The Week Ahead: September Belongs To You

Do not make the metaphysical mistake of declaring that evil is not a power, but believing that good is. Be quick to recognize that there is no power but God. ~ Joel Goldsmith

The month begins with a renewed sense of security, power, and knowledge due to the intense magnetic energy of Truth that purposefully asked each of us to open our eyes and minds over the summer/winter months (Northern/Southern hemisphere). The season's frequency events greatly amplified individual personal power allowing you to accept an augmented in-flow of higher Light. Furthermore, the combined energies of Chiron, the wounded warrior, Jupiter, the great amplifier, and Neptune, the bringer of illusion or illumination, have been healing the wounds of the Spiritual Warrior to amplify your masculine power of out-flow. The result is an increased power that gives you more courage to be your truest SELF in daily life.

September will be about "living" the New awakened Self. The summer's [winter for those in the Southern Hemisphere] descent of spiritual Light further and deeper into matter has us cracked open and our innate abilities to clarify our hearts and mind spilling out. We are set to passionately gain wisdom. You will receive sudden insights, clearly seeing the right path to journey, or simply intuitively know what must be dismantled in order to achieve balanced empowerment and freedom. This would be a good week to identify your strongest obstacle, your weakest pattern, or most resistant emotional block; then use the wisdom of September's energy to bust right through it. Breakthroughs in consciousness assist you in elevating your own inner foundation and place of security. They also bring a spark of passion and determination to birth your ideas and concepts into physical reality. Don't hesitate to bring forth the knowledge you receive to being forth the new order of things.

The remembrance that you are constantly being multi-tasked by a Divine Source will allow you to be at peace and ground these higher energies, as well as assist Gaia in her return to "belong" to the SELF. The truth that the whole of eternal consciousness blends with your personal intuitive abilities empowers you to successfully find peace, harmony, and joy no matter what is attempting to torture or fragment you externally. This is a remarkable awakening and a talent you may well need as creating an expression that is new and notable is not without its challenges. The external is rearranging at unprecedented rates and September's boom of foundational "belonging" energies will serve to make even more shift and crumble. However, being forewarned should also mean being forearmed.  

With your true spiritual ethics and values presenting themselves in all their power and knowledge be prepared to review and examine where you are and how far you've come. Enjoy your New cherished connection to the Inner Truth Center. Take advantage of the beauty of choice, the clarity of truth, and the peace of Self-discovery! From now on you will be inspired to consciously bring Spirit into the physical world. As a vehicle of Spirit you will be sensitive to what is out of balance; able to rely on strong intuitive commands. As a master of spiritual power in the Earth plane you will intentionally create a greater good. Through the passion of a Soul Heart you will be healed to the core.

Some symptoms of an adjusting earth vessel and awakening inner Core might likely be third-eye aches, a tingly feeling in your crown, dizziness without nausea, and vision anomalies as higher cosmic frequencies are poured into the crown chakra throwing off the pineal and pituitary glands. Because of the discrepancy between your explorative energetic signature and your physical body, you may also feel spaced-out, disoriented, cloudy-headed, fatigued, anxious or depressed. Therefore, you will have to slow down your pace at times or you may discover a capacity to knock yourself off course and plunge your third dimensional earth vessel into a black hole rather than lifting it to sterling heights.

But how does that look in daily life? The answer is that you must practice higher awareness (consciousness) and constantly remind yourself that you are transmuting into a higher frequency of Being. Reassure your grounded physical form that it must remain present "now" with Gaia to anchor all the magnificent codes, information, and experiences that multi-dimensional, spiritualized You are experiencing while your earth self is busy going to work, driving a car, cooking for the kids, mowing the yard, going to the grocery store, sorting emails, etc. Remember, before Gaia and all her inhabitants return to the unified fifth dimensional ONE many of her humans may need to go through a phase in which they feel as though they are two separate halves of wholeness - higher consciousness and lower physical form.

It is necessary that your higher consciousness serve as your scout into the higher frequencies in order to prepare the way for your ultimate return, this seeming polarity between consciousness and form will be one of the last polarities to collapse into the unity. This is true because there are many times that your earth vessel needs to totally focus on your third dimensional reality, which has actually already become fourth dimensional.

In fact, it is Gaia's gradual return to a fifth dimensional resonance that has created many of the planetary changes that have been perceived as disasters. With Gaia's transmutation into her fifth dimensional expression, many third dimensional concepts, possessions and ideas have had to be released. This process of release will increase exponentially as Gaia, and her inhabitants expand into the resonance of the fifth dimension. Just wait till 2012! However, when you keep your consciousness above the frequency of fear, you will realize that whatever you release is replaced by its higher frequency expression.

With the intermingling of your multidimensional consciousness with your earth vessel, you will slowly progress through the process of being third dimensional to being fourth dimensional and into Being fifth dimensional. As you continue to release third, then fourth, dimensional beliefs and illusions, it becomes increasingly easy for you to flow into and embrace the truth of your fifth dimensional mystic multidimensional reality.

WOW! what a powerful summer of "biggie-sizing-it" we've been through,

Rev. Angela


In this peaceful, quiet moment, I sense my Oneness with everything.
I can feel the Power and Intelligence that creates the Universe; I feel
this Power and Intelligence operating through me, as me, right now in
this moment. I realize there can be no difference, no opposition, no separation
between myself and this Power and Intelligence that I name Spirit. There is
one inexorable flow of Life, creation, and Love, I am part of it -- a vital part
of it; many parts make up the whole and each is equally important to that wholeness.
I accept my role in the evolution of Life and I realize my potential to play it perfectly.

As I think on all the things there are to do today, I take a deep breath and relax ...
I let go of all but one thought: I am one with Spirit. I breathe this thought in and I
exhale it, only to do it again ... I am one with Spirit ... I am one with Spirit ... In this
way I relax into this moment releasing all other thoughts, for this moment I am one
with Spirit . I set my intention to manifest my potential fully, completely, and naturally for
my benefit and that of all around me. I know I am the scribe of holy transcription. I take
the time to sit, go within, look and listen. I regain my connection with Onenesseven as I
actively participate in the ever changing, growing, evolving Life I am immersed in. I take
great pleasure in stopping, listening, and following the guidance of Spirit I find in this
deep, quiet place I carry with me wherever I go. I smile and release any unconnected
thoughts to the void knowing I am cared for and nurtured by the Spirit within as it guides
me and the Universe in our evolution together.

I am ever thankful and filled with gratitude for this moment. I hold it in my heart
accepting it as the Truth for me. I am thankful for the Presence of Spirit that I am
and I remember this always. I release these words into the flow of Love and let
them be so ~ and so it is.



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Author Information

Rev. Angela Peregoff

Reverend Angela Peregoff  is an ordained minister of Religious Science and is currently the director and program coordinator at The Center for Mindful Studies.  She has been professionally empowering and inspiring others to evolve and create consciously since 1993.  Her mission and purpose is simply to raise people's consciousness so they may experience joyful living at its best.


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