The Week Ahead: Upward and Onward Along Your Path of Destiny

Do everything with a mind that has let go. ~ John Chan.

With potent cosmic patterning pounding your usual human assuredness into bits and pieces this week it will behoove you to just allow the energy to melt your set boundaries, instead of trying to control what you fear or clarify what confuses. What came to you in June must now pour through you in order to bring you into a space of deeper, more authentic self-awareness that can be used in service to self, humanity and universality.
The set-tones for July are establishing. Imagine, in June we rebuilt the car (cells) - now we are experimenting with how it runs and later in the month we are going to begin fueling the car with new hybrid energy. Oftentimes when you get something new it takes time to figure out how to get optimal benefit. There is no difference with the energies that are connecting you with your natural, native organic Soul expression. Since the time of the solar eclipse (July 1st) you have been integrating the frequencies and codes that were downloaded, or activated. 

These new Soul frequencies that have been anchored throughout deep-rooted areas within your physical self may leave you feeling lonely or alone. Recognize that this emotional state is a by-product of you pulling in and landing more Light and unconditional Love in your field. You are a new "you" and until the new self-awareness gets more evenly distributed throughout your mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical bodies it will temporary feel like you have no purpose coming forth.
The shifting and integrating can be assisted by using your pure intent to surrender to fear and give up any agendas that the ego (earth dominated personality) insists on pushing.  You are living and breathing "change" even when you think that you are standing still or blocked. The difference now is that you are more awake - more conscious. The #1 skill to hone is that of sensing things as they are happening. This ability to sense what is occurring in both the seen and unseen realms becomes more acute as you work with it.
Over the next couple of weeks place your attention on what really matters. Ego projections are usually accompanied by a "should" or an "I need" and enhance the separation between you and Spirit. Even for the seasoned master there will be ego pollution to clear the first part of this month. Stay on track throughout each day by living as consciously as you can. Develop discernment and self-trust in your inner wisdom that can show you, step-by-step, what to steer towards and what to veer around. Avoid obsessing on the minutia and pettiness that tend to dominate the ordinary human life. Come back to your center often, allowing for refueling and reflection. Move forward from the insights you receive there.
Another boost to feel more in tune right now is to give up expectations. When we expect something we limit ourselves and what we can experience. Expectations are what my kids would label, "old school". They are not in alignment with fifth-dimensional realities. In 5-D we simply intend and create. In 3-D expectation can introduce doubt, ushering in disappointment and suffering. In the fifth dimension, your thoughts, beliefs and emotions are instantly manifest. Hence, if you question whether something is going to happen or not then you indicate that you do not KNOW the answer. (And all creators know the answers.)
To put you in the driver's seat of your new native being you'll also want to move your attention out of planetary turmoil and live each day as fully as you can. Be grateful that you are here during this window of time to play with new opportunities. Be thankful for having the awareness to get grounded and stable when so many are already at the edge, restless and ripe for revolt. Over the next few years, on the countdown to 2012, everything will continue to go faster, with each moment potentially presenting more information, more decisions, and more choices. Knowing that you came to be an integral part of the shifting during this human endeavor will develop some new ways of looking at yourself and your world.
Gratitude also helps you remember that there are really no accidents. With lots of confusion and social upheaval and breakdown of systems happening it may seem that you are in a mind muck extraordinaire; yet quite the contrary, you are exploring the height of opportunity to achieve new levels of consciousness. Stay focused on the higher purpose in every experience. Begin to look more deeply than you did yesterday, to question more from your heart, and to act more from a grounded sense of intuitive knowing. Remind yourself that we are evolving, and in doing so, you can learn from every experience.
Thought forms always seek out other like-patterned thoughts so you'll have to stay sharp and decide that you will see what is there to glean the higher perspective. This means noticing how you feel, what you are thinking, and how you are responding to the happenstance of your reality. Remember the rule - if it feels good then you are traveling in the right direction however, if it feels bad then you need to inquire within to discover the true reason you are journeying that path.
None of these suggestions are new, they are simply the tools of practice to have ease and flow over the next couple of weeks. Change is movement in constant motion. It can appear to be happening slowly or quickly. It can seem like it is not happening at all, especially when you are not tuned into the subtle ways that energy moves.
Lift your spirits by running the frequencies of swing sets, tropical fish, bubbles, the sound of crickets, walking outside at dawn, your favorite childhood movie, whitewater rafting, rock collecting, petting zoos, beautiful bouquets, and things which were once real . . . but are now only seen as legend.
Watch out for the trap this week of feeling that you are not changing fast enough. Don't listen to the voice that declares you are stuck in limbo, or get frustrated at your seeming lack of progress, noticing only what is wrong. You are accelerating! Be mindful and follow the guidelines. For when you lose control of your mind and your attention, you vacate your body and are then not assisting the transformation of ascending physical matter. 
For the rest of this week you need to be vigilant and aware. Listen to the inner chatter that is not coming from the essence of You and begin to teach it the methods of your Higher Self. Our process is working exactly as it is intended to work.
Honoring that natural, native organic Self as it dwells on Earth in a physical body,

Rev. Angela


The Presence of God's life surrounds my world and envelopes it
with the abundance of Its Spirit. This Divine substance moves and
bides within as well. It stands ready today to manifest Its bountiful
blessings in a co-creative expression as all I need or wish.

Everywhere I look I see evidence of this Truth. In my heart, I feel it
and know it is so. I turn my attention from every "cannot" in my life
since the Law of cause and effect is no respector or person, place, or
thing. It only knows to deliver the contemplations of my mental universe.
I consciously discharge all thoughts that serve to irritate or upset the
elivery of my eternal goodness. I rise in consciousness and take my
rightful place in this divine partnership. I turn my attention to those areas
of life where I witness great supply. I am empowered and sustained by
energy that expands and multiplies, therefore this principle of Divine
Abundance flows forth, through me as energetic frequencies, shifting and
transforming my outer world of reality. From this bridge of transition I take
a moment to honor all in life that have, and continue, to assist me in this
shifting protocol. I am a functioning, creative being with infinite resources
to manifest every desire of my heart.

Breathe . . . I feel grace and thanksgiving entering my being.  Breathe, and
feel this truth.  Being wrapped in the immense blue light of grace I can feel
the beautiful frequencies of abundance and thanksgiving pulsing and texturing
the atmosphere. They enter my form and become a healing palette for this
next level of realization. As I witness where they go inside me I know I
embody full conscious realization of crossing from spirit into matter, and
then back again from matter into spirit. I am the unified heart of creation,
and so it is, and so I let it be. Amen.



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Rev. Angela Peregoff

Reverend Angela Peregoff  is an ordained minister of Religious Science and is currently the director and program coordinator at The Center for Mindful Studies.  She has been professionally empowering and inspiring others to evolve and create consciously since 1993.  Her mission and purpose is simply to raise people's consciousness so they may experience joyful living at its best.


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