The Week Ahead: Monumental Heart-Wave Production

The present is a necessary product of all the past, the necessary cause of all the future. ~ Robert G. Ingersoll.

It would be great to report that the Universe is now totally on your side and offering you carte blanche this week. However, this is not the case since October is asking us to find our direct relation to Inner Truth, Autonomy, and Spiritual Power. Like most of you, I will use this week to continue my faithful practice of being a hybrid seedling of Divinity that is actively neutralizing any shadow aspects that are surfacing for healing and resolution. I will also be mindful, as well you should, of slowing the tempo of life just a bit to more fully live and breathe inside the Newer dimensions of expression that are stabilizing our energetic divorce from being confined, tricked, or controlled to live beneath our true selves.

We are in a cosmic moment of great pressure and learning new skills as we alchemize the density of 3D. Our human design is being flushed and purged by a spiritualized galactic fire that is beyond any human awareness throughout all time. And the cycle that is moving us into the thousand years of peace has gained momentum so we are constantly being asked to quicken the disappearance of duality in order that we wake up to our Oneness with all Life. The daily intent to become Self-evident and one in heart and mind with God is in vogue. Those in the know are using focused awareness to harness their deep psychic forces and spirit-gifted abilities to move them beyond ordinary and into the vibrant new frequencies of light and life. The remaining days of October are perfect for living up to the inherent internal grand potentials you knew you were going to excavate this lifetime. How about joining the other Ascension Scouts in activating and unleashing them!

Give no power to the ever pressing collective mortal mind in its quest to keep you occupied with external limitations and concerns. Expand your Divine identity to show up in all human circumstances and experiences. Cease thinking with the old paradigm perceptions of fear and scarcity. You are capable of so-o-o-o-o much, and are supported by a cast of heavenly guides at every turn. Because we are the lineage of Spirit we are ruled by the Law of Creation which only knows to follow our mind and hearts. Be wild enough the rest of the month to consciously create the conditions where the desires of your heart can become the reality of your being.

Allow yourself to be pulled into the more Avataric realms where you find the Inner Relief of listening to your angelic presence pointing you towards a new place of personal power. Humanity is about to rise into a new arena of ease and elegance where struggle and strife are distant memories as long as you are navigating from the pleasure and opulence of Spiritual legacy. 2011 will be known as the year human biology once again became consciously sensitive to inner guidance. The timing is perfect because as we delve higher and deeper into the multidimensional Ascension process anything and everything will be happening at once. I know many of you have noticed that the external world no longer offers guidance about anything you should do next. There are just too many who are out there tripping, stumbling, and bumping around - determined to remain oblivious to the "heart" energy that has saturated our realm. Their radar is not capable of picking it up yet so remain diligent about who and what you chose to follow. As I am constantly made aware, the best place to seek guidance is now within.

And since we are at the height of "harvesting / culmination" of the 2011 planetary upgrades it will not be unusual to be experiencing extra weeping, sobbing, feeling off balance, or perhaps wanting to jump out of your own skin. There is light and there is dark without much middle ground for anchoring. You may find yourself crying at the smallest of disappointments and crying at the smallest acts of kindness as well. Remember too, that tears represent a release, and collectively enormous amounts of an illusionary world and illusionary ways of being and relating have (and continue) been released.

We also weep when we are finally able to see and experience who we really are and we weep when we experience love and we weep when we feel unity with our beloved soul families, and we weep when we feel unity with nature, the higher vibrations, and ultimately Source . . . as that is what we are becoming and merging with right now in a perfect and much more intense way.

The pain of certain global events and experiences also causes many to weep, as we believe that suffering should not exist in Heaven. We are overcome with compassion for every living thing, as we observe this process of shifting and sorting and what it is creating as the division becomes more intense as ever.

Even though this was the plan, and all is in order, as we are uniting with our Souls and Source energy at unprecedented speeds the impact of such prophecies appear bigger and bolder when they must be lived each day. Continue to recognize that change has been achieved and a new fluency comes with the awareness that an entire kingdom of God's creation is becoming infused with the radiance of Divine Beauty. In that embrace new possibility and all possibility is endured.

Kinda gets ya right in the heart chakra, doesn't it?

Rev. Angela


The Divine is that which connects all universes through love.
I am the Father's legacy claiming my sonship of Light this day.
The heavens rejoice as I am faithful to this human tabernacle of
God's Word allowing the natural creation of Luminosity to descend
into my place of expression.

I serve the Lord of Light and Heaven by attuning my consciousness
in oneness with the Christ vibration. This energy and vibarance rises
first within the mind and ripples out to fill every molecule of my physical
form. This precious creation of Divine Inheritance that I am moves to a
new vibratory structure of Divine Breath, and is made into the garment of
Light which can measure, resurrect, and reprogram all particles of negativity
that cannot hold its image or similitude. Thus the odyssey of Source now
indwells in every aspect of my Being. All that I AM is in service to the Living
God of creation and by virtue of this transfiguration the whole mind of man
receives this codification upon Earth.  Where I will be one, all are one.

This motion of going into a new image and similitude is a thankful act carried
out in response to Spirit's commanding call! My heart opens wide with this next
ordering of evolution and I fall graciously into this redemptive dimension of
light which is the realm of the Christos. And so it is.



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Rev. Angela Peregoff

Reverend Angela Peregoff  is an ordained minister of Religious Science and is currently the director and program coordinator at The Center for Mindful Studies.  She has been professionally empowering and inspiring others to evolve and create consciously since 1993.  Her mission and purpose is simply to raise people's consciousness so they may experience joyful living at its best.


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