The Week Ahead: Stellar Gifts Still Arriving

There is a formula that goes like this: "Peace of Mind" comes when persons or a society are "centered." Centered-ness comes from certainty. Certainty comes from only one place: the recognition of patterns. So when a person or society has recognized a pattern as great as all of Creation, there is great certainty and centeredness and there is great Peace of Mind.~ Ian Xel Lungold

Congratulations you have completed the initial stage for manifesting your part in the New world by 2012. This year 2010 was about finding balance within yourself so that you could get your human self and your Spirit communicating again by releasing all the thought constructs - beliefs, expectations, habits and so on - that were created to actively participate in the old game. The experiences you have had were designed to help you find your inner balance and truth. You integrated concepts like discernment, detachment and universal love of Self and others.

As you know there has been a great influx of external energies to support your internal process of release and reconnection. Many spiritual studies teach that it is the interaction of these two forces - the internal and external, and your chosen responses that allow you to evolve here in 5D. Last year was designed to for you to reconnect with you, all of you, in order to be the one you are; the leader in your life. This was necessary because before you begin building the New world, you must be clear about who you are and who you want to be, so that what you build reflects all of you and your truth.

This week you will close the final chapter of 2010. The Gemini full moon that we just had (Dec. 21st) allows each of us to end the year on a high note. The energy from this moon gifts being able to manifest your greatest potential by feeling and knowing what your heart desires and is creating. And with the stellar information that got anchored last week you have lots of celestial support that is now resonating throughout your chakra system giving you more Soul dynamics. Stars transmit spiritual intelligence (the Language of Light) and the Divine Light structures sprinkled last week contained details for the next year from multiple star systems that influence your progress here on Earth.

If all this year-end charged psychic energy gets the best of you physically or emotionally I suggest stepping out of your usual routine and indulging in some pampered self care. Create an activity that soothes and calms your senses and body. With so much Light entering your system it can have your nervous system and adrenals working overtime producing anxiousness and dehydration. Be certain to stay hydrated - mineral water is especially beneficial for cellular hydration. Natural Calm™ is a wonderful supplement for soothing an overcharged nervous system.

The other empowering event that you should be aware of is that as next year begins, wide spread receptivity to change presumably exists. This is not the kind of change that politicians tout that only supports invocation of their narrow agenda. This kind of change is evolutionary, progressive, sky scraping, earth enhancing. This receptivity occurs because of two major pattern replays from this past year, both occurring within the first three days of the New Year.

Fresh out of 2011's gate on January 2nd, Uranus square the Galactic Center, adding exuberance and receptivity to the progressive vibes coming down the pike. Yes it should be exciting. But to make the energy more than titillating some harnessing and useful application shall be required. The very next day (Jan 3rd) Jupiter reaches the Galactic Center. Make sure ideas make sense in your own head first before sharing. The soul is making certain our personal emotional clarity is working overtime to get each to really know how we feel about what's happening to everybody.

During hard times, it is necessary that the individual grow and be obedient to universal law. The trade-off is that we develop the sharpness of tapping into laser-like awareness and spiritual will-power that allows more of a divine hand to enter the material world. From the looks of our current world status I can foresee that we are online for learning what a heart experience it is to step up and care for our brothers and sisters in need. We may see that the opportunity to serve others just as the angelic and cosmic forces serve us is the greatest human potential, and that the satisfaction and reward of a job well done can only be gained through patience.

The solar system of which the Earth is a part is pulsing its way towards a Light of a different order my friends, changing everything and inspiring an evolutional leap that is natural within the great scheme of time in which universes are measured. I don't think I have to remind you that on the other side of the veil - in the unseen, just a breath away from "here" in time and space - there is a waiting line, several moon beams long, of souls who can't wait for the chance to get here and experience the physicality of Soul! They long for the opportunity to do just what you and I are doing because when we are not in body, Soul is only a conceptual idea. It is a mental and spiritual component but it cannot know itself in form. For every heart beating "here," there is a God legend in the making and you have no idea how long you had to wait to get back on the thrill ride of your Eternal Life.

I'll end this last note of 2010 by saying that it is an absolute pleasure to pen my insights and daily prayers for The Morning Blessings. I look forward to what 2011 will bring for all of us. Thank you for subscribing and adding your own particular energy, vibration, and purpose to these daily spiritual messages as you carry their message forward into your world. Your infusion of higher vibrational energy (via consciousness) is what brings it ALL directly here. You are the ones that are creating the new paradigm. You embody It, become It, and live It! You are the mile marker that is showing other the new direction to go in.

Enjoy the remainder of your Holidays. I wish you and your loved ones the

Blessings of Awakening fully to who you are,

Rev. Angela


As the Divine Love of God flows through each soul's heart center
this holy season we consecrated by the Power of Light. Each, and
all, feel one with the Divine Heart and Mind of God. Sacred siblings
through which the Light of God pours Its presence. A global
community embodying the Divine Intent.

Because miracles take place every day I call upon the angelic kingdom
to shower all living hearts with trust and "open receptivity." In an act
of pure grace, we ask that you stabilize the aura of every person on
Earth in order that we feel ourselves as Unity. Enfold us with an
invincible forcefield of God's protection that all may safely join as One
heartbeat, One breath, One voice, and One consciousness of pure
Divine Love. The time is perfect for even the most resistant to clearly
remember that all Life is interconnected, interrelated, and interdependent.
And I volunteer to assist in this endeavor by perceiving and acknowledging
the Divinity blazing in the heart of every person I meet. In all I do and in
all I say I bear witness to the uncontainable, limitless power of Divine Love.
My personal practice becomes the deliberate act of sharing Infinite Love
and Givingness in every moment of this Life.

The Heavens rejoice as this New Hope is realized on Earth. My heart fills
with peace and contentment as I hear the glorious praises of Love, Joy,
Happiness, Prosperity, Fulfillment, Enlightenment, Eternal Peace, Harmony,
Balance, and Spiritual Wisdom echo across the globe. It is done. And so it is.



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Rev. Angela Peregoff

Reverend Angela Peregoff  is an ordained minister of Religious Science and is currently the director and program coordinator at The Center for Mindful Studies.  She has been professionally empowering and inspiring others to evolve and create consciously since 1993.  Her mission and purpose is simply to raise people's consciousness so they may experience joyful living at its best.


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