The Week Ahead: What Grows Between the Full Moons

"A new paradigm comes along because it solves problems . . . that couldn't be solved under the old paradigm . . . Create your own vision of what we might become as old paradigms slip away and new one coalesce." - Michael W. Munn.

Are you paying attention to the universal sleight-of-hand that is about to happen this coming weekend? If you're under pressure and thinking that it has all been self-generated then I have some good news for you. The first of two Super Full Moons will occur on May 5th (in Scorpio) and the second a month later on June 4th (in Sagittarius). And just for good measure the cosmos is tossing in a solar eclipse in Gemini on May 20th with a lunar eclipse occurring on the full moon (June 4th) also in Gemini.

If you are trying to figure out a clever way to stay in your body while enduring the torture of spiritual disconnect during the days leading up to and following the first full moon then you certainly won't be alone. Some words that come to mind when I think of the effects of the upcoming full moon: disassociated, disengaged, displaced, dissatisfied, discouraged, disappointed, disheartened, desperate, defeated, dejected, despondent...dying?

Apparently any feelings of death or dying are appropriate because that is precisely what is happening in some regard - we are dying to yet another layer of the self-created illusion of who we "think" we are in order to become who we truly are. Over the last several days I have had folks in my world expressing a sense of not having direction as how to create the next step in their lives. With the cosmos ready to enter its own state of flux it is clear that long term decisions are not to be made. Nothing is feeling in true alignment at this moment, so tensions and frustrations over a lack of clarity over direction can be quite high.What we can dwell on and move with are the rewards of such cosmic challenges!

For starters, we will be firmly disengaged from outdated past paradigm structures, formerly built around our lives, and we will be restored to Wholeness and sail into the Newer and Truer. Of course, this reconnection will affect every strata of our being and take a bit of linear time. As always too, this realignment is last to integrate in our physical form. Remember each time the planet endures a download of this magnitude we are gifted with bringing to the surface and releasing any remaining unconscious remnants of separation, which in turn enables us to ground more of our Light (truth/power) into Gaia (earth).

If through the intensity of the first full moon you feel a bit more centered (grounded), confident and with a stronger focus then you could be linking up with the sun in earthy Taurus. Touching into the stability and support of this vantage point can keep you out of the limbo region of mental confusion.

Which brings us to the magical portal of presence this week . . .

Since 1999 we have earnestly been clearing and letting go of the accumulated baggage that has not served us during our present and multiple lifetimes. Much of the time it has been nearly impossible to remain detached from our process and anchored firmly in the present. Now however, we have released so much of what was blocking our Light that we are able to inhabit the authenticity of our truest expression within physical form. The result of this anchoring and unadulterated focus creates the divine dynamic necessary for implementing our expanded potential on earth, and most notably, our capability to more easily manipulate matter with our minds.

Rapid manifestation in the material plane is the result of the ability to harness our supernatural power within the physical framework of the natural world.It is merely the byproduct of fully grounding our expanded potential (Light) into earth. As we anchor and ground our potential, we naturally increase our ability to manifest, which is why the present moment is so vital to our success.

The key to creation has always been to remain in our Presence, but as we were clearing our unconscious mis-creations, this was seemingly a daunting task. When we are incessantly surrounded by the false reality of lack, we naturally don't want to be present with ourselves....but the paradox is that the present moment is the only portal to divinity, which consequently frees us from suffering.

Presence is also the place of perfect health and the longer we can reside there, the more quantifiable our results. To remain present is to relieve ourselves of any attachment to the past or future which in turn creates the homeostatic and energetic balance necessary to achieve wellness. Most all dis-ease is a result of emotional imbalance...most all emotional imbalance is a result of past or future attachment. To achieve total wellness, we must achieve total Presence. This is the final frontier.

So as we full ground our power is not only more readily accessible, but it is calling us to recognize that we have always had access to it directly through the portal of Presence. Not only is this concept R-evolutionary for the future of healing, but it is attainable NOW. Soon the two super full moons will be vying for our attention, urging us to access the new earth dimensions thru the eternal now to create miracles in our lives and on earth.

From this recent full moon to the next, on June 4, there is an inter-dimensional gateway open and energizing the power of our intentions exponentially. But just like all portals, this power is neutral. It is our conscious use of this power that molds our miracles into form. For this reason, we are being called to fully utilize this Now-moment awareness to create heaven on earth.

We are being guided to access this magnificent power to co-create a new earth reality simply by honoring our joy. It is here that we will find the support and instant results of our intentions, so it is important to stay connected with joy to gain the greatest results.

How do you access joy? By opening to your own Presence of course.

Hopefully you will find that this is easier to do now and that you have more of an ability to maintain it. Another aspect of joy is simplicity. You may be noticing that simplicity is calling you, begging you to notice its freedom and power. . . to let go of struggle and be playful. As we shed our preconceived notions of what we think we should be doing in our lives, we realize that often these thoughts and ideas are just too complicated and make us feel heavy and weighed down.

Success in the new earth paradigm will come through a Lightness of being. If it's complicated or requires too much energy, it is not the highest expression. In this case, simply be willing to release your expectations in exchange for a more refined version of will be glad you did! The energies of the New living field around earth are not complicated or difficult to navigate . . . the trick is unlearning complication and allowing ease.

If you can do this, if you can let go of the need to struggle, to work for every gain, and can get fully present with joy then you are in the fast lane to Awakening and soaring up the evolutionary ladder of human consciousness. Over the next couple of weeks use this portal to strengthen your power of Presence. Really focus on transforming yourself into an ambassador of Spirit/Soul/Source and you'll be attracting copious adventures, abundance and auspicious outcomes for your life and to the lives of all.

Wishing you the true gift of partnering with Presence!

Rev. Angela


 The Presence of Spirit is in every living thing, on every level, in all Beings, and because it is there the experience of unity, of Oneness, of pure spiritual existence and consciousness, of delight and closeness are mine by the perfection of its nature. The light from this sanctuary can suffuse the nearest and farthest chambers of consciousness. My consciousness is so touched by the descent of this Spiritual force from above that I can do nothing other than merge with the Divine.

The rupture of this Nature is witnessed by everyone who comes before me. There is a heightening and a widening of the consciousness, and an ascent to a new level and a taking up of the lower levels, an assumption and new integration of the existence by a superior power of Being which imposes its own way of action and its character and force of infinite intelligence on as much as it can reach through the life known as Spirit . I am the integration into a higher principle of consciousness which is native to Spirit. I am blessed with a divine light into the mind, a divine purity, passion, and ardor into the heart. This new spiritual consciousness imposes its law upon my life demonstrating Divine intervention.

My life is lifted and filled with the great I AM, the Love of Source. I am  the awesome gift of illumined Spirit traveling the path of the omnipotent warrior. And so it is.


k 30th April 2012 1:16 pm

Wonderful message, thank you.
From "My Beloved Comes Home" by Mirabai
"The lily bursts in to bloom
at the sight of the full moon"

zorro 1st May 2012 7:26 pm

Not much I can add to what you have so eloquently stated and what has been echoed by the above comment. Yeah...I am there with you both, in agreement, whole-heartedly. I am so grateful to be alive in times with souls who can express the truth so clearly in compression times! Let's hold that thought in focus. Ready for ignition!


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