The Week Ahead: Summer Frolics

Humankind is naturally endowed with a high propensity for adaptability - so you are fully capable of rising to the occasion and birthing noble possibilities. ~ Merlin (to King Arthur).

Fluidity and honoring the current is the name of the game these days. June's last set of rare high-frequencied energies arrive later this week and could send you into a void "uncertainty" zone that lasts for a couple of weeks as you shift into using this prowess at the atomic, sub-atomic, and quantum levels of your being. So what do you need to stay connected and on purpose with the bigger plan? Simply this - clear intent, flexibility and compassion for Self. These are the qualities you'll need to navigate this next cycle.

Currently Gaia is being infused with ancient intelligences from the cosmos that have not been felt physically for approximately 11,000 years. For her it is most uplifting and freeing. She is akin to a magnificent sailing vessel regally setting sail through the most magnificent seas you have ever seen. She is serene and in harmony with the cosmic points of light that are infusing her grids and elemental nature. She is in a HUGE pleasure-zone! And you can ride that same sacred shift as long as you remain the same emotional tone.

There have been questions from those who read my messages - such as this one - that ask exactly how we become affected by the earth's journey. The truth is we inherit the same intelligences and universal cosmic communications via our Sun and its gamma-ray activity and Gaia's etheric crystalline grids. It's that simple. The Sun is used by cosmic intelligence as a communication medium to relay conceptual ideas to various realities. All life forms influenced by the Sun are thus affected by such transmissions. The ongoing communication relays for 2011 have been supporting the regeneration of "the Soul as ultimate authority" in humanity. They are re-establishing a sense of inner stability to counterbalance the growing lack of dependability in the outer world.

The communications are received by the cochlea, a small bone located in the inner ear that picks up signals on the gamma-ray frequencies by vibration and transmits the information as a language of light to the pineal gland (sometimes referred to as the seat of the soul). Such communications operate beyond the range of the spoken and written word. All of the life forms present on Gaia are innately attuned to receiving such Light-encoded communiqués, which in turn affect their life force energies and consciousness.

Every era of life has been influenced by a unique dance of astrological and universal cosmic energies. Civilizations flourished or fell depending upon how well this was understood and applied. Under the current umbrella of cosmic influences, our destiny, so to speak, is to rapidly integrate a new vista of life that incorporates the validity of multidimensional realities; then we must use this new understanding of existence to find our way through the fog and confusion of a collapsing world view. Make sense?

So, the very best way to manage your own energy as June tips into July and the upcoming solar eclipse is to be in harmony with Gaia. Slow life down a bit. Get out and play a little more. Find something each day that allows you to appreciate "living". Be it hosting a party and laughing with friends, relaxing in nature, becoming absorbed in a favorite hobby, watching some of your favorite old movies, shopping for values, or just playing cards with the neighbors - order and balance will be highlighted when you are doing things that bring pleasure this week. The pleasure vibe that you generate will invite the newest elements of vibrational currency to become well invested in your system.

When and if you do find yourself in that "uncertainty" zone where you can't make a decision or see what is to come next know it's because of all the high-flyin frequencies you have coming into your crown chakra. There won't be a lot you can do to alleviate the brain fuzziness so why not just zone out while doing something you enjoy? You'll be much the wiser for doing such my friend. Expect the usual headaches, neck aches, stiff shoulders and need for extra sleep.

This particular reconfiguration attunement can also directly affect the sacrum, hips, and knees. That is because the energy is soooo strong and it is coming in and straight down the spinal column! When it hits your personal foundation (sacrum) it may reverberate causing a wobble. The energetic wobble produces a physical pain. The hips and knees become involved when you begin to move forward with the new energies.

There are quite a few in my circle also reporting joint pain. Discordant joint pain is an indicator that you are clearing the entanglements of patriarch energies and bringing on new activations within the quantum levels of the DNA. Whether you have been consciously aware of it or not you have been working this month with healing all past karmic wounding that is associated with separation (because we have been downloading "Unity" codes). For example, I have been clearing and healing the lifetimes in which I was exiled or ostracized from the tribe.

To further my point, you know how the outer reflects the inner? Well ponder for a moment everything that has been transpired over in the Middle East . . . their political shifts are the external representation of our internal healing. We are still in process! Did you know that Japan had another 6.8 earthquake last week? If you could see all of this from an energetic panoramic viewpoint you would understand that these planetary happenings are making new space for sustainable new ways of life in which "unity" and "equality" are once again honored.

The tectonic plates under the Pacific Ocean shifting are a signal that Gaia is once again holding these energies at the physical level. Once she has them anchored within her physical form humanity is not far behind. Back to our physical pain - the physical transmutation of the current karmic healing is literally a pain in your joints. To assist make time for swims in the ocean or Epsom/mineral salt baths. And if it feels right for you perhaps even consider a physical cleanse the debris that is collecting in the joints.

To expand awareness of who you are multi-dimensionally during the upcoming artistic expression of consciousness you'll want to use the resonance of minerals and crystals that are in the bedrock of Gaia. This means "rocks" are your medicine for the next couple of weeks. If you are out on a walk, adopt a couple of rocks to aid in tapping into the crystalline matrixes that are ringing with those 11,000 year old tones. If you live near mountains - go sit on a mountaintop. If you live near the beach - bury your feet in the sand (which is crushed bedrock). Eat foods, such as celery, that are high in mineral content. Listen to the music of Tibetan Singing Bowls - their tone resonates with the crystalline energies in the body. You can even purchase a liquid trace mineral supplement from the health food store to add to your daily drinking water. And your mantra is: I remember the light of the path which I once traveled.

As we receive back what has been absent for so long people are finding it more challenging than ever to stay focused in the body and to be present and aware of what is going on. I advise all whom I know to immerse themselves in who you are and really feel that Presence of Spirit and consciousness that enlivens you with energy from the cosmos. When you feel fully present in your body, you can definitely have a more enjoyable time being alive.

Many cultures foretold of these times as the great purification and tribulation, when the dross of greed, corruption, fear and separation was cleared away. Remain steadfast my friends and do not be frightened over the collapses and breakdowns; as a new type of consciousness is being born.  Expect many joyful and creative moments amidst really crazy and intense happenings. You can rise to any challenges ahead; you were designed for it. I know it is difficult to watch and live with others who do not want to see what is coming but remember to emerge from denial; one must consider information that usually shatters some very precious beliefs. Keep your heart open and know that there are many souls who do understand what is occurring.

Make room in your life for pleasure in order to integrate the high-intensity energies. In parting, I leave you with something to vision about: This summer, the human heart goes supernova in preparation for the most extraordinary energies of 2012 and beyond. Immerse yourself in the unseen powers of the Sun and be mindful to observe the Sun as it crosses the dome of heaven each day, transforming Gaia before your very eyes.

I bid you joyful summer frolics and pleasant days ahead,

Rev. Angela


All That Is carries form and formless within It and
distributes it in ways that I marvel at. All my Beingness
is acknowledged and understood within this Divine Source.
The exalted and purposeful life of human form was breathed
into existence by God to experience the fullness of Itself as One.

Today I acknowledge, respect, and appreciate my deeper
awareness and partnership with everything physical and
nonphysical. It all reveals my truest nature within the collective.
The invitation to evolve further; to expand consciousness through
the mind and body is accepted and I expect greater results than
I can envision and imagine. As body, mind, and Spirit I am becoming
lighter in frequency and density. My body understands how to move
as fluid light rather than as a solid object. The mind no longer processes
unwanted and unconscious thoughts that I am only sometimes aware of.
Divine resonance illumines and liberates my mind, elevating its operations
to bring forth the ideals from Soul that affirm my gift as a carrier of special
purpose and unique alignment with Source. Spirit no longer dependent
upon belief systems I embody that prevent It from expressing naturally and
completely this incarnation. Attunements of crystalline light obliterate
restrictions, releasing all misalignments of my Being. I am the spiritual builder
who can let go of anything that no longer serves me.

My day is an expression of gratitude for I know that energy draws energy to
it  and this treatment is already confirmed by the Law of One. My life is
forever an emergence of expression that acknowledges access, evolution,
growth, and discovery in all areas. And so it is.



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Rev. Angela Peregoff

Reverend Angela Peregoff  is an ordained minister of Religious Science and is currently the director and program coordinator at The Center for Mindful Studies.  She has been professionally empowering and inspiring others to evolve and create consciously since 1993.  Her mission and purpose is simply to raise people's consciousness so they may experience joyful living at its best.


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