The Week Ahead: Soul Is Rooted Deeper In Form

It really boils down to this: that all of life is interrelated. We are all caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied to a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one affects all indirectly. ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

While June is settling into her present purpose of dynamic involvement with an array of cosmic influences you and I will once again be depending upon the benevolence of a grand and gracious universal order. For the next two weeks the earthly pearl we reside on will be showered with a rare golden fire energy that she has not ever experienced before, and since it is an initiatory energy that has no reference point in this dimension I will do my best to correctly interpret its impact on us. It is a supportive matrix of light that is knocking us out of the old gimmickry vibes of illusion and control and bestowing us with the ability to sense and value the "essence" of all that is in our environment.  

As simply as I can explain here is some guidance I have received about this event: for so long now we have had a limited understanding of true, raw, pure creational energy. We've been blind to the truest elements of our being and a natural state of expression. This new wave of Light is making the unknown and mysterious known once again. You can anticipate a new period of illumination for the entire global kingdom!

So even though May topped the charts for shift-worthy multi-tasking - each day offering a new, unexpected twist on an old theme and all directed and commanded from your authentic Self-power. Dumping, cleaning, confronting, releasing, completing, healing, dissolving, rearranging . . . embodying. Being present to your life as a Spiritual being was rewarded by a growing number of supportive experiences that helped each challenge quickly disperse.

By now you've probably also noticed that fear decided to pay a little unannounced visit. No matter the content, you probably thought you were done with that intruder and suddenly another layer decides to slough. Those survivor patterns are hardy old structures folks. The up-side is that you added your Light to shifting into a more spiritual reality in physical tangible ways. Along with recycling fear debris you have grounded the glow of the Soul-light in the root and pelvic area.

And have you begun to feel an expansion in your chest of a heart that strains for release into the world? Do you find yourself more deeply connected with those who are around you, with a love that not only ignores differences but gratefully cherishes the unique qualities of another? Have you recently cried or felt like crying for some unclear reason, but with a deep knowing that all is well? Greater weaving of Light into our existence is giving us for the first time a much deeper experience of Love embodied than has been previously possible.

Have you begun to notice lately how certain things have arranged for you almost without effort on your part? Did something fall into place in a way that you weren't expecting? Did you catch yourself at some point going "wow" about an experience because it was so unexpected or meaningful that you had no other words? This is Creation at work. I'm told that having such spontaneous, fluid type of experience is a hint of our new norm. Some consider such experiences miraculous or serendipitous events. I expect they will be seen as the natural outcome of conscious creation.

For some the latest golden flames may rock their realities a bit as it enters their fields [aura] and begins to transmute what cannot keep company with its Presence. For others it may feel like a homecoming - a return of something that has been absent for far too long. It will be supporting each of us to let go of what is no longer beneficial for us. This "letting go" energy comes to shore-up the Essence of you to feel safe and comfortable in your body. The process will be quite natural and instinctual rather than analytical. So rather than rely on your logical, thinking brain you will be served this month by trusting your gut (solar plexus brain) when considering changes and new directions. And if things begin to feel out of control remember to simply ground your energy.

Grounding energy means to focus on your root chakra and get a sense of the deep, rhythmic pulse that is the safety of the universe. You can also give the root chakra a sapphire blue boundary for safety. Imagine blue and red in your root and then allow it to travel into mother Earth and ground. Being grounded and trusting your intuitive impulse to know what is right for you in any given moment will strengthen the currents that are coming in to join your Soul essence with your personal/emotional body.

No matter where you are on the spectrum and how it affects you know that you are making a major contribution to the upliftment of the spirit and the fulfillment of the hopes and dreams of humanity as a collective body.

This latest wave will raise the tide of our Soul essence even higher within each individual life and the power from this anointing will serve to reveal even more clearly your true identity. What I feel coming forth is a "stepping fully into" the truth of who we are. June is a calling to participate in a manner of living that beckons us to choose freedom, love, strength, and truth. It will be an infusion that makes us even more incompatible with untruth; out of alignment with the old habits and beliefs that cause dis-harmony, chaos and distortion to our true spiritual nature.

Due to the gold characteristic of this energy it also ushers in another refinement of "oneness of being." And contrary to the beliefs of some, oneness of being does not mean that you merge with the distortion or imbalance of that which repels you to transmute it. Perhaps in the past this gave some relief but it's now Old paradigm. The New incoming paradigm is about merging and become one within the Self; knowing that you are one being. What does that mean? It means that you are able to release your attachment to your individual persona, and expand your consciousness into a totality of Being. All this might seem to be illusive; your mind finding the words empty or seemingly nebulous but remember this is not something to experience with your mind.

Your mind, your thinking, your understanding, and your purpose this month is for the incarnating of the truth, the deliverance of your All Knowingness. Yet there has been a missing piece within the urgency to understand through the human mind. The missing piece is the expanding of our consciousness into the All-Knowing. The more that one experiences residing within the All-Knowing, the easier it is to manifest, or incarnate, the truths that characterize that consciousness. And when we can embody such truths, then you begin to feed and nourish your mind along with your manner of thinking and understanding.

And as we know, this progression of life on Earth - in this manner is for our own empowerment and awakening. The good news in all of it is that we knew before we took a body that the journey was going to be all about dearly loving the awakening! And while we are expanding and becoming more and more of who we truly are, while we are daring to let go of who we have been and consciously moved towards oneness then we bring forth what was thought unachievable for humanity. We become the essence upon the Earth that embraces the spirit of sleeping, suffering humanity and radiates out the healing peace and strength of unconditional love and truth.

Blessed be the truth of our beings these next couple of weeks. Blessed be our joy. Blessed be our Presence. Blessed be our flowing light. Blessed be our gentleness of strength. Blessed be the New story.

And so it gloriously is,

Rev. Angela


There is but One perfect experience and realization
of the Infinite Life. I am an embodiment of this beautiful
existence. A blessed manifestation of its descent into
human expression. I am a Being of this silent presence
returning to its parent Source.

In mind, I claim the calm sense of spiritual delight. Every
perception and vision spiritualized. All knowledge anointed
with the consummate power of Infinite Intelligence. In the
heart is seeded a passionate delight of universal union and love
and sympathy and the joy for all living beings and things. In the
will, I am the delight of Divine life power in action. The beauty
of the senses perceiving and meeting the One everywhere.
Celebrating the intense secret harmony of creation as the normal
aesthesis of all things. In body, I claim ecstasy of Spirit. This
energy pouring into me from the heights of Spirit. I am the peace
and bliss of a pure and spiritualized physical existence. I intone
my universal beauty and glory of Being. I am the Power of Self
in person.

I live, grateful, for this illumined universal consciousness that reveals
hidden lines, vibrations, powers, and harmonic significances within
my day. I love being the fundamental delight of a conscious Spirit.
And so it is.



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Rev. Angela Peregoff

Reverend Angela Peregoff  is an ordained minister of Religious Science and is currently the director and program coordinator at The Center for Mindful Studies.  She has been professionally empowering and inspiring others to evolve and create consciously since 1993.  Her mission and purpose is simply to raise people's consciousness so they may experience joyful living at its best.


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