The Week Ahead: Turn from Conventional World

Thank you, God, for this good life, and forgive us if we do not love it enough. ~ Garrison Keiller.

This week Gaia taps into the ruling universal energies of manifestation and intentionally works with the vision she has for herself. As part of her physiology it means that we too begin a move in the direction of self-motivation, self-expansion, and conscious decision making.You can delight in the manifestation of what you want, not having to wait for it to show up under the Christmas tree gifted from someone else. I encourage you to wholeheartedly make benefit in all ways for yourSelf. It is a prosperous time if you are yourself and if you are intentional. If not the shadow takes over and all manner of contentiousness arises. You can give yourself away in co-dependant ways that are not actually helpful. You can get trapped in belief systems that benefit the ego, but not the spiritual You. It's time for you and for what you want. You can always give it away later, but let it manifest for you now.

This season of sacred Light will also heighten the whole-body experience of Ascension so be prepared for the yo-yo effects of sensing the highs of new energy shrouds, integrating, then living with the lows of physical exposure to such energy. You have been through this same scenario many times over the last twenty-four months so you should be used to it and know how to comfort the self during such time periods. We are re-seeding and re-storing the biology to a harmonious flow of Divinity. The transmuting just goes with the territory during this stage of responsibility.

You may also notice that the weeks ahead feel more emotional, there's no doubt about that. Socializing while the human element is more sensitive and sensitized than usual will be sure to evoke quick reactions. Take this into consideration when others are grumpy, irritable, or impatient. The holidays will seem to bring out the chaos-focused you, not the best, if you are driven by the illusion of crazed world affairs (Korea, Ireland's banking system going bust, etc.) rather than evolving to a more heart-centered spiritual season. If you can move into your heart and know that the celebrations, which are many, are about Spirit and not about what you're getting as gifts then you will receive the true teaching of the season.  

You'll know you are on the right track if by week's end you are feeling a great surge of personal power and mental strength. It indicates the balance that is present right below the hustle and bustle of Yule tide cheer. Being centered and listening this week to the invisible orchestration that is taking place will get you access to the high-level meetings of cosmic intelligence that are collaborating on mankind's behalf and pooling energy that you can dip into and be part of. The specifics of the subtle frequencies aren't important, just live your spiritual play and the sourcing tides of Love, Light, and Service will spiral the purity of our forthcoming future into your field, and thus into your life.  

In the growth and expansion process it is as equally important to pause and reflect as it is to move forward and assimilate. My guardians have me pondering this last year and reflecting on the next unfoldments that will soon be underway. They have given 2011 the label of "Soul Aware Human Creator," so as we step into the last month of this year I ask you to consider for a moment to what degree you have lived into such a theme. Have you gained a proficient understanding of universal laws of materialization, allowing and creation? The Earth, in her headlong whirling into the higher dimensions has shaken off that which threatened to keep her in an old perspective, how about you? Have you kept up with her and transcended the patterns and beliefs that interfered with the full embodiment of Higher energies? And even then, have you been able to sustain them as your new reality? The answers to such questions are going to determine the kind of 2011 you get. 

While many have not figured out the bigger picture from the evidence that sits before us there is enough widespread acceptance in this geophysical world that human laws will cede to universal principles. You and I have been doing the hardest work, birthing a New world order. Just imagine -- and keep on imagining!- no more war, major diseases eliminated, trust and honesty restored between all humans at all levels and the end of poverty, hunger, ignorance, and strife. Yes, we can create it! We have already begun it and are seeing the concrete evidence of all that visioning power. Bono and other celebrities have taken on the job of uplifting Africa, Oprah and her friends are accelerating the human mind with new ideas daily, Larry King is interviewing millionaires and spiritual leaders who testify that their power and success comes from the intentional use of universal principles. . . it is a glorious time indeed!  

We labeled 2010 as the year of "wholeness within the Self," and that theme is closing quick, now we are firmly stationed upon a new platform waiting for the agenda and action of 2011. Let's create a better future through our collective, conscious intent that it will bring us the world we imagined we were incarnating into to live and love. A world that understands its connection to the Divine Source. A consciousness that desires to love, to honor, and to appreciate all that is around it. A peoples that understand to simply to live that, moment by moment, creates a little piece of heaven right here on Earth.  

In honor of century twenty-one's shifts, and our continued calibration and alignment, I say - And so it is,

Rev. Angela


My life is a quantum awakening of Spirit, the All-Knowing, All-powerful
and Eternally present One. Within this One I live, move and transform
my Being. As I breathe into this place of lighter light and deeper love, I
spring forth into a place that brings pearls of wisdom created from the
irritations of being so human and so supremely divine simultaneously.

I acknowledge the remembrance of my Soul's binary codes this day.
With greater illumination sweeping across the globe I remain at peace --
fulfilled and healed. I stay honed at the pinnacle of my spiritual awareness
and clearly receive the answers that can only be given from the nuances of
my vast and wide and high and great consciousness that is forever merged
with God-nature. That nature that implodes the Self with purpose, contentment,
and delight. No matter what "life" looks like, I always choose to use what I see
and hear as messages from Spirit that reveal the magic that sweetens my
existence. Everything has been encrypted especially for me by me. All events
and experiences are tools for activating a fuller Presence here. I make love
with all of it and allow my Spirit to passionately embark on this journey of
unbounded potential.

The energies on Earth are redefining themselves. The Creative Intelligence of
the Universe appears to be transcending It's own former limitations. How
blessed I am to have incarnated at these times. I joyously anchor the Truth
of what is truly happening in my daily routine. The expanding Good and
affirming Divine Eternal Spirit are remodeling my earthly home. And so it is.



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Rev. Angela Peregoff

Reverend Angela Peregoff  is an ordained minister of Religious Science and is currently the director and program coordinator at The Center for Mindful Studies.  She has been professionally empowering and inspiring others to evolve and create consciously since 1993.  Her mission and purpose is simply to raise people's consciousness so they may experience joyful living at its best.


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