The Week Ahead: Sunshine's Wisdom

I cannot cause Light; the most I can do is try to put myself in the path of its beam. ~ Annie Dillard.

This week is a good time to reflect on one of the "hows" of transition to higher states of consciousness during these "pioneering" growth times of May on planet earth. The steady influx of intense cosmic energy has everyone activating brand new aspects of Self through gateways of Light. As we collectively transition to a hybrid version of ourselves we receive support and assistance from many, many different sources. Today I invite each of you to perceive daylight, sunshine, and spring afternoons in a new way. As with the orchestration of any significant shift in energy attention is paid to every detail as creative ways to build a new foundation are structured to bring about True knowledge and freedom.

Waves of pulsing energies are the lifeblood of the universe, and even though you and I appear to be solid in form, we are actually made from vibrating energies that ripple in and out of our bodies as dancing waves of light. When there is a need to influence Earth, or any other part of the solar system, the magnetic fields of the sun are adjusted or rearranged by higher cosmic forces (mostly the Solar Council which is a group of masterful energies).

Life as we know it requires light to flourish and in our solar system the sun is responsible for delivery of this vital component. The sun is also a sentient being that plays the role of creating this solar system; is the home to the Solar Council and a participant in Earth's ascension process. Therefore, it becomes our ambassador and governor of cosmic energies to this plane of existence. As we progress towards our new identity as a hybrid human we are receiving intense high-radiation frequencies via unprecedented solar activity. Believe it or not these transmissions actually assist to alter the fabric of physical reality.

Cosmic radiation has a powerful effect on our bodies. Exposure to the greater activities of the heavens [such as a solar flare] creates greater stimulation and communication on a cellular level for us. Cosmic energy interacts with us and our entire energetic field of existence [reality] by saturating layers of patterns in our DNA that have been encoded with generations of ancestral perceptions and beliefs. The universal cosmic light energy assists in rearranging our personal perceptions by putting them in a new perspective where we can more easily untangle any self-destructive emotional behavioral patterns - such as victimhood, fear, hatred, violence, bias or vengeance, by seeing and understanding the purpose of these feelings as well as their affiliated events and experiences from a larger, interconnected picture of cause and effect. It's the universal "booster shot" for soul embodiment that is needed now to leave the endless, boring loop of repetition on the road of disempowerment.

Sun spots, solar flares and the solar winds are the way the Sun distributes its wisdom throughout the solar system. Solar flares spur an acceleration of electrons, protons and heavier ion to near the speed of light! This produces radiation and by the time these waves reach us they excite deep feelings within us so that we can process whatever new or karmic patterns we are working with. Radiation in itself is a benefit however; presently the human form is not ready to interact with such deep levels of feeling and is why high amounts of radiation harm our matter bodies. Once we become enlightened, radiation will become one of the tools for working with the healthy/positive Fire element.

Sun spots are areas on the star's surface where potent magnetic vortexes of energy gather. Sun spots that are visible on the surface are the exit points of magnetic "energy tunnels". You can think of them as release points for the sun's internal meridian system and they link the solar corona with the interior of the sun. Solar flares are the release of energy stored in the corona [Greek word for "crown"] and are a directed charge of the Fire Element.

Solar winds are streams of highly visible magnetic charges of electrons and protons ejected from the Sun. They are responsible for slowing down the Sun's rotation, distributing radiation, and creating the tails of comets. When the Sun was in its active creation phase it spun very fast but over time has gone into a maintenance phase of its creation - monitoring and directing Gaia's ascension so it has slowed down its rotation.    

The internal space and structure of your atoms are comparable to the vast expanse of the heavens. Just as outer space is filled with twinkling stars, on the subatomic level your inner depths are filled with blinking patterns of light. Cosmic radiation travels along the electromagnetic spectrum carrying encoded patterns of energy that are like road maps and blueprints for locating and building probable realities. As these powerful frequencies entrain with your biological matter, your nervous system converts the cosmic signals to electrical energy, delivering the messages both to your brain and every cell.

Cell receptors accept the frequencies, which then pass through cell membranes to roam the depths of subatomic inner space. They steak in and out of this inner reality like a meteor shower gracing a velvety-dark night sky. Just as words are symbols for ideas, these blinking lights are symbols that carry informational codes and patterns for an abundance of probable choices and options for enhancing physical reality; however it is always up to us to activate the codes that point towards a path of empowerment. 

The codes and patterns offer instructions that the cells can use to maintain your body at a higher level of awareness, so that you can adapt to the many accelerated social and environmental shifts that characterize these times. Everything is identified by the cell as a vibrational frequency. As the life-force energy gets amped up and intensified our genes, which are programmed to respond to stimuli, will be streaming with information the DNA is translating and deciphering on a subatomic level.

So as spring transitions into the summer months here in the Northern Hemisphere remember to send blessings to the sun for it plays the lead role during this time of ascension and acceleration by delivering frequencies that your body, your cells, and your conscious mind can use to enhance its performance and expression. 

And you thought you were only getting a suntan,

Rev. Angela


There is only One divine Presence - God, total and
complete. Anchored in God, I speak my word from
the place where God is as me. Celebrating me as I
reach, seek, look, and dream as God's unfolding love.

In this moment, I relax within the realization that God's
light is the originating Source of everything in life. This
nature has left nothing untouched, It moves in and
through as all. I know this unbounded power expresses
in and though me at all times and under all circumstances.
Being filled with the love of Spirit I am supported and all
things become sacred, pleasurable, and loving. Beliefs
that no longer serve are easily changed; fears and doubts
transformed into a faith that sustains me in every creative
endeavor. I see my life expanding as God's belief of the human
potential -- perfect life, perfect wisdom, perfect harmony.

Declaring this to be my truth, I step into it now. My knowing
conquers all limitations and I am filled with joy, gratitude, and
a peaceful heart. God has heard the tender voice of my heart,
knows what to do, and does it now. And so it is.



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Author Information

Rev. Angela Peregoff

Reverend Angela Peregoff  is an ordained minister of Religious Science and is currently the director and program coordinator at The Center for Mindful Studies.  She has been professionally empowering and inspiring others to evolve and create consciously since 1993.  Her mission and purpose is simply to raise people's consciousness so they may experience joyful living at its best.


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