The Week Ahead: Multidimensional Empath

In the history of the collective as is in the history of the individual, everything depends on the development of consciousness. ~ Carl Jung

Hopefully you are one of the souls upon mother Gaia who are "gliding along" this week and tapping into the deeper layers of the ever present NOW by communing with the Here-ness and Is-ness of each divine moment. Lately I have grown increasingly aware of "the multi-layers of reality" going on within any given moment of an experience. Perhaps the same is occurring for you too. As dimensional perception becomes a keener skill for us it will not be unusual to be fully aware of the elaborate levels of existence that resonate and inhabit our objective realities.

As substance, frequency, positioning, vibration, and consciousness collide at new all-time highs individuals will be able to discern the many dimensional realities among any single 3D experience. Take any moment and expand your awareness into it and you'll know what I am talking about. Last week while working in the yard a neighbor came over to chat and in the mist of the experience of "being neighborly" my attention was split in four directions and then multiple points of awareness within each of those directions. While carrying on a friendly conversation I was simultaneously tapping into the neighbor's energetic and psychic field, the planet's energetic and psychic domain, my own and that of my guides, and lastly that of Mother Nature's since I was gardening.

I didn't have to focus or concentrate to receive information about any of these portals of existence. The channels were wide open and transmitting. The ability to interact with the aliveness and intelligence within each reality was quite easy. And it's easy because we are now connected to the frequency structure of 5D. By simply being in a human body as the planet transitions into a new expression of Living Light we carry an agreement about the quality of energy that we will run. And as long as you are in a body, the energy that you have agreed to bring is present. That quality of energy has slowly been shifting since 1987. With an immense acceleration of Light quotient has come a quickening that has realigned our rhythms to the next dynamic cycle of growth and change.

Feeling subtle energies and vibrations from everything in your environment will gift you with new perspectives. Take the time now to hone your new skill of deciphering, reading, separating from, interacting with, merging into, and understanding the art of being an empath. As the rest of 2011 progresses Earth will receive significant increases in cosmic light frequencies which will profoundly affect your mind, body and spirit. Pulses of encoded information from the galactic center and the central sun will travel on the rays of light emanated from our Sun. These kinds of transmissions are the language Gaia understands and uses for her personal evolution.

Because we are so closely tied to her they affect our evolutionary path also. The most current pace of change has hastened the anchoring of the long-expected "revolution of mind and heart." As the old ways crumble, a new landscape of living is taking form. All of the major changes and alterations you have witnessed unfolding in the world are directly related to the enormous changes that have occurred in the inner world of individual and mass consciousness.  Global consciousness has reached the turning point of change, and you and I are integral components of intelligence that are rethinking and reprioritizing every aspect of life.

The year 2011 will be challenging for those unprepared for this new integration phase. Like every great drama, the theater of Ascension has some important themes to teach to the global kingdoms. The primary theme and overall purpose is for humanity to awaken from the fall of consciousness and to claim the spiritual nature of existence. To understand spirituality as a deep sense of connectedness to All That Is. To achieve such an auspicious goal, the people of Earth have to take their roles seriously, playing out an array of controversial issues - old unresolved issues and conflicts add tension and suspense to the script, yet for an evocative finale, peace and balance must triumph.

As this performance continues to play out on the world stage, great energy is being released from the shadow side of the mass psyche. It's important to know that during the great drama of Ascension, consciousness is at stake and awareness is the unpredictable wild card. Humanity will be called to successfully integrate understandings of existence that reach far beyond the confines of religious and scientific systems of belief. Everyone on Earth is here for the vital task of raising his or her own awareness and recognizing truths hiding in plain sight. As the quest to spiritualize the material world continues to quicken, minds will naturally change, and the sublime richness of oneness will become more and more apparent.

We are quickly pioneering a new frontier of existence, and most have not yet realized how real it is. But as we continue to shift from individuality based on karma and human DNA to that of spirituality and soul DNA a new humanistic responsibility will be foundationed. To support that development in your own life this week you should be answering the question: Who do I want to be as I resurrect into living from my highest Light? We have been receiving information this month about the new harmony of transcending duality (polarities). If you have been paying attention your personal reality has been showing you where changes need to be made. What has been your issue or challenge this month? What do you suppose your angels and guides are attempting to reveal through that experience.

For many in my sphere of reality I am observing old core wounds resurfacing. Have you been haunted by old distant beliefs lately? Perhaps even ones that you thought were healed. If so know that they are coming before you to give you new insights and information about Soul sovereignty and independence. You are looking at an old belief (karmic wound) through the creativity and awareness of the Soul. Hopefully as such you are gaining insights, wisdom, and understanding about a you that is asking to be redefined.

A good meditation for the week would be to visualize who you would love to be if you had absolutely no limitations. See this vision aligning with the consciousness of your Soul and Higher Self. Then amplify and magnify the Divine Order that is being birthed from within. Pay attention to the emotional tone and freedom that you possess in these few moments of centeredness. Observe the latest Light waves of intelligence as they enter you optically and physically. See them being received by the brain as particles of information that are being absorbed by your DNA and then embedded into your encoding as a different and new brilliance that will allow you to shine in your new mightiness! Lastly unwrap and release anything that pulls you away your Christed blueprint. Ask to live through the ascended cells of your being. Ask to be lead from the mind of your Higher Self. And then wait for the truths to be taught and trust.

You're here, I'm here . . . we're all here to shift our own essence. In accordance with cosmic law, you are free to express and explore all your innate arts and gifts. Feel and think about the kind of life that is important for you to live at this time. Allow Spirit to move you along this week connecting you with deeper levels of inner stillness and vision so that you gain the new perspectives of soul sovereignty, spiritual independence, and multi-dimensionality.

Take charge of yourself and realize that every moment offers a potential opportunity for connecting you to a future where you flourish and thrive,

Rev. Angela


Individuality is the necessary complement of the Universal Spirit.
Consequently man, in his inmost nature, is the product of the Divine
Mind imaging forth an image of itself. This is why I claim empowered
divinity and trust that I am whole and complete. I trust I am God in
expression. I trust that I am All That Is! I am endowed with an innate,
divine, unlimited spiritual power and my only need is to become self
aware of that.

God is simply a self-aware intelligent universal consciousness that
contains all possibilities and since the Universal can only work on
the plane of the particular through the individual I flow this Universal
goodness into suitable directions of secondary causation. My place
in the cosmic order is that of a distributor of the Divine Power. I move
forward in joy to exclaim this acknowledgement of Being. As new
portals of time and consciousness open I peek into all this is a
possibility. The land of spiritual promises and material miracles. I
make order of what would be, what could be, and what shall be. My
mind is clear. My heart is clear. My purpose clear. All that I Am whispers
louder each day; the mirage of humaness dissolves and the evolutionary
process of  Soul becomes crystal clear. In this now moment I unfold into
what it is my heart really needs -- what it is that my humaness is so
afraid of, and what it is that the divinity within asks me to have the courage
to do.

I know I'm Spirit; I know I'm more than physical. Thankfully I see from
Original Creation that my state of consciousness must be the cause,
and the corresponding conditions the effect. I live the Creative Order -
from states to conditions! And so it is.




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Rev. Angela Peregoff

Reverend Angela Peregoff  is an ordained minister of Religious Science and is currently the director and program coordinator at The Center for Mindful Studies.  She has been professionally empowering and inspiring others to evolve and create consciously since 1993.  Her mission and purpose is simply to raise people's consciousness so they may experience joyful living at its best.


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