The Week Ahead: The Hitch In This Game Plan

"Bad is never good until worse happens." ~ Danish Proverb

As the summer here in North America begins to wind down I've been reflecting on the powerful current of transformation that is whipping through our lives right now. Are you feeling it? My goodness I have! Many of us are being asked to change in irrevocable and unprecedented ways. The message from the Universe seems to be, change is inevitable and it's choice or coercion, which would you like? I tend to dabble in a bit of both choosing and being coerced, how about you?

Part of my curious nature always involves exploring what is happening both within the psyche of the collective and the individual living within it. And let me tell you, the soul of the planet and our soul contract with Her is causing all of us to come to terms with the way in which we have meticulously disconnected ourselves from both Her, ourselves, and each other.

August has certainly been a powerhouse month, the astrological portals brought in individual power pieces for everyone and then the force of the new moon in Leo on August 17th caused many within the planetary collective to deal with the unexpected on the way to internal illumination. The initiatory surges that swept over us from July 23rd through August 12th brought about the opportunities for finding union with the Absolute Self in August. The uncertainty waves rolled into my life as my mother being given the news that they found a suspicious mass on a chest x-ray when recently visiting her family doctor. The presence of that cellular mystery took us head-long into murkiness, anxiety, confusion and unsettled conditions to handle with hoped-for expertise over the last few weeks. The uncertainty veil lifted last week. We received confirmation that the mass is cancerous and she will need to undergo chemo and radiation to eliminate the disease.

Like many of you the mayhem of unexpected news has called the presence of my "higher spiritual consciousness" front and center. To be in harmony with the heart and soul of my being I have had to abandon partially-done projects, rearrange and cancel personal appointments and classes, and discover my newest balance of "giving to another" while attending to the needs of Self. I have pulled myself back from the brink of emotional upset by recalling that earthlings have the capacity to truly learn deep lessons from the most tragic of times. I have remained gathered (body/mind/emotion/spirit) and trusting by understanding that the Soul is the most efficient catalyst "of what needs to come next." I have found peace by scheduling time in my favorite nature spots and comfort by leaning on the hearts of my siblings and closest friends.

As the latest cosmic status quo has awakened the next level of wisdom within the human landscape it has even gotten me running on all cylinders! I apologize for any unanswered emails, communication snafus, cancellations or unreturned phone calls. I am knowing that things are settling down and that my recent pace of life will slow now that we have a diagnosis for my mom. Thank you to those that have sent well wishes and prayers. I am soooo blessed to be surrounded by the plentifulness of Spirit's love and grace.

So yes, it has been a wacky, but productive time as we've all danced within a mixture of exhilaration and potential chaos. It always is during times of great transformation within human consciousness as well as within the very network of genetic productivity. Our DNA is once again undergoing another layer of activation within the inter-connecting lattice of Source energy (God seed code), formulating a netting of the most beautiful filaments of Light. This network is accessing more and more cosmic energy of the Unified Field and allowing our participation. We are now operating within a universal cosmos that allows our minds to completely re-imagine our human reality. This has become the foundation for our universal contribution to a New Earth. This network of filaments has been operating throughout all time and space as the inter-connecting highway of Divine Presence.

There has been a barrier or membrane locking our minds from entry into the vast universal field of Intelligence. This buffer field has been straining under the impressive power of the particle fields entering our atmosphere at this time. As the last incoming waves of Light entered our minds we were able to travel and access other planes of existence that have been locked away. As our minds open and receive the influx of new thought, awareness of a greater universe, and ideas for forming union, we are now seeing the changing map of human reality. This will continue throughout the remainder of 2012 as we find our way into soulful communities that serve our lives, as well as our hearts.

If August has taken a toll on your energy and life then try to remember that the key to navigating these unanchored times is flexibility and patience. Whenever there is a dis-connect happening for you it is because there is "higher" stuff coming in and making adjustments. You are being washed with waves of imaginative power, inspiration, universal love, in-depth understanding and compassion, serenity and even bliss. (Note: the shadow side of this energy can equate with a rising tide of confusion, nebulosity and haziness) Attempt to stay in alignment with who you know you really are and the visions and dreams you came here to manifest from heavens realm. We are in the place and time of reconnecting to the Great Light that has appeared to be absent from our recent history. We are leaving the energy of what has so distracted us and moving into a place of sharp focus.

For those that realize they are Christed Beings this week brings an extra touch of restructuring and transformation for a gentle wave of Balance and equilibrium is entering our atmosphere putting you on the life-enhancing side of the cosmic-psychic spectrum. You'll have the ability to tap into some exalted healing vibes that will assist in resetting, balancing, reprioritizing, and recreating your personal visions so that they align with your ultimate aspiration of life.

This is the week to ground the newly found personal power that has been gifted this season and go beyond what you know to be your normal boundaries. Use your Pure Power Source this week to ignite every part of your consciousness with undiluted universal possibility! Ask to actualize what you need to achieve, and know that whatever stretches you comes from 2012 being a year in which we are able to come forward as the teachers, healers and way showers during this time of flux.

Celebrate August as a time that escorts you in a new direction. We are part of an unprecedented event that is taking place so give thanks that you have a front row seat my friends.

Sowing miracle seeds of transformation with lots of love,

Rev. Angela


As I look deep into my own reflection at this time, I stand silently watching the radiant universe exhume and resuscitate the soul history of every living human on this planet. Dormant truths are awakening and activating. There is a new energetic signature of Love that is opening this planet to a shiny new future. And I believe I am the perfect placement of this new momentum in present time.

I embrace the idea of housing more Light, downloading ancient encodings, and receiving more Truths and affirm that August has birthed the perfect antidote for the static cling of the "old". I am able to see with new clarity; understand with greater capacity my role during these changing times. As a steward of the sacred that is renewing itself internally and externally I adhere to all Laws of Divinity. I bypass all the limitation of earth and manifest the Law of One -- the law that intends harmony.

Filled with gratitude I stand at the base of the mountain of creational maturity on my sojourn home to the Light and sing praise. Everything in the universe is opening to show what has been hidden. Thankfully I am anointed with the energy and wisdom that is surpassing all previous evolutionary possibilities. And so it is.


L.J. 27th August 2012 6:41 am

Blessings of healing and Light to you and your family.

Sandra Smyre 27th August 2012 12:16 pm

thank you for your honest post and blessings to you, family and your Mom. :smitten:

springoss 27th August 2012 3:00 pm

Thanks a lot for this helpful post and all the best for your mother so she can get well soon...

Deeni 27th August 2012 11:11 pm

Dear Reverend Angela,

I am sending Love, Light and prayers to your Mom, your Family and You.

Thank you so much for this wonderful message.

F.Y.I. your messages have helped me immensely, and I am very grateful for you.

I print them out, and keep them on my bedside table, and re-read them when I feel lost. I have incorporated the blessings as my evening prayers, along with the Law of One.

Thank You,
: ))

d 28th August 2012 9:50 am

Blessings to you and your family.


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