The Week Ahead: Perception Version 2011

If you are not conscious of all of the different parts of yourself, the part of yourself that is the strongest will win out over the other parts. Its intention will be the one that the personality uses to create its reality. ~ Gary Zukav

Throughout eons of time, various developmental phases of mankind's evolution have taken many surprising twists and turns. As more and more parts of your non-earthly aspects align during the latest magnetic change that is sweeping the globe it will ignite a new perceptual awareness. Newly glowing insights will establish new parameters concerning the nature of intelligence, raising long over-due questions about the potentials of the human mind. Energy from space, and from our sun, can create distortions on a physical level, as well as trigger human consciousness into new areas of perception and this is exactly what is happening to us now. Channels of light are cleansing the illusions that we are merely human and driving out ancient cultural beliefs about the nature of reality.

Take this week to receive a widened view of any given day you live for we have officially been pulled up from the mass conjurings of 3-D spatial experience. Most of the Western world has identified intelligence based on one's ability to use symbols - namely, letters and numbers, in the physical world. Long has it been that we used our multidimensional abilities to inform and direct us on the path of day-to-day living but Gaia's transgression into the Light of Ascension has given back to us the capability to perceive more, to understand the invisible symbols that guide and direct us daily. You are now free to orchestrate the harmonization of the One within your own life.

Ideas and concepts are being transmitted on gamma rays from the sun for disbursement, and over the next few months the very nature of intelligence, which is often based on solely logical interpretations of reality, will be reconsidered. Perceptual flexibility is coming in which expands your ability to see and allows you to experience reality in a new, refreshing light. So be alert to recognizing limiting personal beliefs about your own intelligence. The willingness to accept new concepts and ideas brings great advantages toward more rapid growth of self-awareness.

These universal cosmic energies of the acceleration encourage an exuberant expansion of knowledge and truth with more and more people making the connection between the power of intent and its effect on the physical environment. With teachers and leaders announcing daily that "intent creates destiny" sudden realizations of how you think a situation into being will become more pronounced. The Inner Spirit is breaking free into expanded vistas of perception, and as this occurs feelings of frustration or discontent can be experienced. Remember though that restless energy is usually a signal indicating a time of change is pending. Go with it knowing you are a pioneer preparing a path for a new interpretation of reality. As the energy continues to accelerate, issues will only grow in complexity in whatever arenas of life you have avoided responsibilities. To prepare yourself for experiencing higher states of consciousness and greater perceptual awareness, you must visualize the type of life you want, and trust (feel) that you will meet it.

Events grow in meaning as you grow in consciousness. How you currently interpret your experiences and the wisdom you accrue from your creations form one assessment of how well you will traverse the terrain of Self-actualization and Ascension. Are you in charge each day, or is someone or something determining your quality of life? How you choose to perceive what you see sets the stage for all you encounter now, as well as affecting the entire paradigm of mass beliefs. Because just as there are many, many, many, "getting it" there are also millions of individuals in the world that have distanced themselves from the very idea that intentions (thoughts) have any connection to the solid world. The fear of the idea of being a powerful creator still has the overall world structure quaking in its biology. Multitudes still like their flat-world thinking and cannot yet comprehend that belief, decisions, and emotions play the decisive role in creating the version of reality they actually encounter each day. 

Fortunately for us, as those on the leading edge expand their ideas about the nature of the mind and stretch to consider the symbolism and significance of every event they broaden the intent for All to know the intricate meanings of life. And as our ideas about the nature of our minds continue to grow, the natural link between the physical and interdimensional realities will become much more apparent. New ideas are actually electromagnetic frequencies, and they swell and increase in magnitude as solar radiations increase the field of energy around our globe.In order to adapt to and accommodate the new levels of energy ideas, a shift is also occurring in our cells on a subatomic level through a subtle interaction of protein molecules that release stored codes of perception. A complex chemical process between proteins and amino acids is affecting our DNA on intensely deep levels and changing the way in which you and I perceive reality.  This maturation process is how we are able to go back, for instance, to ancient text and interpret it with new eyes and insights giving the old new meaning.

As the intensified waves of cosmic energy flooding our beautiful planet build momentum, we will be called to use our physical forms with greater wisdom, health, and ease. To accommodate and learn from these dynamic energies, you must be willing to slow down and recognize when you create too much stress or chaos.Unfortunately empty moments and silence has lost its value in modern times. The mind requires rest for clarity and integration, and when silence is maintained for regular interludes, the benefits help to sharpen your insights and balance your life. So don't forget to seek out and plan for peaceful moments. Take note - when you purposely seek out spiritual knowledge yet repeatedly miss the message because you did not know how to shift the viewpoints of your perceptions, then your lack of flexibility creates undue stress. Flexibility is the key for changing beliefs.

We are, by design, a multifocused, multidimensional Being, and by practicing mental agility and applying common sense, we develop a more expansive understanding of reality. As we navigate this tricky territory we are plowing through while pursuing a more intelligent human design there is no reason to not carry forward that which you know to those who have not yet learned or remembered and in that you can reflect the possibilities of change. The possibilities of an infinitely choreographed Being in which everything exists harmonically and within our own Perfection. For when we exist within our perfection we intentionally work from within the One and are no longer of the perception that we are anything else. Imagine.   

Don't you love getting hints about how unlimited we are?

Rev. Angela


Indeed God is the One infinite spirit which fills all the universe
with Himself alone, so that all is from Him and in Him, and there
is nothing that is outside. It is within this One presence that I
live, move and have my being. In this light then I see myself and
all others in the context of One Divine Reality.

Saturated with Divine Life, I am guided daily in balance and bliss.
The ceremony of this day blesses me in God's perfection. I stand
in freedom and empowerment of my spiritual connection. The world
is new for me each moment. I look at everything in my path as fresh,
radiant, and sparkling. The reservoir of my authentic God self, which
is without limits, sets about the joy of transcending my visions of
what I think life is supposed to look like. I know it is possible for this
higher power to play, to work, to manifest through me now!

A lifetime of newness is my gift from the Infinite today, and I accept
it with gratitude. In the perfect center of my being, I honor, celebrate,
and rejoice. Love is the fulfillment of the Law, and I am of Its glorious
expression as I release my word and receive the bounty of a generous
and giving God. And so it is.



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Rev. Angela Peregoff

Reverend Angela Peregoff  is an ordained minister of Religious Science and is currently the director and program coordinator at The Center for Mindful Studies.  She has been professionally empowering and inspiring others to evolve and create consciously since 1993.  Her mission and purpose is simply to raise people's consciousness so they may experience joyful living at its best.


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