The Week Ahead: Seeking Counsel From Within

Freedom is what you do with what's been done to you.  ~ Jean-Paul Sartre.

I am ready to again enjoy the privilege and pleasure of sharing energies, ideas, and perspectives with you. While I was playing with family and friends over the weekend on a sandy beach in Virginia the cosmos were also in a playful mood - hopefully toying with you rather than making you cry uncle. During the first few days of July the universe will fire off two or three discreet challenges so make sure you were being attentive and listening to your inner divine judgments and directives. 

If you are experiencing emotional turbulence, moodiness and shadowy behavior by beleaguered friends, associates or family members it's your proof of the universe's beloved interest in our evolution. Tremendous anchoring of spiritual codes associated with the Divine Feminine have been balancing humanity for the entire month. Sacred female frequencies related to the Magdalene energies activated a matriarchal dismantling and clearing which is now occurring through all ancestral lines.

Because of the awesome power of these light codes you should be feeling intuitively sharp, clear and confident. With the new visioning perspectives you are able to gaze upon your own expression of life and decide what areas need an inflow of Soul juice (love). You are completely dedicated to discovering the ideals and morals from within that still yearn for the support of Universal love and intelligence. You are feeling like a channel of collective insights moving with the eternal instinct of knowledge and wisdom. Synchronicities, soul connections, a-ha moments, past life memories, mystery manifestations, flashing mathematical codes (i.e. 1111, 4444, 888) can all be part of your everyday life.

However, if you are healing karmic wounds associated with these energies then you could be working with simmering anger, jealousy, suspicion, emotional disempowerment, victimization of vulnerable individuals, and possible terror in response to repression and belittlement. Such experiences are pivotal opportunities for you to become conscious and awake to what is asking for healing. Be willing to see how your attitudes and energies are seeking the divine inspiration of Spirit's wholeness. The wise part of you, possessing a keen memory about what you incarnated to accomplish, will motivate you to take the exact steps needed for reconnection.

Physical repercussions from integration include the nervous system going awry. Light packets coded with ancient frequencies are bouncing through us within a newly available vibrational spectrum and we are being over-stimulated. You may feel "buzzing" as your body attempts to moderate the new refinements. Give yourself permission to sleep it off - literally. If extra sleep isn't an option then at least create opportunities to relax throughout the day. A knotted stomach, pancreas pain, gallbladder issues, or other digestive and intestinal problems may also surface as the third charka adjusts to the new norm. Remember when anchoring new frequencies at the body level give your digestion a break and eat as lightly as possible.

And a new one to add to the list - because you are grounding a new surge of "creational" energies, you may find sexual feelings escalate. The lower chakras are now being merged with high velocity dimensional frequencies so use your own discernment and only interact with clear boundaries to what feels aligned to you. If you are female you may notice you are receiving a new level of "male" attention directed at your energy field. If you are a male, you will notice the desire to exchange your energies with the opposite sex. Do not utilize these energies to heal body parts. Raise them through your vertical power tube (chakra column) and release them out the top of your crown. See your root and crown as one long column of light. If you have an intimate partner, consecrate your union to these sacred energies to heal and liberate you both.

All the yet-to-arrive energies of August will serve to convert you into a crystallized, electro-magnetic field of Soul current that is ready to accommodate the dimensional spheres we are moving into. The potent frequency upgrades are purposefully making us ready for the end of one era and the beginning of another. Very shortly 3D will no longer be relative to our existence. Go with the organic eternal life force flow by turning inward to reflect on the workings of the cosmos through your own self-study. Make the external changes needed for greater alignment between self and the Universe. (Note to Self: as above, so below; as within, so without.)

As the week progresses be alert to the energies of "conflict" that will be present. They are the distraction that will keep you from taking in the higher, more subtle currents running through your environment. When you need to resolve something that appears as conflict the first action to take is to s-l-o-w down and reflect on where your individual ego and will are fitting into the larger cosmic scheme. Touchiness, unease, and tension are sure to be exacerbated. The most natural emotion and action to humanly possess is the need to be right.

Do your part to use your inner vision to identify what is most important - again, not only for yourself but in terms of fitting into the larger cosmic order of the time. Open your heart and move into love constantly, consistently. All attempts at this help to improve the psychic atmosphere of humanity. Instead of falling into the ole, "my way or the highway", it won't hurt to play the generous and caring role while interacting with loved ones, pals and co-workers.

Settling in 5D is beyond anything your mortal imagination can conjure up and it is no longer a matter of prophecy. From here to 2012 the Light will be coming more rapidly and with greater intensity in order that everyone have a deeper sense of their individual role within the larger landscape.

July will end with a mixture of stimulation and caution. The yellow flag of caution is a reminder of your greater responsibility and leadership within our own life experiences. Each event will require an internal dialogue to explore the profound Inner Knowing of your personal values and truths. Thus, the leader who listens to inner knowing and leads by example. The effects of August will powerfully propel us further into the 5D dimension, shaking off more belief systems formulated a long time ago. It is time to be realistic about what we really feel is right and in harmony with our God Source identity. Inner control and peace are the themes to practice for our personal evolution this week.

Running out to play in this shower of energetic deepening,

Rev. Angela


Today I awaken to the peace and calm of the One Presence attending
to the ordering of all life. This spiritual mastery animates the Divine
nature of all it conceives. In the stillness of this Presence I am tenderly
reminded that I, too, am Spirit's whole, perfect and complete expression
of life. I AM the principle of the one Mind moving to create experiences
which open me to the authentic realms of Self.

I move with the divine momentum of the universe and allow all aspects
of God's radiant light to bless my entire being with the rising stages of
its transfiguring energy. No matter what challenges or tests may be
presented, I know nothing is worth moving away from the harmony of
God's grace and timing. I am a spiritual being that is superior to my mind,
emotions, and circumstances. As such I drink in the opportunity for Light
from the heart of God to merge with the discipline of a physical body. Every
cell, every atomic and subatomic particle within my physical, etheric, mental
and emotional bodies is now pulsating with the certainty of Divine Radiance.
The revitalizing and restoring beams of Light infuse my bodies with the
divine qualities of eternal youth, vibrant health, and limitless physical
perfection. Empowered by these positive effects I am always self-responsible,
happy, optimistic, emotionally stable, wise, clear about my life's purpose, and
skillful in the deliverance of soul driven actions.

I AM eternally grateful for more Light now filling my bodies with vibrations of
Love and Harmony. Through the power of Light I am revivified and transformed.
I know this activity has been completed with full power through the One mind
and Presence of God. And so it is. 



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Rev. Angela Peregoff

Reverend Angela Peregoff  is an ordained minister of Religious Science and is currently the director and program coordinator at The Center for Mindful Studies.  She has been professionally empowering and inspiring others to evolve and create consciously since 1993.  Her mission and purpose is simply to raise people's consciousness so they may experience joyful living at its best.


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