The Week Ahead: Shifting Priorities

Whenever you're in conflict with someone, there is one factor that can make a difference between damaging your relationship or deepening it. That factor is attitude. ~ Timothy Bentley

As the days open and close like pages being flipped in a novel we find ourselves as the characters of another's story. For indeed this week you may feel as though you are witnessing life in different ways and sensing things that have up-to-now been lost to your awareness. The main reason for this latest switch or opening is an upsurge of power from the latest full moon (last Friday). As you know energy has been building for revolutionary change - on a global, local and personal scale. There is a great stirring of magnified and accelerated energy in the atmosphere that has been igniting and activating frequencies that you have hand-picked and inlaid in your field over the last six weeks.

Don't put too much on your plate this week as we all will be in the midst of initiating shifting energies at very deep cellar levels in order that we become capable of supporting higher consciousness, expanded perceptions of multi-dimensionality, and razor sharp psychic insights. It will be important to remind yourself when life gets stressed or hectic this week [and it will] that besides participating in earth life you are also bringing new subtle energy equipment online. Slowing the pace of your daily schedule should alleviate a comprehensive blowout from occurring.

Expect during this powerful portal time that your relationships will come under scrutiny. They are the target-area of new growth that provides you with an opportunity to "weed out" destructive, subconscious patterns that stifle the natural telepathic flow of you higher heart and mind. Your rough edges will be more easily spotted too, and you will perhaps feel their harsh impact as you interact with others. The more awake you are, the more you will feel the shifting. Remember that this is not bad. There is nothing to judge here - all healing comes through dealing with feelings, practicing forgiveness, and re-interpreting our stories as lessons that we have truly learned.

As your new dynamics start spinning faster and faster within the DNA helix you may feel disoriented, hot-headed, frustrated, or stressed because of the cosmic multitasking you are doing. The mind may also reveal a distant remembering that begins to surface and it raises inquiries about our true existence here. Watch for the little voice that wants to question your teachers, politicians, religious leaders and other authority figures. Chances are that you will also have more frequent ponderings about who you are, what you are really doing here and what your role is on the path of light.

Let me help you out here: You are on Earth through a Divine plan; you have incarnated now in order to take part in some very unique moments of time. Keep in mind that big picture when the problems of life seem more than the little obstacles that they really are. Step back for some perspective.

The physical will also give you signs that you have opened to new energetic signatures. Vertigo symptoms such as spiraling or spinning are simply mimicking the process that is occurring at your subatomic levels. Headaches may be involved because of the fluctuations in the electromagnetic field around the planet. Digestive flare ups are indicating that you are once again assimilating new parts and particles of Self. To assist the physical you need to find time every day to connect with your heart. Be still long enough for inquiry into the deeper questions of your existence. Remember to include Spirit in your decision-making and actions.

It must be understood that we are in the midst of one of the greatest cycles of transformation that this universe has ever experienced. And this is the first time a planetary body has ever attempted the ascension process with the human kingdom remaining upon it. Those who can remain conscious to such information and realize that there is an orderly sequence to the cosmic cycles of creation will flow and adapt best to the changes of the times.

When feeling stressed, move to another room or take a walk outside. Changing your location, even briefly, can open you up to "freshness" within your mind and body. Allow the sky and the sentient beings of your natural world to speak to you. Listen deeply to the messages you receive.  

If life feels like an emotional roller coaster, become the observer of how you feel. Develop the practice of naming your feelings. When you can name your feeling, it will be easier to tame.  Once you know what it is, you can be more objective, and from a place of more sanity, do some inquiry to determine underlying factors. You can inquire within, for example, to discover whether what you are feeling is triggered by another person, the world in general, or by your own storehouse of unhappy memories. Knowing the source and becoming more neutral makes it easier to avoid acting on emotions. In this way, you can avoid creating harm to others and yourself.  

You came here knowing that each dimensional reality resonates to a specific range of frequency patterns and for most of your earth life you would be operating according to third dimension vibration and frequency and then assist in turning the tide of human divinity while here. That exact reality shift happened back in 1987 and ever since that time we have been taking in and matching a higher and more refined range of frequency patterns. As a soul you made your journey into the "lower dimensions," each level away from Source resulting in a separation of consciousness from your Higher Self to some degree.

In other words, within your mental body, the frequency patterns for each dimension (consciousness) were stored in Light packets of wisdom. These were encased in membranes of Light or a veil which restricted access to the various higher dimensional consciousness levels until you were, once again, resonating to that level of consciousness. This week more of the "veil" is being lifted, via the grid, so that we can remember the trueness of who we are and the vastness of all that we have dominion over. I am also to remind you that as we return to Self-mastery and assume our role as co-creators of universal experience, it is vital that you have a compendious understanding of the Universal laws and how to effectively use your quota of Divine Light substance.

Others around you might seem to be asleep, but don't allow their sleeping to delay your own awakening. Jesus and other great enlightened masters did not stop their quest for more simply because others around them weren't yet ready. They asked what others weren't asking, and kept asking even when others accepted the status quo. Stay your course and follow what you know to truly be speaking to your heart and Soul. Live the highest frequencies of light, thought, and sound as they come to you through this natural cosmic dance of evolution.

Blessings to all of you during this Soul-serving time,

Rev. Angela


I stand tall in the Presence of Sacredness that coordinates all the different
parts of life. The Saturns, the Jupiters, the Venuses are all moving within
the Infinite Mind, which is perfect, balanced, and loving. Everything is
divinely orchestrated to express Life at the highest level, to support and
nurture Its myriad forms.

I, too, am part of the cosmos and express the One by means of my individual
light and grace.  As this new Emergence befalls the planet I open my heart,
my sense and sensibility to perceive the Creator's new idea of me. I pay
attention and cooperate with the Divine Flow of April as I blossom into a
greater idea of earthened life and light. In this new place where mind-boggling
activities of Light are taking place I function as God's most perfect instrument
of brilliance, truth, and love. I am life-transforming God Victoriously!

All that I am and all I can be is the wondrous true love of a celestial Intelligence
that is bringing love, wisdom, and peace to this planet I call home. In this time
that signifies rebirth and renewal I trust that God knows how to do it all.
And so it is.



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Rev. Angela Peregoff

Reverend Angela Peregoff  is an ordained minister of Religious Science and is currently the director and program coordinator at The Center for Mindful Studies.  She has been professionally empowering and inspiring others to evolve and create consciously since 1993.  Her mission and purpose is simply to raise people's consciousness so they may experience joyful living at its best.


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