deep level, as well as an increased sense of "aliveness" and well-being as you enter the space of the New Living Field, or 5D. You might already be one of the ones experiencing impassioned feelings of bliss and joy as the lower chakras are cleared and align with the heart and the higher chakras that are the pathways of the Soul. In this way, body and soul are integrated at the heart center. Heaven and Earth unite, and your Divine inherent birthright once again claims its proper role as your expression on the Earth.

If the last couple of weeks have seemed unsettling you now understand why. You are in a readjustment cycle. The elemental fires of creation are giving you to capacity to run 100% of your energy transmissions under the aegis of the Soul. Some things you can do to ease the adjustment period is to take frequent time outs and utilize the New Moon energy for meditation, reflection, and soulful walks by a favorite river, lake, or ocean front. Safety and security themes are paramount in importance for the current territory that we are traversing. Journaling about your current fears and why you are afraid will help you release and soften and then Soul can show you that you are simply creating anew. And as long as you are journaling, desire and affirm that wisdom, full growth and maturation are anchoring in your lower aspects.

Focus healing energies on the back side of your energy field. The back of the chakras are about unconscious issues, and the roots of your current concerns stem from what you have stored in the unconscious self. Directing healing energies from the back also opens you to alternative realities and possibilities. For those feeling polarized by life you need the vision of seeing all possibilities. The back of the chakras contain all your denied feelings, awareness, powers, dreams, premonitions, and beliefs. The back hides repressed memories, unacknowledged knowledge, long held secrets, and unrealized desires. There is great power this month in working from the back to the front.

Use the playful energies in the lower chakras to have fun creating your new identity. Even when the entire human kingdom is rebirthing itself you can be playful and flowing, weaving your precious Light into the here and now to manifest and create the magical space of miracles and wonder for the times ahead. Always remember to be gentle and generous with yourself for you are the Avatar of Ascension that contains all within itself, being balanced and self-sufficient in the material realms.

And so, my friends, in this powerful solar month of deepening, I wish you joy and laughter and love in your journey of light,

Rev. Angela


In the living of God a spiritual truth of Oneness reveals itself. I realize
that all dominion of this One is within my company, and that I,
myself, am also the beholder of this invisible Presence and Power at work.
I watch how It moves me, travels out before me, and prepares my way
in this kingdom of Earth.

Today I gain a personal sense of God incarnated as mySelf. I am an
enlightened consciousness that is safe and secure with no need to
be concerned that I am not on a spiritual path, for the truth is that
everyplace whereon I stand at any given moment is holy ground.
I no longer postpone the mastering of my spiritual heights. My life
is a ministry of ascension restoring the lost years of my ignorance.
I expand out of the trials of mortality, out of fear and sin, out of the
imprisonment that there is no escape from the tribulations of humanness.
Regardless of how hard life can feel there is an Omnipresence at work.
This Messiah understands my aspiration to be authentically known.
It works silently on my behalf demonstrating great blessings everywhere.
It never leaves me or forsakes me, It is the Inner Truth Center that
touches my world with an expanding force. Every vision I have of Self,
every idea of identity, every emotion of the soul heart is the illumination
of the Absolute as Me.

In celebration of God as the only I AM and that I AM constituting the
individual being  I release these words into the Law to be fully realized
and attained now. By reason of the Oneness I know the purity of these
words will be divinely conceived. And so it is.  



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Rev. Angela Peregoff

Reverend Angela Peregoff  is an ordained minister of Religious Science and is currently the director and program coordinator at The Center for Mindful Studies.  She has been professionally empowering and inspiring others to evolve and create consciously since 1993.  Her mission and purpose is simply to raise people's consciousness so they may experience joyful living at its best.


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